Thursday, October 21, 2010

Products I'm Loving Right Now/ Strappy Heels and My Birthday wish list

Hey there!

Sorry guys I've been a bad blogger. tsktsk.. It's been 5 days of no blogging.

for those who are asking for my Contest- it will end on October 31 12am. SO keep your entries coming! :)

I'll be sharing my favorite products for the month of October.
will be sharing what shoes I've been diggin' these days: strappy heels
and of course, my birthday wishlist

I know it's too early to this kind of post, but I'm going to be a busy bee next week and might not have a chance to do such post. It's cliche to say this, but October flew by FAST and I mean like ZOOM FAST!! WOW the Holiday season is coming up and I'm actually quite excited to shop/buy gifts for my loved ones So here are my favorite products for October.
MAC 182 kabuki brush- I have a love hate relationship with this brush. It sheds like crazy(you can see it in the photo), but it is soft and it blends powder products really well.
Sephora Round Powder brush 41- Everyone needs this huge face brush! I always use this brush for my MAC MSF Natural in Medium.
NARS Madly blush and MAC Stereo Rose MSF- best blush combination :)
NARS Orgasm and Laguna Duo- I still use Casino sometimes. I don't use orgasm that often, but I use Laguna because I'm paler now.
MAC Painterly Paint Pot- Use this eye base everyday. If I could recommend two paint pots from MAC, they would be Bare Study and Painterly. I want to try Soft Ochre tho.
MAC face and Body MAC Hue

So those are my Fave products for this month. Im really excited to watch YT beauty Gurus' "Products I'm Loving for the Month of October" videos. YAY!

Strappy heels:

I'm not a heels person, but I need to change things up now. I bought shoes recently at H&M and I love it! Its really comfortable and it's not TOO HIGH that I can last wearing them for the whole day..I think.

I love love love strappy shoes, PERIOD. :)

Prize: CAD$ 59.99- not bad huh?
ignore the face! NO MAKEUP :D

Do you guys love strappy heels/peep toe heels, or the classic pumps?

So tomorrow(October 22) is my Birthday (turning 21)and I created a BIRTHDAY WISHLIST:

- Chan Luu Wrap Bracelets

- Marc Jacobs Black leather boots

- Hunter rain boots

- Lisa Taubes chain necklace in 5" gold/silver

- Mackage leather jacket

I might get the Chan Luu wrap bracelets and Lisa Taubes chain necklace for myself!

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What are you guys loving this month?

Thanks for reading

xo, Kim


  1. Great faves! I love painterly too! Those strappy heels are so cute! I dont wear heels so much but those have short heels that I can definitely wear. :)

  2. Great favs hun!!!And loved the shoes!!Blushes look gorgeous!!Didnt catch up the stereo rose!!

    I love that big Sephora brush, it looks really full and the handles nice too. What shade of MAC Body Foundation do you use? I never got a chance to buy Stereo Rose but it looks beautiful. Have fun tomorrow XOXO

  4. @Miss Nikita- same here! icant wear heels, but this one is really comfy! x

    @blushingloves- Thanks! :) I love the blush combo!!

    @Venus in Virgo- I use C3 Mac Face and Body and I sometimes mix it up with Nars Sheer Glow and Revlon COlorstay :)

  5. Those strappy shoes look nice with your sexy legs ;)
    Lovers' Shore

  6. Those heels are to die for Kim!!
    I'm currently in love with my Lady GaGa MAC lipstick, rediscovered it this month, loving it :)
    Long time no speak, I've been a bit MIA from the blogging world recently, how have you been??

    Alex xoxo

  7. I love love love the heels! They are so pretty. Great favs u have there. Am in love with MAC right now.


  8. Lovely outfit and gorgeous products. xx

  9. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you get everything on your wishlist. Have fun and party hard!

  10. I have both painterly and soft ochre. I love painterly more and soft ochre is okay. Im a new follower and you have a great blog here:)

  11. OMG! Great post love the products shown!
    I love the shoes 10x! Im on a hunt for my own now :)

  12. Love the shoes! And aww you make me want stereo rose now >.<
    Happy early birthday!

  13. Nice faves!:D

    I love Painterly too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. Gorgeous shoes!
    I really want a powder brush like yours - love big fluffy brushes. x

  15. Happy birthday!

  16. Your outfit is so cool!

    Just came across your blog! It is great!

  17. Neer tried a MAC body foundation! Neat!
    And love the outfit, Kimmy. You sexy bitch!!

  18. Amazing shoes!! Love it that it's not too high and comfy :) You can't beat that!! And happy birthday!!! hope you have a great weekend!!

  19. Hey!
    Check out my giveaway to win a $35 gift certificate!

  20. Hi, I LOVE those products! I literally have and love the same stuff that you mentioned here. Especially Nars Laguna, the MAC 182, & Painterly Paintpot. And I wanna get Hue n the MAC face n body foundation now. Argh... makeup restrain is so so difficult!!

    Well, I've recently started a new blog and it would mean a lot to me if you check it out whenever you're free. I'd really appreciate it.

    The address is

    Thank you!


  21. Love ur blog!~Great fav products!~Hue is one of my favorite lipsticks as well!~Loved the sandals!~

  22. Those shoes are HOT, they look great on you too! I still have to try Hue, such a pretty color. Happy early b-day!!

  23. Belated happy birthday!
    Loving your shoes! :)


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