Sunday, October 31, 2010

Products for November

Hi ladies and gents

It's Halloween! What's your Halloween costume? I will be a girl scout. :)

I just realized I post less and less every month. :( I will try my best to post every other day next month! :)

Anyways its the end of October! wow this month was QUICK! Fall is almost over and the Holiday season is coming right up. Time for some sparkles and gift shopping. I love Holidays because I want to shop for Christmas presents.

A lot of things happened this month- good and bad, but I will go on with my life and just be thankful for what I have and who I have in my life. Well, forget the sermon, let's go with the products I'm talking about.

I will start off with lips, eyes, and then face.


so for this month, I will return to the usual nude lips. I love bold lips for winter, but I will always go back to nude. So here they are, MAC Hue lipstick and Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pout.
Left: MAC Hue lipstick
Right: Smashbox Pout

You know me, I LOVE eyeliners. I can't leave the house without eyeliner, so I will still be using the same eyeliner as before.

Here is MAC Superslick liquid eyeliner from the MAC fabulous Feline collection
and my all time fave liquid eyeliner which is Kat Von D tattoo Liner in trooper. I recommend everyone to get this! I finished three of these already. Im really impressed with it.
An eyeshadow base is a must for winter.

Here is MAC Bare Study. I always use Painterly for the last three-four months, but now I will give bare Study a try.
Swatch for MAC Bare Study
So for the month of November, I decided that I will start using eyeshadows again. So here are my favorite eyeshadows..and they are all Neutral.

MAC Patina
Swatch for Patina
MAC Gleam
Left: MAC Naked Lunch
Right: MAC All That Glitters

Swatch for the three MAC eyeshadows

Left-right: MAC Naked Lunch. All That Glitters, and Gleam
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Champagne- very similar to MAC All That Glitters.
For my lower lashline I will use this ELF eyeshadow in Saddle. I think I will use this on my crease as well.
Swatch for ELF Saddle Eyeshadow

For blushes I decided tat I will try MAC Dame(Left) and the ever so versatile MAC Well Dressed(Right).Swatch for the blushes

Left: MAC Well Dressed
Right: MAC Dame
I want to try MAC Skin Finish Natural in Dark, but I think this will be too orange on my skin. So I decided that I will apply NARS Laguna on top.

NARS Laguna Bronzer- HIT PAN!
Swatches for the bronzers

Left: MAC Skin Finish in Dark
Right: NARS Laguna
Hair straightener- Corioliss Pro in leopard print. for more details click here
So for next month(November), what products will you guys be using?

Happy Halloween! :)

xo, Kim

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haul: MAC Holiday Collection- A Tartan Tale

Ahh... the much awaited holiday collection from MAC- A Tartan Tale.

What can I say about this collection?

When I first saw it at, I wasn't really interested or excited with this collection. Well, okay I was eyeing on the lip products, but not the kits/paettes. I was just suppose to get one lipstick and one Dazzleglass Creme from this collection, but ended up with six products when I left the store.

I went to a nearby mall around 3pm today(Thursday) and saw the packaging(bags)- IT IS GORGEOUS!!! I wish they can sell the packaging(bags) alone, and I will for sure get probably two of those. I love the Scottish-inspired design.

I didn't purchase any palettes/kits. I like the nude palette called Dashing Lassies, but I skipped it because I have three of the shadows included in it. I have Showstopper, Buckwheat, and Bronze, so it will be a waste if I get this. However, recommendations are welcome. So if you guys got your hands on the kits included in this collection and you LOVED it. Don't forget to tell me :) Thanks

So let's go on with the haul shall we?

I'll start off with the lipsticks:

Cut A Caper- is an opaque creamy peachy- coral. I thought this would be similar with Jazz, but this is lighter and I would actually consider this as a nude lipstick
lip swatch
Full Fuchsia- bright fuchsia with distinct blue undertones. If you do not want bright bold lipstick with blue undertones then stay away fro this lipstick.

I'm pretty sure I won't wear this on its own. I will pair this with a NUDE lipstick such as; Myth or Creme D Nude.
lip swatch
full face shot- excuse the super pale face, but hey at least you guys know how BRIGHT this lipstick is.
and a hand swatch for both lipstick:

Left: Cut A Caper
Right: Full Fuchsia
Another lip product that I was attracted to is this Dazzleglass Creme called Gone Romancin'

I wanted to grab Passing Fancy(the orange/peach with slight gold shimmers) one, but it was too sheer when I swatched it on my lips.

here are some photos of Gone Romancin'- an opaque lilac with white/lilac shimmers. This appeared more pink than lilac on my lips.
lip swatch
hand swatch
Now for the Pearglide Eyeliners which was a repromote fro the recent Art Supplies collection.

I will describe them as best as I can!

okay! here I go

Black Swan- Black with gray shimmers
Lord It Up- Dark brown with subtle sliver shimmers
Petrol Blue- Deep blue with subtle silver shimmers

top-bottom: Petrol Blue, Lord it Up, and Black Line Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
Hand swatches:

without flash
with flash
End of haul.

Have you guys seen the MAC tartan Tale collection? What did you guys get from the Holiday collection? link them up, PERHAPS I can buy more :D

have a nice weekend!

xo, Kim

A Rant About A Holy Grail Product

This is so contradicting isn't it?

Well, it's because of a product called Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Yes, I dedicated a post about this a few months ago and I use this every single time I do my nails because it...

1. Gives a shine
2. Hardens the polish
3. Helps my polish not to chip for about 5 days
4. It is inexpensive.
5. You can get this product anywhere and everywhere (drugstores, salons, etc.)
6. People raves about this product and it never ends.

I have a love-hate relationship with Seche Vite. I STILL do love it and I will repurchase this product over and over again until I find a better one, but I have reasons why I don't.

1. Sometimes, I'm a lazy girl who can't grab a base coat and what I will do is apply Seche Vite on bare nails, which leads to polish chipping off after a day. I know Seche Vite is not a base coat and I have learned my lesson.

2. Drugstore here in Canada sells them for $11-$15. So to my fellow Canadians, sorry, but that's how it works. *sigh*

3. I NEVER finish one bottle! NEVER. Why? well just see for yourself.
it becomes murky. I know it is normal for a clear polish to look like this...but wait...

look at these photos

I had this for about three months or so

Can you guys see the wand? It's nasty

sticky, goopy and really hard to work with because it gets REALLY THICK.

Eventhough I'm ranting about Seche Vite right now, I still recommend you to get this top coat. You may need the Seche Restore- I do not have this product, but I will purchase this soon when I head down to America. I heard this helps the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat or any other polish not to be goopy and thick. have you heard about this? if you have it, is it true and is it worth the money?
I will still keep this bottle because I want to try if the Seche Restore really works, but I can't use this for now. I have a back-up tho, so don't worry. :)
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monthly Combinations: Lips for October

Well, well... impressive huh? I blogged for two consecutive days, so with that I'll give myself a pat on the back. Good girl Kim, keep it up. :) well there you go, I just praised myself. yikes, but I should keep this habit and blog 4-5 times a week, but to be honest I havn't been buying anything, so I can't post hauls. I will be purchasing maybe two or three products from the MAC A Tartan Tale collection tomorrow. So watch out for that haul.

I've been a good girl lately and have been saving up for a leather jacket that I've been wanting for a year! yes guys, a year. I decided to get it as a birthday present for myself.(well, the Boyfriend will half with me) Yippeeee! Another haul right there. I won't say what brand now, but I will be posting some photos maybe next week.

I've decided that I will put updates on my life at least once a week, so here it is...

- I've been using and buying less makeup this month and I feel great. I have way too many lipsticks/glosses/eyeshadows and it's ridiculous. I'm still thinking on doing a blog sale, but I don't know if you guys are interested. So let me know.

- I will be gcrossing the border on November and I can't wait. We will be going to Seattle and will be staying there for 3 days. Shopping for clothes- plain v-necks to be specific. I bet I will be adding more as time flies.

- My parents decided that we will go on a family vacation in May to..guess where? CALIFORNIA BABY! I've been there couple of times already, but I have a 4 year old sister and we will bring her to Disneyland. Do you guys have any recommended places to go in Cali? Let me know. Im incharge for everything.

- I excercise every morning around 8:30 for about 30 minutes. I need to stay in shape for the holidays because holidays means food. Parties everywhere! I will TRY MY BEST to enroll in a gym for a serious work out maybe this weekend.

- Weather is crappy here, grey-ugly-looking clouds, rain almost everyday, muddy street. YUCK. I hope the sun shines again. I mean I do love rain, but not too much.

- While walking earlier, I saw boys, yes around 15-17 years old walking to school and they were just wearing shirt, jeans and sneakers NO JACKET/SWEATER and they were shivering. I don't think they forgot to wear their jackets because it is freaking 6 degrees here, I think they thought that it is "cool" and "manly" for them not to wear anything to keep them warm. WOW this made me laugh.


Wow i wrote so many things. I didn't even realize it.

Here are the lip combinations I've been wearing for this month- October.

1. Mac Hue and Revlon Nude Lustre

MAC Hue alone
Mac Hue and Nude Lustre on top.

2. MAC Myth and MAC Splashing lipglass
MAC Myth aloneMAC Myth and MAC Splasing lipglass on top

What's going on in your life? Share them with us.
What lip combos are you rocking this month?
Thanks for reading. :)
xo, Kim