Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swatches: Pink Lipsticks

Hi ladies,

Im here once again sharing with you my most obsessed about makeup product- Lipsticks.

It's really weird that I got hooked with lipsticks because when I first started collecting make-up I swore to God that the least important product for me are lipsticks. I guess my world turned upsi daisies. Everything flipped over and now, Im super obsessed with lipsticks. I can't stop buying them. I think it's because of reading beauty blogs and watching Youtube videos.

I do not grab my pink lipsticks that often compared to to the nude ones just because they are harder to pair up with. You can't go wrong with nude lipsticks tho right? When it comes to pink lipsticks, you need to be careful with them and not to over use it. I like pairing them with neutral eyes just to balance the colors on my face.
From Left-Right: MAC Victorian, MAC Snob, MAC Angel, MAC Saint Germain, MAC Plink, Mac Viva Glam Gaga, NYC Acapulco, NYX Narcissus

I received tons and tons of emails asking me to swatch my lip products on my lips and not at the back of my hand. I agree, it is really different if it is swatched on the lips because the color and shade of the product really comes out. For the longest time, I figured out how to work my camera. I finally know how to capture photos up close and clear at the same time. yay.

Oh, I forgot while I was swatching these lipsticks on, I figured out that my Pink Nouveau was missing and I can't find it =(. I need to get a new one immediately. =(


Here are the swatches for my pink lipsticks.

MAC Victorian (LE)- Spring Color Forecast collection
MAC Snob(Satin)- permanent
MAC Angel(Frost)- Permanent
MAC Saint Germain(Amplified)- Pro color.(not sure)- permanent
MAC Plink(Lustre)- Permanent

MAC Viva Glam Gaga(Lustre)
NYX Acapulco

NYX Narcissus

NOTE: I heard a lot of people saying that NYX Narcissus is a perfect dupe for MAC Saint Germain, but I think Narcissus is more on the pink side while Saint Germain is more on the lilac side of the spectrum.

Whats next on my to buy list:
MAC Speed Dial
MAC Chatter Box
MAC Pink Nouveau
MAC Creme Cup

Are you more of the pink lipstick junkie, or nude?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Chance- Contest

Okay so my contest will end tomorrow, but you can still enter and comment until next week. I will be reading entries this week and next week and will be finalizing the winner at the end of next week and will ANNOUNCE THE WINNER JULY 7. (Tuesday)

So make sure you join.!!!!
It has been going on for a month now. I'm really excited to read all your blog posts for it.
If you do not know what I'm talking about, here it is:

I hosted a contest for 150 followers last May and it is still ongoing until now. Due date is on June 30. All you have to do are:

-Be a follower.
-Comment below this post as many times as you want
-Post you entry on your blog and title it as MissKC027 contest entry
- Prizes will include:
Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga(Yes, both of them)
1 MAC Lipstick, Lipgloss or eyeshadow(Your choice)
1 OPI nail Polish(your choice)
5 MAC Lipglasses in (Utterley Discrete(LE), Light that Fire(LE), Dreamy, Oyster Girl, Steal My Heart(Discontinued))
1 MAC Mineralized Blush in Superdupernatural.

So don't forget to join the fun and have a chance to win these awesome prizes! Good luck

The questions are:
a. What is the least important makeup product in your opinion
b.What are you top 5 go to products.

Comment below and write * ENTER ME*- post your entry on your blog.


Swatches- MAC and Revlon

I just did a FOTD post 5 minutes ago and I said that I will do this post tomorrow or later today, but I have nothing to do so might as well do this post. I got some Emails and comments asking me to do swatches for the MAC lipgelees and Revlon Colorbursts, so I will. Im drinking my cup of coffee watching Access Hollywood on TV. Love gossip shows they are so interesting, especially TMZ. LOVE THEM!

Im in a mood to blog this morning I do not know why, but maybe because I just installed Google Chrome and it really makes everything faster. I know Im late with this sorry for that Im not good with computers at all, but Im learning.

MAC Lipgelees: I got these from the MAC in Lilyland Collection. I already posted a review for this, so go check it out.

They are limited edition and came out last January I think or Feb? So if your local MAC counter still has them in stock, hidden somewhere in their drawers go get them!

Preppy- Blue Pink with pink pearls
Lush & Bright- Bright pink yellow coral with pink pearls

So I bet and I will assume this time that you guys know how the Revlon Colorburst looks like right? If not I posted about it here in my Blog. Just look for Revlon Coloburst

I got Peach, Carnation, Soft Rose, Baby Pink, and Soft Nude. I bought Soft Nude yesterday because my local drugstore didn't have this one in stock, so I went to another drugstore just to get this baby!

So from top-bottom:

Baby Pink
Soft Rose
Soft Nude
Soft Rose and Peach looks similar in these photos, but they don't in real life. Soft Rose has a warmer color compared to Peach.

Baby Pink has a frosty finish and a little bit of sheen to it.

Carnation is a cooler pink compared to Baby Pink and has a tad bit of blue undertone to it.

Soft Nude is...well...a nude with a little bit of peach color.

there they are, swatches for the MAC lipgelees and the Colorbursts. Im going to clean the house now. Sucks! have a nice Tuesday

xoxo, Kim

A Good Ol' Face of the Day


Another FOTD

My Hair was super messy when I took these photos, so I tied them up. I hate having a bad hair day even flattening it with an iron won't satisfy me.

I haven't done any FOTD this week, and my goal is to post at least 1 FOTD per week. I love looking at people's make-up because it gives me an idea of who they are and it shows their personality as well. It inspires me to experiment on new products and gives me an idea of what suits my face, skin, eyes, lips, etc. So FOTD is a plus for me. Go make your FOTD and I will definitely look at it with glittery eyes. HAHA

I Just figured out a good foundation combo for summer! My NARS Sheer Glow is way to light and my Revlon Colorstay is a tad bit dark for me, so why not mix them up and get a perfect glowing skin.

So I wore this look a day ago to a girls night out.

What products I used:

PRIMER-Korres Vitamin Face Primer
FOUNDATION-I mixed NARS Sheer Glow in Ceylon and Revlon Colorstay in Shell
BRONZER- MAC Golden Refined
BLUSH- MAC Instant Chic
HIGHLIGHT- MAC Shell Cream Color Base

LIDS- MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot, MAC Ricepaper e/s(inner half), MAC Woodwinked e/s(outer half), MAC Shrrom e/s as inner corner highlight and brow bone.
EYELINER- Kat Von D tattoo Liner in Trooper(Upper lashline), MAC Technakhol in Graph Black(lower lashline)
MASCARA-Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara(pink one)

Revlon Colorburst in Peach

Thats it for today, but I promise to post swatches of MAC Lipgelees and Revlon Colorburst lipsticks tomorrow or maybe later today.

What foundation combo are you using for summer?

Thanks for reading loves.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Review: OPI Drip Dry vs. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Some competition right here huh?

I know these two guys are very popular in the beauty world because they are amazing products, but for me, only one of them succeeds. Which one? You'll see.

Ill start of with OPI Drip Dry:
-->This product is great and retails for $9.99 in US and $11.99 in Canada well it depends where you buy it. I am almost out of it just because I try to finish this one first before opening my Seche Vite.
What it claims to do:
--> It helps nail polishes dry up faster.
--> put 1-2 drops and wait for about 60 seconds before touching your nails.
--> nails will dry completely in 5 minutes.

Is this true? I don't agree with it drying completely in about 60 seconds.
What I do: I put on my nail polish probably 2-3 coats and then wait for about 5 minutes to let t dry a little bit, then put 1-2 drops of Drip Dry. After using the Drip Dry wait for about

8-10 minutes in order for your nail polish to dry up completely. (WARNING:I find that if you put more than 2 coats of polish and then apply the Drip Dry immediately it is more prone to getting imprints even if you think that it is already DRY.)

I really like the packaging of this because of the dropper. Lame I know, but hey you guys agree with me too right?

Will I purchase this again?NO I WONT!. Why? because I do not like the feeling after dropping this on my nail varnish. There's something in it that makes my nails feel oily and I don't want that. It doesn't make my nails shiny at all, it makes it even more dull and blah looking.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
so I do not want the Drip Dry and that means that I love Seche Vite. I swear there is some sort of chemicals in it because it makes nail polishes look darn shiny and pretty. This product retails for 11.99 here in Canada, and I believe it is cheaper in the US. Obviously. haha. I don't really care whether it comes with a brush because I still love the formula of it. I know that there are complaints about it becoming thick when it becomes old. I think it all depends on how you take care of it. Just remember to seal the cap properly or else, air will come in.

what it claims to do: Helps nail polish dry faster than usual and helps lengthen the life of the nail polish on your nails for about 3-4 days more.

Is it True? I do not think it lengthens the life of the nail polish that long, but it does dry up fast and it dries to a shiny and polished finish.

How I use it: I apply 2-3 coats of polish, wait for about 5 minutes then apply 1-2 coats of Seche Vite on top. Wait for about 5 minutes and it will dry completely. I love this product and it is a definite holy grail for me.

Would I purchase this again? Yes I will because this is my second bottle already. Im half way done and about to buy my third one. I recommend Seche Vite compared to Drip Dry by OPI.

So there it is my review of the famous Seche Vite and Drip Dry. Do you guys agree with me with Seche Vite, or do you prefer Drip Dry instead?


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nails + A New Ring

Hi Ladies!

Hows the weekend so far? are you guys feeling the summer heat so far?

If you are updated with my blog then you guys will know that I've been wanting to get acrylics or gel nails. I even dedicated one post just for this and asked your opinion about them. That post really helped me to decide what to do with my poor uncared nails. I got lots of comments saying that I should get gel nails instead of acrylics because it is less damaging and will even last longer. I also got lots of comments saying that I shouldn't get any of them because I should just cherish and be happy with my natural nails. lastly, I got comments stating that I should get acrylics because they are pretty and will also last long. Those comments really helped me a lot so thank you for those who commented on it and those who read it as well.

So, yesterday I went with a friend to a near by nail salon and got ourselves acrylics. teehee. Yes I got acrylics because their gel nails cost about 80 dollars! That's way too expensive for me. My friend got acrylics as well, but she got it with pin and purple sparkles. I did not get sparkles on my nails because as you all know I get sick of my nails and I will eventually paint them. Give me about two weeks or maybe 2.5 weeks max. haha. Anyways, I'm satisfied with what they've done to my nails tho. I just got the normal french acrylics. They are a little bit too long for me, but I can deal with them. I can now look at my nails all the time and praise them because they are dang pretty!
Taken yesterday with fresh acrylics on. Hope they won't fall off easily.


Because I love how my nails look like, I bought myself a new ring! yay for me. I love connector rings. I don't know why, but somehow they compliment my hands. Does that even make sense? I will be purchasing more of these connector rings maybe next time and show it to you guys.

Up close.

Do you guys love these big chunky rings too? They make such a good statement right?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: MAC Lipgelees. A Small Clothing Haul

Hi everyone!

Today's post will be a very straight forward one. A review and a clothing haul.

I shopped for new clothes! I went shopping with a friend and bought a few clothes for summer. For this season, Im obsessed with bright colors- corals, yellows, tuqiouse, etc. For some reason these colours really attracts me. The clothes that I bought are simple ones, because Im not really a fan of graphic tees, or those overly designed tops that if I wear it twice a week people will instantly know that I wore it at least once. I want those plain ones that I can wear maybe twice in two weeks or something.
Baby pink top- I super love this top and the color is very flattering. It really looks good with almost everything- shorts, jeans, or even leggings. I would not wear this with any high waisted skirts or shorts.
Floral top- It is floral, I love the color combination on this top. I can't say anything bad about it. It has a silky material.
Coral oversized top- This is my favourite! I have this one in a turquiose one too. One of my fav tops this summer.
A review about MAC lipgelees. I thought about this for a long time if I should do a review or not because they are limited editions. Im sorry if you guys cant find these anymore, but I just want to share my thoughts and opinions on these beauties.

MAC Lipgelees:

From Left to Right: Resort Life, Lush & Bright, Preppy, and Shift to Pink

They were released last February - MAC in Lilyland collection. This collection is definitely a bright and colorful one. This collection definitely caught my eyes instantly.I will concentrate on the lipgelees. They sold 4 lipgelees in this collection namely: Lush & Bright, Preppy, Shift to Pink, and Resort Life.
Lush & Bright and Preppy Swatch
What do you guys think of the pigmentation? Isn't it lovely? they're bright! Thats all I can say =)
- Lush & Bright- bright pink yellow coral with pink pearl
- Preppy- Blue pink with pink pearl
- Shift to Pink- Light violet with silver pearl
- Resort Life- off- white with pink pearl

--> I have Lush & Bright and Preppy. If you guys see these lipgelees in your local MAC counter you guys should NOT think twice and grab it. Its perfect! I bet there are still some left in some MAC counters near you. I would recommend to ask your make-up artist if they have Lilyland left. The pigmentation of these lipgelees are awesome, the color is gorgeous, but the down side of this are the glitters or should I say the pearly finish of it is well.. too overwhelming and too out there. I don't have any problems with this mainly because I just dab this product on my lips. I don't put too much because my lips will look like a disco ball. When the color wears off the glitters won't stay on your lips.

Do you guys own MAC lipgelees? I think they are being discontinued already.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beauty Products Update- 1

Hi ladies,

I was thinking of something to write today and thought about updating beauty products that I want. I feel so greedy whenever I do these kinds of post, maybe because I want a lot of stuffs. Thats me, I just procrastinate, but I don't buy everything that's on my list. Remember before I was lusting for a million beauty products? I probably only bought 5-6 of those. So for this post I will list down products that I will REALLY buy. I promise

There's this store in Vancouver called Beauty Marked and they sell tons of beauty products such as; St. Tropez, the egg lipblam(i forgot the brand), Stila, NARS, etc. I was shocked that they have St. Tropez there because I've been wanting to purchase that due to its popularity in the beauty world. Im so excited to go there and just buy products that are very hard to find. So a trip to Beauty Marked is a must for me and a huge haul is about to come.


Here they are:
-NARS Casino Bronzer
-Essie Polishes(Yes, This is still on my list because Im still in a hunt for a cheaper prized Essie polish)
-St Tropez(Not sure what kind to buy yet)
- EOS lipblam(I found the Brand)
- I need to get Acrylics or maybe Gel if Im rich this weekend and be able to pay about 80 bux!
- Spray tan is a must as well.

WOW thats a more practical things to buy and things to do huh? Wow Kim, You are improving! Good hob. Okay I just praised myself. haha.

You know what I want to do at the moment? Play water balloons and Water guns outside. Its super sunny outside 24 degrees!! WHOOOO!! Sorry Vancouver is a Sun Deprived City. It rains more than half of the year here. So if Mr Sun is out people play outside. Yes, even the big kids like me. =D

Thanks for reading guys.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Im Late with the Colorburst!

Yes, I'm late with the Revlon lippies. Not my fault tho, Canada released these babies way too late compared to UK and the US. so sad, but I'm soo glad they are with me already. There are so many reviews and swatches about these colorburst already, but it wouldn't hurt to add more right?

These lippies retails for CND$ 10.99 and that's expensive. I believe they sell these in Target in the US for only US$8.oo? correct me if Im wrong. I can't wait any longer so I rushed to Shoppers Drugmart after work and bought these. I was honestly surprised they sell it for 11 bux! holy cow! I was expecting it to be less that $10.


Ive tweeted about these lipsticks, ranted about Canada not releasing these lipsticks, and finally I think God heard my prayers and demanded Revlon to release their new lipsticks here in Canada. Yes God demanded them to release it here for all Canadian beauty junkies like me. It was released here in Vancouver 2 weeks ago. SO thank you Revlon, this is for you. hah!

The packaging is pretty and I like the big swatch they have outside the lipstick tube. It's quite accurate, but it's not the exact swatch. So thank you Revlon for an awesome job with the packaging and the big swatch you gave us.

From left to right: Peach, Baby Pink, Carnation, and Soft Rose

I like the colors I made for the texts! hahahaha you guys like it?

left: Peach
Right: Baby Pink
Left: Soft Rose
Right: Carnation
wow crappy swatch. haha sorry
Some dupes:
Revlon Soft Rose= MAC Viva Glam Cyndi
They are not the EXACt dupe, but close. Cyndi just have a pink undertone to it and it is brighter than Revlon SOft Rose.
What do you think? Are they close?
Revlon Soft Rose on the Left and Cyndi on the right
These are almost the perfect dupe!
Revlon Baby Pink=MAC Viva Glam Gaga
Left: Revlon Baby Pink
Right: MAC Viva Glam Gaga

Revlon Baby Pink is more on the frosty side compared to Gaga.
Left: Revlon Baby Pink
Right: MAC Viva Glam Gaga

Do you guys own these lipsticks? what do you have? share it with me and what do you think about them?

Please follow me on twitter-

hugs, kim

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Decision Worth Thinking About- Acrylic Nails

Yeap acrylic nails are worth thinking about you know? I want to get one and Im planning to get my nails done next week, but something is stopping me.
I got my nails done(acrylic nails) twice already and I know the consequences of it. The process is painless, but the aftermath sucks balls. My nails got so thin that it chips off easily like a mother. Well okay, my nails grow fast, but still I don't want to see my nails ruined. DO you get what I mean.

well okay, let me first try to explain what arylic nails are, even though I know you guys know what it look like.

Arcylic nails looks and feels like natural nails. They are artificially designed nails that can be pasted on your natural nails. Such nails are made up from mixing a chemical powder with a hardening chemical liquid. Several women wear them for many reasons. Just by looking on your fake nails just makes you happy and contended.

What are the PROs and CONs of acrylic nails:

- people use them because htey don't want their natural nails to be subjected to damages made by nail polishes.

- acrylic nails is good for those people who have soft and brittle nails that can easily crack and results in bleeding-yikes! (the acrylic nails adds stength to the natural nails)

-last point, IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- the chemicals used are toxis which results to damged natural nails

- if you ripped your arcylics, there will be a big chance that your natural nails will be ruined too.

- the aftermath of getting acrylic nails is painful to look at.

There are our PROs and CONs for acrylic nails. I told you it is a hard decision to make. Im more on the getting acrylic nails part than not getting acrylic nails. haha. I know the process, they drill your natural nails, put the chemical powder then lastly, apply the hardening liquid. tada you got your fake beautiful nails done. It sounds so easy, but it's not for me because eventually I will apply polish and then remove it after 4 days, then reapply a new one. This is soo frustrating.

So if you were in my place what would you choose? Acrylics or no acrylics?

hugs, KIM

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Haul- A Tad Bit of MAC and NARS

Hey ladies,

Such a pretty weather here in Vancouver, it is about 23 degrees. I just came from work and have nothing to do so might as well blog. I went to MAC about 4 days ago and bought this Cream Color Base in Shell. I heard a lot of raving about this, so knowing me I went to get it. I saw Hush Cream Color Base too. I was debating bout what to get, but the make-up artist said that Shell will look better on me. She was right indeed because Shell has a more natural finish to it compared to Hush or Luna.

What are Cream Color Bases?
They are versatile and have multiple purposes. It can be used as a highlight on your cheek bones, nose bridge, and brow bone. You can also use Cream Color Bases can also be used on your lips according to MAC. I wouldn't recommend it tho, or you guys could try it and tell me what you think. I recommend using a synthetic brush or better, use your fingers.

You can definitely choose any color or finish you want because MAC sells a huge range of colors for these. You should check them out on the MAC website.

NARS Deep Throat.

I adore this blush. I like it better than Orgasm actually. I really didn't like orgasm because its way to glittery for me. I love the color of it tho because it has a peachy pink color. NARS Deep Throat is probably close to MAC Pink Swoon with a little more peachy in color. NARS describes it as a peach with shimmer. I already wore this maybe about three times, and people actually complimented it. So two thumbs up for NARS Deep Throat.

NARS Irresistiblement Powder Bronzer

I thought this would be really light on my skin, but it turns out that it was darker than Laguna and more orange too. This suits my sister's skin tone the best! She uses this as a light blush on her cheeks. She is NC35. This product works really well on darker skin toned people. I wish I could wear this one tho, its a really nice golden terracotta color.

I can't really review this specific powder bronzer for you guys, but I would like to state that this works well or even the best for darker skin toned ladies. So get tanned girls, or rather I should get a tan. =)

Have you guys tried out MAC cream color bases out? what do you think?