Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Makeup Look II- Smokey

Ola my lovely chicas hows your Friday so far? Weekend is coming up, time to put up the Christmas tree, well I will.

I recently found a new smokey look combination.I'm not the type of girl who loves smokey looks, but I think it's appropriate to wear this during the holiday season. I adore girls who can pull off a smokey eye for an everyday look, but I for sure can't. People tell me that I look mean and mad if I have tons of eyeshadows slapped on my lids(sucks). I wish I can wear it everyday tho, that would be really cool.

So anyways, the eyeshadow combination that I'm talking about are MAC Silver Ring and NARS Night Breed eyeshadows. They are both permanent, so you can still get them if you want. I don't have a lot of NARS shadows, but I think I should grab more, maybe next year. I only have three eyeshadows from NARS- Ashes to Ashes, Nepal, and Night Breed. Don't ask me how many MAC shadows I have because it's ridiculous and kind of embarrassing to tell you how many I have. Sorry, I can't control myself, but I'm being a good girl these days, no new makeup for the past month I think.

Featured Eyeshadows:

MAC Silver Ring- Silver Ring has a Veluxe Pearl finish- my favorite finish from MAC eyeshadows. This is great to have if you are a neutral addict like me because it's not too dark and not too light at the same time. I will probably describe this as a neutral mid-toned blueish grey with velvety sheen to it. It looks more blue toned when you look at it on the pan, but when applied on the lid, it will give you a blueish grey effect with silver sheen. Perfect for smokey eyes.
NARS Night Breed- Another shadow perfect for smokey look lovers out there. I would describe this a a velvet black with chunky silver glitters. When I used this for this look, there was a tad bit of fall out, but it's manageable.
and the look using MAC Silver Ring and NARS Night Breed:
Products used for EYES: MAC Bare Study Paintpot, MAC Silver Ring(inner half of lids), NARS Night Breed(outer half of lids), MAC Nylon(inner tear duct), MAC Brule(brow bone highlight). MAC Superslick Liquid Liner and MAC Graph Black Technakohl. Mascara used- L'oreal Million Volume mascara- LOVE!

Products used for FACE: NARS Sheer Glow with Revlon Colorstay foundation, MAC Select moisture concealer(for uneven colors on face), YSL Touche Eclat(for under eyes), MAC Natural Skin Finish in Medium(all over powder), NARS Deep Throat blush with MAC Stereo Rose MSF on top.

Product used on LIPS:MAC Creme D'Nude Lipstick
Hmmm..I think I'm liking the smokey eye look now.

Quick question, do you guys use a face primer? if yes what is a nice primer out there in the market? I do not like Smashbox because it BREAKS ME OUT like a mother! I tried Korres before and it worked okay, but I want a better one. So keep them suggestions coming :) Thanks

Happy Friday :)


  1. Creme D'Nude looks fabulous on you! Sadly it only makes me look like one of the undead!
    Kat x
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  2. Nice!! I Have Silver Ring. I need to start using it.

  3. I love this look! Your eyes look amazing.

  4. @Kat Lo- Sure ill check that out. thanks :)

    @MakeupbyLaura1- You should. Im glad I found this eyeshadow again :)

    @Marie A La Mode- Thanks hun :)

  5. you just have this natural knack for applying your eyeshadow well, don't you? & i love that Nars blush shade, need to look at it in person :)

  6. @Alexis- thanks girl :) You should check out deep throat. I like it better than Orgasm blush :)

  7. That is a gorgeous look!! and I love the blush and lipstick on you! :-)

  8. Oh and apparently Gosh's primer is amazing - maybe look up a few reviews! :-)

  9. @liquoronlacquer- omg i love your name :) ANyways, thanks for the recommendation. I will check GOSH primer, but they only have limited products here in Canada :(

  10. NARS nightbreed looks perfect on u! =)


  11. Loving the silver eyeshadow and pink lipstick on you! Pretty :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. so pretty and you have such flawless skin. Will definitely be checking out the NARS shadow

  13. Pretty lOOK! You nailed the smokiness.

  14. I love the look! it's classy and gorgeous!


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