Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monthly Favorites: April

April is about to come to an end, so it is the perfect day to share with you my APRIL FAVORITES.

I will just jump in and show you my most used products for the month of April. Some might be a repeat from a previous monthly favorites, but that's me. If I want something I use it almost everyday(cough "NARS Madly" cough). Anyways, I'll talk about that later on.

Here are some photos of the products I will be talking about. I will also include mini reviews for each products I will mention.
> Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
> MAC Face and Body Foundation in C3
> GOSH Darling lipstick
> MAC Snob lipstick
> MAC Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass
> NARS Madly blush

 and..the close ups:

NARS Madly blush- My favorite blush from NARS. This blush is perfect for all skin types and it is very pigmented. If you are planning to purchase your first NARS blush, I recommend trying Madly or Deep Throat. Madly is more neutral with a hint of pink and Deep Throat has a pinky-peach shade.
GOSH Darling lipstick- What can I say about this lipstick? NUDE! Plain NUDE. 

MAC Snob lipstick- I apply snob first then to soften the shade, I apply GOSH Darling on top. This is my second tube of Snob and I will always repurchase this. It has a satin finish, so that means that it might be a little too drying for some people, but a lip balm underneath will be fine.  

MAC Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass-  My absolute favorite lipgloss ever! If you are looking for a non-sticky lipgloss from MAC, try looking at the Cremesheen line. I recommend trying Boy Bait and Fashion Scoop.

 Too Faced Natural Eye palette- If you didn't get hold of Urban Decay Naked Palette, GET THIS! I think this is a lot easier to find than Naked. It does have lesser shades, but definitely worth the money.

Top: Gosh Darling lipstick
MAC Snob lipstick
MAC Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass

What are your April favorites?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend! :)



  1. I need to get Nars Madly and that Too Face palette! Have heard so many good things about both! I love Snob too! Such a pretty colour!

  2. I loved your favorites!!Mac snob looks gorgeous!have to check this one!!


  3. I like it !

  4. Love the look of the cremesheen gloss, might have to break down & buy that one. I've been wearing Revlon's Peach Petal (I think that's what it's called) a lot lately, nice creamy color too, really pretty over Soft Nude.

  5. I have the Too Faced Natural Eye palette and love it, it's gorgeous and so versatile, I use it almost every day x

  6. @Natalie- You must! NO REGRETS AT ALL x

    @Blushingloves- Thank you and you are right. Snob is awesome

  7. @S- Thank you

    @Tracy D- ah...Peach Petal another fave of mine. It is quite similar to MAC Underage. One of my favorite all time nude gloss

  8. @Gaby- I use it almost everyday too. A good dupe for Naked.

  9. madly has become my hg blush. i love it so much! my coworker even told me "you've got a nice flush *pointing on her cheeks*" and she thought it was natural haha.

  10. @CJ- Madly is hands down my HG blush! I will forever repurchase it.

  11. @aisyah De Cullen- Thanks hun x

  12. Ooh, the Too Faced palette looks gorgeous... And it's available in Australia (Naked palette isn't) so yay! :)

  13. the mac snob lipstick looks beautiful. do you have a photo of it on your lips?

  14. I have the TF Naked Eye and I love the colors. I just got darling from a friend in england and I really like it.

  15. madly, snob and fashion scoop looks awesome!

  16. @Michelle- Yay! naked isn't? Im shocked!

    @ MSodapop- I didn't take a picture of it, but I bet you'll find it everywhere. x

  17. @Poor College Student- GOSH Darling is such a beauty. I enjoy it a lot. I need to get another one.

    @Jennifer- They are all my faves. I love how when you use Snob with Fashion Scoop. x

  18. i love cremesheens so im tempted to try new ones but I really shouldn't xD btw, do you have ud naked? how does it compare to the too faced one? i already have naked but I'm getting tempted to get Too Faced since people seem to love it also

  19. Nice post! gotta get my hands on fashion scoop now!!!


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