Monday, June 14, 2010

In and Out 2

A lazy blogger would agree that In and Outs are the best post. haha! I love reading them, in fact I need to read at least 1 a day. It's interesting to know what people are up to and what disappoints them. I love knowing what people love because it inspires me to try the product and eventually I will have something to post on this lovely blog of mine. Yes, I know most of us are addicted to Youtube because uhm.. they are addicting(duh). I can watch YT for hmmm maybe 4 hours and learn something at the end. I have some addicting problems when it comes to watching these beautiful make-up gurus, but sometimes it's anooying to see if they are getting paid to make a video. Anyone agree?

anyways.. enough with the chit chat.


- Reddish coral nails- I cannot state how much red nails attract me. I don't know, but they are just super classy and doesn't go out of fashion. It's sophisticated yet chic. You can have either long or short nails and still pull it off.

- Warm Weather- So summer is here, finally. Everyone has been waiting for this season, so they can wear their fave dress, flip flops, sandals, etc. I love summer. It's the best time of the year. Time to get tan.

- MAC Viva Glam Cyndi- HAHA are you guys sick of me raving about this? Deal with it. I love this. Enough said!

- Putting lipstick on w/o lipgloss- is it weird to put lipstick with out lipgloss on top? NO! I do it a lot for the past couple of weeks. I slap on any lipstick with no lipgloss. 1 thing I hate about putting lipgloss on is that my hair gets all sticky. ARGH. SO no lipgloss for maybe this month.

-Hit Pan- Im very happy that I hit pan three products already. I feel so proud and relieved because I know these products were well loved by me. I use them religiously every single day. These products are : MAC Naked Lunch e/s, MAC All That Glitters e/s and NARS Laguna Bronzer. YAY for me!!

- Seattle No Tax Policy- Seattle has a policy that when a country has HST tax, residence of that country will NOT be taxed. OMG!!! NO TAX. MASSIVE SHOPPING time.

-Lip Balms- I can conclude and assume that lip balms will be my best friend for this season.


Essie Polishes- They are massively expensive here in Canada. I will not buy a $12 Essie Polishes just because I know I will be able to find cheaper ones the US? Are the prize of Essies really that expensive?

Dry Hair- Warm weather equals dry hair.That's the down part when summer comes-my hair gets really dry. I need to find a nice and effective leave on conditioner. Any suggestions? I have my CHI. I should probably use it more often.

Orange Nails- Sorry but I dislike orange nails. I don't hate it, but I just dislike it. I get sick with it faster. I try to put on orange polish, and then the next day I will take it off. I just can't stand orange polish on me.

Allergies- Time for allergies again. Pollen allergy to be specific. =(

HST Tax- Okay so here's the thing, starting July Canada will be having a HST tax. This means 12% tax on EVERYTHING. When I say EVERYTHING it includes food, clothes, accessories,etc. even baby food, baby clothes everythings 12% now. =(

What are you loving this summer?


  1. It's winter here :P
    Aw I love Coral nails! *Yet to buy some... My nails are yellow right now :'( I have to wait :( Gr. ♥ ♥!

  2. tax! we had 12% tax for everything since almost 10years ago! total p.i.a! & that's on top of income tax, business taxes, etc..

  3. Great blog! and you are almost at 300 followers! good job! I mean it too!
    If you have a minnute come check out mine, and if you see something you like, please follow!
    I will gladly return the favor:)

    XOXO, Olya

  4. Dry hair? try a product called Biosilk. It smells good too! You only need a dime size for your whole head. I have long hair and I still only need that much.


  5. Glad to hear you're liking Viva Glam Cindi - I have Gaga and love it! May get Cindi too...
    I never wear lipgloss on top of my lipstick - am not a lipgloss fan at all as my hair always sticks in it! I just use balm and then lipstick on top. And hitting pan is so satisfying! Great post :) x

  6. I'm always stuck for blog ideas so I might try doing a few 'Ins & Outs' posts!

  7. well there are certain days in the U.S. when there's no tax on the items.
    I know it each state the sales tax is different, like in Tennessee it's 9.5% or so.
    Essie nail polishes in U.S. are like $8. So if you ordered it online and mailed it, i don't think it'd be too much of a difference.

  8. ick i agree with the orange nails! im loving the beach this summer :) im dying for school to get oout already! <33

  9. is the hst tax different from gst and pst? cause here in ontario, we have gst 5% and pst 8%. so does this mean another 12% tax will be added to the price of the products? that's friggin ridiculous canadian government! or maybe i'll do a research abt this LOL.

  10. Eurgh any extra tax sucks. Agreed on the coral red nails though, it's such a classic look.

  11. Totally agree that coral is in... I love coral jewelry as well!


  12. I am loving dresses!:D

    I like reddish coral nail polishes too.:D

    I am your newest follower, btw.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

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  14. I really enjoyed reading this , great writting <3

    love the blog <3


  15. HST = major thumbs down!
    hitting pan = major thumbs up haha I'm happy for you!

    xx Elise


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