Sunday, October 31, 2010

Products for November

Hi ladies and gents

It's Halloween! What's your Halloween costume? I will be a girl scout. :)

I just realized I post less and less every month. :( I will try my best to post every other day next month! :)

Anyways its the end of October! wow this month was QUICK! Fall is almost over and the Holiday season is coming right up. Time for some sparkles and gift shopping. I love Holidays because I want to shop for Christmas presents.

A lot of things happened this month- good and bad, but I will go on with my life and just be thankful for what I have and who I have in my life. Well, forget the sermon, let's go with the products I'm talking about.

I will start off with lips, eyes, and then face.


so for this month, I will return to the usual nude lips. I love bold lips for winter, but I will always go back to nude. So here they are, MAC Hue lipstick and Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pout.
Left: MAC Hue lipstick
Right: Smashbox Pout

You know me, I LOVE eyeliners. I can't leave the house without eyeliner, so I will still be using the same eyeliner as before.

Here is MAC Superslick liquid eyeliner from the MAC fabulous Feline collection
and my all time fave liquid eyeliner which is Kat Von D tattoo Liner in trooper. I recommend everyone to get this! I finished three of these already. Im really impressed with it.
An eyeshadow base is a must for winter.

Here is MAC Bare Study. I always use Painterly for the last three-four months, but now I will give bare Study a try.
Swatch for MAC Bare Study
So for the month of November, I decided that I will start using eyeshadows again. So here are my favorite eyeshadows..and they are all Neutral.

MAC Patina
Swatch for Patina
MAC Gleam
Left: MAC Naked Lunch
Right: MAC All That Glitters

Swatch for the three MAC eyeshadows

Left-right: MAC Naked Lunch. All That Glitters, and Gleam
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Champagne- very similar to MAC All That Glitters.
For my lower lashline I will use this ELF eyeshadow in Saddle. I think I will use this on my crease as well.
Swatch for ELF Saddle Eyeshadow

For blushes I decided tat I will try MAC Dame(Left) and the ever so versatile MAC Well Dressed(Right).Swatch for the blushes

Left: MAC Well Dressed
Right: MAC Dame
I want to try MAC Skin Finish Natural in Dark, but I think this will be too orange on my skin. So I decided that I will apply NARS Laguna on top.

NARS Laguna Bronzer- HIT PAN!
Swatches for the bronzers

Left: MAC Skin Finish in Dark
Right: NARS Laguna
Hair straightener- Corioliss Pro in leopard print. for more details click here
So for next month(November), what products will you guys be using?

Happy Halloween! :)

xo, Kim


  1. Great favorites! Dame looks like a really nice blush. I might have to add that to my birthday wishlist.


  2. Love ur favorites especially those blushes and the eyeshadows! All tht glitters and gleam are just soo soo pretty!

  3. Love both lip colours! And all your eyeshadows are gorgeous! :)

  4. love ur choices - the eyeshadows r pretty .need to check patina and gleam out!! <3

  5. i too have a leopard print flat-iron
    of course, it's about a $20 from target, but does a serious job. when i'm not using my Chi..
    great stuff.
    need to check out smashbox much more

  6. Oh my you hit PAN on your Nars.....It's always so bittersweet when that happens. Sweet b/c you can buy a new one, and Bitter b/c it's the end of it. :)

  7. Wow great products for November! I'm now inpired to do my own list! =)

  8. @Savannah- I used to always use Dame, but I have neglected the poor child for about half a year. I'm rekindling my love for it once again :) You should definitely purchase Dame.

    @Charming Vanity- All That Glitters and Gleam are gorgeous. Definitely a must have fore everyone. A must have for those getting started with makeup! :)

    @Shaylee Anne- Yes they are. I love lipsticks and eyeshadows, but have neglected eyeshadows for quite sometime now, so I will be using them once again this month of November.

  9. mw- Oh yes! Patina is a neutral golden light brown. I do nto want to use colors on my lids, but I love Patina. Def a must have fore neutral lovers out there. :) hope you get it soon

    Alexis- I love my flat iron. I had it for almost 3 years now and it still alive. haha. Def check out Smashbox liglsses. They are not sticky and not thick at all. Smells great too.

    Mara- I know right? it is a bittersweet feeling. I love hitting pan on products because I know my money was worth it. I never hit pan on glosses yet, so thats my goal! :)

    Mitchelli- hey hun! do one too! yay! :)

  10. aaah Hue is such a gorgeous color!

  11. @Amy- it is! my all time fave MAC lipstick :)

  12. That gloss looks really nice! I wonder how the texture is... but from your swatch it doesn't look too gooey like MAC lipglass, or is it?

  13. @Fifi- NO its not. DEF NOT! It is not thick nor sticky! I just love the texture. It glides on smoothly. I very impressed with Smashbox lipglosses. You should try it, hun I def recommend them. Do you guys have Smashbox in Indonesia?

  14. lovely post!
    and damn, those hair straighteners are gorgeous :O <3

  15. Definitely put up pics of your Halloween Costume, Kim!

  16. I've been eying Pout for sometime now such a pretty pink. Love your favorites.

  17. lovely products! im in love with mac's well drsesed in particcular... such a gorgegous colour! <33

  18. I got Twitter! And following you =)


  20. You always post great products and wow that smashbox gloss is gorgeousssss!

  21. @Renay Shanel- aww thanks! you should try he Smashbox hun. :)

  22. Oh love the favorites! :) And I love eyeliners too! Can't have enough :P I can't wait for more blog posts ;) And sooner or later we'll be looking at New Year! believe it??


  23. @a!ko- I LOVE eyeliners. I can;t leave without them that's for sure. Yes, I know Im quite excited for the holiday season! :)

    @Ashley- Thanks hun :)


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