Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Instaweek- Arm Swaggin'

Hi everyone,

I finally graduated and Im back blogging bringing you some Instagram photos for this week.

I will be posting daily Instagram photos so please make sure to follow me PRETTY PLEASE :) My user name is kimchan16

Im obsessed with stacking bracelets! it isn't obvious though right!? ;p

Armswaggin' with spikes

Chinas dang low :)

Tiny little miss elephant tanning with me

My summer nail polish for sure - Essie Sand Tropez

Thank for reading and have an awesome Tuesday :)

Are you guys obsessed with stacking jewelries as well??
Link your instagram below and Ill make sure to follow you :)

INSTAGRAM - kimchan16 - don't forget to follow me :)



  1. ah, those bracelets are so pretty! i really like the first set. they all look good together. i also like your nail color!!!

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  2. Oh I love these! Bracelets are my favorite and this reminds me that I need to build up my collection. :)

  3. @Carrie Love the first and second photo too :) Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  4. @Stephanie C. You should def build your collection! hahaha :)


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