Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nice Hint of Glitters

Hey boys, girls, ladies, and gents

Sorry for being a bad blogger. I need to stay away from this habit. When I started out with this blog 5-6 months ago, I promised that I will be posting something 4-5 times a week, but I hope you guys understand how busy I'am.

If I could just blog everyday, I will. I love blogging and met new people from the beauty blogging world. Thank you so much for your support and love. I really really really 1000000 times appreciate all my readers and followers.

I saw couple of blogs doing A RANDOM SUNDAY POST- they post random photos of what they did for that week. I think that's a pretty cool idea. I will do that starting this Sunday, so watch out for that.

so anyways back to what this post is about..

I'm liking the trend of having a GLITTERY NAIL. yeap! just a nail, 1 nail filled with CHUNKY GLITTERS.

I usually put it on my ring finger or pointer.

Here are my favorite combination at the moment. Im still trying other combinations and I will update you guys with it.

1. Sally Hansen Name not shown and OPI Extra-va-ganza(Burlesque collection)

2. OPI Mad as a Hatter (Alice in Wonderland) and American Apparel Hunter(my fave fall shade)
3. Sally Hansen Celeb City and OPI William-Tell-Us-About-OPI(Swiss collection)
How I do it:
- Paint all your nails with the same shade
- Let it dry for about 3-5 minutes
- Put on a top coat
- Now, choose which nail you want t0 put the glitters on
- Apply the glitter polish , let it dry then apply top coat
- Tada! Dunzo
- Now let it dry for about 5 minutes- make sure it is completely DRY because I'm telling you it is HARD to remove glitter polish.

So, what do you guys think about this trend? is it tacky/pretty? will you guys do this? or stay will the classic one colored nails?

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xoxo, Kim


  1. I love the OPI glitter polishes. I really want bling on the bling.

    Love the american appeal shade too. Loooks lovely..


    check my blog out


  2. Oh, I love the glitter combos you made. So pretty. I have yet to get anything from the new OPI collections. Now I'm thinking about checking it out. :) BTW Can't wait until your Sunday posts.

  3. @Kellie- You should check out the new OPI Burlesque collection hun! its awesome. Shimmers and glitters

    @Mara- thankx :) you should look at them and get the glitter shades! they are awesome :) Im actually excited for my sunday post too. I just need to think of a fun title for it.

    @crazypoplock- Thanks :)

  4. Those nail varnishes are gorgeous! I LOVE OPI Extra-va-ganza, I just bought the mini Burlesque OPI set :) xx

  5. I know, I'm so bad about keeping up with this blogging thing. It's hard for me to keep inspired for new posts and stuff. I need to get my mojo back!
    Love those colors, your hands are so pretty.

  6. @Glimmer and Glow- I saw the mini set! I should have bought it. :( I;m going back to get it. HAHA

    @Miss Kimmy- I know right? I've been shopping less lately and I don't know what to post. I need to get some inspirations too. :) Thanks, btw. When are you getting married again? ahh so excited for you hun! :)


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