Monday, October 11, 2010

My Ultimate Favorite Lip Combo Is...Can You Guess?

So this is old school, but I want to share with you guys an all time favorite lip combo of mine.

it is indeed MAC ANGEL and MAC MYTH. Yes, Angel is a frost and Myth is a satin.

I heard a lot of mix reviews about Myth..
> that it is a nice base for those lipsticks that are too bright or too dark to mute it out.
> dries up the lips hardcore
> gives you a dead man's lips

I STILL love Myth. This is my third tube, and I will repurchase this over and over again. Same thing with Angel b the way :)

I don't think I can live without these lipsticks. It actually feels REALLY GOOD to hit pan a product does it? I should probably post what products I hit pan on next huh?

anyways..I know there are a lot of blog post talking about Angel lipstick- that it is Kim Kardashian's favorite bladiblahdiblah! I'm not here to review Angel and Myth, but I just want to share with you a combo that I always use. You know those days when you don't know what lipstick to wear and you just grab a "safe" one? Angel and Myth are my "safe" lipsticks.

Why didn't I just say that ANGEL AND MYTH ARE MY GO TO LIPSTICKS?

here are some photos to show you why I adore this combo!
The photo below was taken a week ago.
a swatch for Angel
a swatch for Myth
A lip swatch for Angel alone
and a lip swatch for Myth aloneNow, this is why I love this combo! I think Angel and Myth are soul mates!

It's nude, but not dead on nude. Myth does dry up my lips a little bit, but I don't care.

I apply angel first, then dab Myth on top. (No lipgloss) Since Angel is a frost, it gives my lips a nice sheen.
I just want to add this up because this photo makes me super happy and it does prove that I love Angel so much. I HIT TUBE after a week! :) Yay time to buy another one.

Myth is almost done, maybe 1 more week and it's going to be dunzo!
So what is you go to lip combo of all time? Share them with us! Maybe we can get some new lip combo ideas from you :)

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Have a nice week.

Xo, Kim


  1. UD Naked is my go-to, but I don't really have a combo D:

  2. My current Mac fave is blankety..
    I love the look if Angel so much.. Myth looks horrible on me!

  3. Great lipsticks - i love nude colors! I just found your blog and am now following!

    Hope you can check mine out

  4. I love your combo! It looks lovely. One combo i'm really loving at the moment is YSL Rouge Volupe in 2 with devishly stylish over the top :) x

  5. @wuguimei- hmm I really need the NAKED PALETTE. Its still out of stock here :(

    @Cheeky Beauty- Oh I should try Blankety out then! I heard so many raves about that. I have pigmented lips, so I think Blankety will suite me :) Thanks

    @DaniBeauty- Thanks for following, I appreciate it so much :)

  6. @neekeexoxo- OH THE YSL's Im lemming for them!!! I want the new line tho :) i want to get all the shades. HAHAH im being greedy, but a girl can dream!

    @L4pinkpetal- LOVE MYTH! :)

  7. Gorgeous shades by themselves but they look even better combined! My current favourite combo is Viva Glam Gaga swiped over Rimmel Amythst Shimmer which gives a lovely bright pinky lilac :) x

  8. I kind of want both of those after seeing this post haha my fav right now would have to be nars belle de jour with chanel rouge coco in mademoiselle (completely different shades but i think it works haha)

  9. My fav go-to lippie would have to be MAC Fanfare. I would like to try Angel though, it looks so pretty!!


  10. Angel and Myth look awesome on its own and together :D I think those lippies had a ton of love :)

  11. Genius! Thanks this makes a gorgeous color!


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