Friday, November 9, 2012

New In!

Burgundy is THE colour this season and I jumped into the bandwagon and bought some pretty Burgundy stuffs mostly from Topshop and ASOS. 

 Geek Tshirt: Topshop
Watch: Casio - you can buy yours here
Heart Necklace: Orelia - buy it here
Heart arrow necklace: Asos- buy it here

Burgundy Suede Booties: Topshop ( I love the pointy toes and suede texture of these plus, super comfy as well )
Wold knit sweater ; Warehouse- buy it here 

I paired the Burgundy booties with this plaid chunky scarf and black denim jeans.

Have you been sporting the Burgundy trend this season?

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xo, Kim

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Love for Brocade Pants by Jbrand

I LOVE printed pants give me a printed pants with any texture, I will go grab it hehe.

But serious talk though, Jbrand is popular for their jeans and now they came up with these Brocade pants (velvet) and i just absolutely feel hard for them.

They come in three colours - Black with gold prints, Navy with blue prints and Burgundy with blue prints. I like everything about them, the texture, the print and it's skinny for heaven's sake. 

You can find them anywhere. Im pretty sure there is a a Jbrand store somewhere there near you
Oh, They cost $243 US and $253 CAD. 

Here, I got a photo of my have blogger, Aimee from Song of Style who sported these lovely Jbrand Brocade pants. She styled it with a studded top, Thakoon booties and mirrored sunglasses.

 Do you like them?

Thanks for reading and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

x Kim

Saturday, October 27, 2012

TREND: The Isabel Marant Boots

Oh, it's called the Isabel Marant Lazio Boots and I'm in need of a pair.

It is fall anyways and what more can a girl ask for? Perfect colour combinations, Perfect mid- calf boots, and perfect heel height.

Here, I compiled some of my fave fashion bloggers sporting these awesome wedge boots from one of my favourite designer. I just love everything she does. I think she has these magical hands that makes everything look wonderful and on trend.
Via The Northern Light 
Rosie Huntingon- Whiteley
Via Columbine Smille  (photo above and below) 

Via Come Over to the Dark Side... (Photo above and below)

                                                            Via Carolines Mode

Photo 1- A close-up look of the Lazio Boots from Hedvig Opshaug. I just love everything about this lady. Her style is just timeless, seriously one of my fashion icons

Photo 2- Celebrities are also loving these Lazio boots like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She also have tons of the Marant Dicker Boots

Photo 3 and 4-  Of course, I can't miss Columbine Smille. This lady is always on track with all the trends going around the fashion world. I love how she styles her coats :)

Photo 5 and 6- Cindy styles her Lazios with style and edge. Eventhough she wears a lot of dark colour outfits, she still looks chic and always put together.

Photo 7- I first saw these boots fro Caroline , she loves Isabel Marant. Im pretty sure almost 1/4 of her closet is by Isabel Marant, but I can't blame her. She has an awesome taste in fashion

So what do you think? Are you into these boots as well?

Talk to you soon

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Bloggers with their Adorable Pup

Just a short post about these cute adorable pups from famous fashion bloggers.

But, it isn't just an ordinary pup, they are called the French Bulldogs or "Frenchies".

- A French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog, related to the English Bulldog and American Bulldog , but half their size. 

I would love to have a Frenchie, but now isn't the right time and definitely not the right place to get one and own one. Having a dog, or even any pet is a huge responsibility- you have to feed them, bath them, play with them, and of course love them like your own baby. Don't get me wrong though I like to own one and raise them like a child. 

So  obviously I like to own a Frenchie- look at their adorable bat-like ears and big eyes AND they don't grow as big as an English Bulldog! That's a score, I prefer medium- sized dogs :)

Anyways, I compiled some of my favourite bloggers with their best friend- their Frenchies

First up is Chriselle Lim from The Chriselle Factor 
- Meet Mignon, he is my favourite and the colour I prefer as well. Look at those blue eyes - So adorable

Next, meet Matilda owned by Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad , I think Matilda is the most exposed fashion pup out there. Chiara always features her little baby on her blog.

 Last is a Frenchie named Pepa, owned by Alexandra from Lovely Pepa

Im pretty sure Pepa is well loved by her stylish owner, Alexandra. I love her style and she is such a versatile girl. She can pull off any hoodie, but yet look stylish (Photo 3)

That's it guys I hope you enjoy this post.

Do you own a Frenchie? or any breed of dog? I would love to hear from you :)

x Kim

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some Fashion Inspirations

Just some simple fashion inspirations from my favourite fashion bloggers.

For some days I just feel like I need a push to dress up. I gathered some pretty simple yet chic photos from bloggers that I adore. I love their fashion sense, Im more of the classic kind of girl who dresses up very simple with just an oversize t-shirt tucked with a pair of leather pants or jeans. 

 Photo 1- I love the all black attire of Cindy from COTTDS and her wild animal print t-shirt

 Photo 2- Another one from Cindy of COTTDS sporting the camo trend. I just love this girl so much

 Photo 3- Jane from Sea of Shoes' simple tshirt and jeans attire makes me drool

 Photo 4- This simple everyday outfit of Caroline from Caroline's Mode is rocker chic

 Photo 5- Danielle from We Wore What, hailing a cab very effortlessly stylish in a boyfriend sweater and ripped jeans

 Photo 6- Of course, who does not love Aimee from Song of Style . LOVE her summer outfit during Fashion Week

 Photo 7- Last, but not the least Zina from Fashion Vibe's camo jacket is stunning! I just love her simplicity.

Thats about it :)

Hope you enjoy this post and have a good day

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

SKINCARE: Face Routine

Happy weekend everyone 

I would like to share with you a very simple face routine that I have been using for over a year now

Let me first start off with my makeup remover

BIODERM SENSIBIO H2O- Definite holy grail remover for me. I have been using this for over 2 years and purchase it over and over again. 

Then, I rinse my face with FRESH SOY FACE CLEANSER - You can purchase this from Sephora for $40. I would recommend trying out the FRESH range from Sephora. I love their perfumes and face cleansers. This product won't leave your face dry and stiff. I have a dry and sensitive skin and this works absolutely fine for my skin type

After cleansing, I slap on my trusty CLINIQUE DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISTURIZING LOTION. This comes in a gel form to which is targeted for oily/combination skin type. 

and last but not least, Kiehls MIDNIGHT RECOVERY EYE CREAM this product lessens dark circles and fine lines. It is not a magical product that eliminates dark circles, just take note to that. I do love this eye cream it is not heavy and it does have a soothing herbal scent which i like. I really recommend this one compared to the Avocado Creamy eye cream they have.

Thats it! Take note that i have dry/sensitive skin :)

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend 

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

NAILS: American Apparel

 American Apparels nail polishes are just amazing

You can purchase them here- LINK!

- They are opaque in one coat
- A lot of colours to choose from
- They have sheer, mattes, metallics and glow in the darks!
- They are not expensive too, OPI and Essie nail polishes are expensive here in Canada

I bought Hunter and Berry which are perfect for the fall season :)

Have you tried these nail polishes from American Apparel? How do you like them?

x Kim

Friday, October 19, 2012

Celine Mini Luggage + Camouflage + Boots

Not another Celine luggage!
We all heard and seen it everywhere! The Celine luggage is the "it" bag these days. 

It seems like a lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers and editors have it, whether it is a Nano, Micro, Mini, and shoulder. My favourite one is obviously the Mini luggage. 

I love this brand because of its history, the new creative director Phoebe Philo just makes the most wonderful garments and accessories. She is just phenomenal! no wonder a lot of A list celebrities love Celine as well

The downside of this... well it is HARD to find! I live in Vancouver and there is NO Celine store ANYWHERE! not even Holt Renfrew! I know Barneys(US), Harvey Nichols(London) and some Holt Renfrew(Canada) carries the brand

I bought my mini luggage in Paris when I was on vacation last month. I got it from Gallerie Lafayette( Europe's designer department store) oh how I love and miss this place. It is heaven for me in there!

I was suppose to get well.. a black or navy blue one, but I feel that it is just everywhere and a lot of people have it already. So I opted for this tri-colour one in moss green, beige and black. It is neutral but has a fun pop of green which I love. 

Now, the bag is quite heavy, but I don't really mind the weight. You can not put the handles on your shoulder. Is it worth the money and the hype? Yes, definitely yes! I would love to buy the croc stamped phantom next!

Here are some photos of the bag and my newly purchased camouflage t-shirt from Zara Men you can purchase it here- link

I got a medium to have that relax oversized fit on me. 


Now, the studded boots

I'm not sure whether this is studded overkill or not, but I just LOVE it. I bought this last year from Browns. These are by Jeffrey Cambell. I cannot wait to wear them  this season :)

What is go-to bag this season?

Thanks for reading


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LOVE: Zara Printed Pants & Recent Purchases

 I'm a sucker for printed jeans because I do not have a lot of bright and printed tops this is why printed jeans are a must have for me all year round.  Yes, I own pretty much boring neutral shirts like black/grey and white. I know I should venture out and wear more lively colours rather than boring ones. I'll try. 

Enough with the chit chat and let me show you some of Zara's awesome printed jeans/pants/trousers.

I know that the camouflage print is everywhere, I've seen it in tons and tons of fashion blogs and I actually really like it, but I missed out on that one. My local Zara store is out! 

Anyways, I purchased this snake-esque print jeans. They are so comfortable and feels awesome as well. I just paired it with black boyfriend t-shirt, a leo scarf and put on some arm swag and ta-da!

P.S. I have the camo trend on my nails (Essie Sew Psyched and American Apparel's Factory Grey- ring finger)

 I also caved in and bought the blue leopard printed jeans. (photo below)

White tee: Mango

Printed jeans: Zara

Boots: Sam Edelman

Belt: Zara Men

What trend are you sporting right now?
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day

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kisses, Kim

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wants + Birthday Boy

Hello there,

How fast can October get for crying out loud!? it seems like it was just Christmas of 2011 and now I can see pretty christmas lights and holiday displays on some retail stores' windows. Don't get me wrong I'm quite excited for the Holiday season. Well, let me put the excitement aside from now and let me share with you some of the things that I've been eyeing fro quite sometime now. 

Do you guys ever feel that when fashion week starts whether it is spring/summer, resort, or fall/winter  it seems like I just drool on so many thing- well mostly clothes and shoes.

For this fall 2012 I've been liking Balenciaga a lot, I mean who doesn't love his collection? 
Here are the Egypto funk sweaters. Why do I like them? Come on, look at the silhouette of the sweater isn't it gorgeous add some inspiring photos from the top fashion bloggers and magazine editors. 

Another one from Balenciaga, but now from his Spring 2013 collection. One word: RAD!
It is just insane how wonderful and amazing this heels are. I would not mind having them. The colour combinations, the material and the heels itself is not too high.

Next up, from MiuMiu, now I'm not sure from what season this is, I think it is from spring/summer 2012. I do not buy designer sunglasses often, but this is one on my to buy list! The shape, the metal, and the colours. LOOVE!

Those are just the few things that I want, but let me put that aside for now, just for now because I want to greet my boyfriend a HAPPY 25th Birthday. Thank you for everything. You've been for me and I can't wait to spend countless more birthdays with you :)

We went out for dinner and ordered this yummy Vanilla Bean Creme brûlée - Yumyum!

What are you guys lusting over this season? Please do share on the comments :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful day

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Shopping the Men's Section (ZARA)

Hey There,

I better start off by a serious blog apology, Ive been pretty busy for the past few months hence, the NO BLOGGING. 

I've been trying to catch up on some blog posts and Ive been really enjoying it. I have a couple of weeks to spare, so Im pretty sure I will be blogging most of the time. 

Let me talk about what this post is all about...

Do you guys ever shop at the men's section of your favourite brands such as; Zara, H&M, The Gap, etc? Well I do that most of the time if and when I can't find anything at the ladies' section.

I happen to stop by Zara Men a couple of weeks ago to help the boyfriend shop, but I ended up spotting these amazing WILD ANIMAL PRINTED T-SHIRTS and brought 2 of them home with me . Now, I've been wanting and lusting over the Givenchy animal print tshirts, but the price tag of nearly $300 is insane! 

What do you guys think of these Leopard and Panther(?)(Im not too sure what animal is this but he looks fierce!)

Photo Above: The boyfriend on the left (he borrowed the shirt) and me on the right( with the leo shirt)