Friday, May 6, 2011

Sniffn' Daisy

Ola Ladies!

Sorry for not blogging for such a long time, but I was just a bit busy packing for my California trip.


I know I'm a bit late with this magnificent perfume by Marc Jacobs, but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Maybe it's because of the beautiful packaging or maybe because of the light flowery smell of it.

Yes, I'm talking about the new perfume Daisy Eau So Fresh.

The scent is lighter than the original one and I'm a big fan of it. I didn't want to purchase a full size bottle of it just YET, so I asked for three samples and the kind SA agreed to it. Now, I have three samples to bring to Cali! Yay! for free samples and yay! for kind SA's

Maybe I'll buy it when I get back from my trip or get it there perhaps? :D 

Did you get a chance to sniff Daisy Eau So Fresh yet?

  What is your summer perfume at the moment? Mine is Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia mixed with Nectarine Blossom and Honey.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the day!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

If Viva Glam Cyndi was my winter lipstick then...

MAC Crosswires will be my summer go-to lipstick. I just know it.

I was actually digging through my makeup stash and found Crosswires. I haven't heard anyone rave or even talk about this beauty, so I guess I will be the first one? or maybe not.

I bought this a year ago(or maybe 6-8 months ago) and only used it maybe three to four times and kept it away. You guys know that I'm a nude lips whore. I wear nude lipstick every single day- MAC Hue and GOSH Darling I'm talking to you. I love how nude lipstick looks on me. Maybe not the white undertone nude ones, but the pink, beige and peach ones.

Last winter, I would always wear Viva Glam Cyndi because it is not overpowering that people will look at you and say "why is she wearing a red lipstick on a school day". I actually had the courage to wear it because it is a subtle raspberry/pink shade that everyone can wear. If you do not want to wear the classic Snow White red, then go ahead and try Viva Glam Cyndi(if it is still available).I bought two back ups of Viva Glam Cyndi, so I don't have to worry about that. Now that the weather is changing I need to shift and change things a little bit, especially because I will be going to California a week from now. I want a pop of colour to emphasize my face and MAC Crosswires will do the trick. 

MAC Crosswires- a coral-pink that is not too bright. Very subtle on the lips and easy to wear. It has a cremesheen finish and has the right amount of sheen. Definitely one of my favorite corals from the MAC permanent line. It is a cross between Viva Glam Cyndi and Vegas Volt. What I'm saying is that it has a hint of orange, pink, and red in it. Perfect if you want that "POP" of color on your lips. 

 Hand swatch from :) because my camera decided not to upload the hand swatch I had in it. 
This is random, but I'm currently reading Bobbi Brown's Living Beauty book. I'm actually enjoying it a lot.


Do you have Crosswires? What will be your go-to summer lipstick?

Thank you for reading and have a great week.