Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haul: MAC Holiday Collection- A Tartan Tale

Ahh... the much awaited holiday collection from MAC- A Tartan Tale.

What can I say about this collection?

When I first saw it at, I wasn't really interested or excited with this collection. Well, okay I was eyeing on the lip products, but not the kits/paettes. I was just suppose to get one lipstick and one Dazzleglass Creme from this collection, but ended up with six products when I left the store.

I went to a nearby mall around 3pm today(Thursday) and saw the packaging(bags)- IT IS GORGEOUS!!! I wish they can sell the packaging(bags) alone, and I will for sure get probably two of those. I love the Scottish-inspired design.

I didn't purchase any palettes/kits. I like the nude palette called Dashing Lassies, but I skipped it because I have three of the shadows included in it. I have Showstopper, Buckwheat, and Bronze, so it will be a waste if I get this. However, recommendations are welcome. So if you guys got your hands on the kits included in this collection and you LOVED it. Don't forget to tell me :) Thanks

So let's go on with the haul shall we?

I'll start off with the lipsticks:

Cut A Caper- is an opaque creamy peachy- coral. I thought this would be similar with Jazz, but this is lighter and I would actually consider this as a nude lipstick
lip swatch
Full Fuchsia- bright fuchsia with distinct blue undertones. If you do not want bright bold lipstick with blue undertones then stay away fro this lipstick.

I'm pretty sure I won't wear this on its own. I will pair this with a NUDE lipstick such as; Myth or Creme D Nude.
lip swatch
full face shot- excuse the super pale face, but hey at least you guys know how BRIGHT this lipstick is.
and a hand swatch for both lipstick:

Left: Cut A Caper
Right: Full Fuchsia
Another lip product that I was attracted to is this Dazzleglass Creme called Gone Romancin'

I wanted to grab Passing Fancy(the orange/peach with slight gold shimmers) one, but it was too sheer when I swatched it on my lips.

here are some photos of Gone Romancin'- an opaque lilac with white/lilac shimmers. This appeared more pink than lilac on my lips.
lip swatch
hand swatch
Now for the Pearglide Eyeliners which was a repromote fro the recent Art Supplies collection.

I will describe them as best as I can!

okay! here I go

Black Swan- Black with gray shimmers
Lord It Up- Dark brown with subtle sliver shimmers
Petrol Blue- Deep blue with subtle silver shimmers

top-bottom: Petrol Blue, Lord it Up, and Black Line Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
Hand swatches:

without flash
with flash
End of haul.

Have you guys seen the MAC tartan Tale collection? What did you guys get from the Holiday collection? link them up, PERHAPS I can buy more :D

have a nice weekend!

xo, Kim


  1. whoa cut a caper is gorgeous. You make me want to get it! ;)

  2. I got those two lippie also they r gorgeous I think I need that dazzleglass too :)

  3. Cut A Caper is gorgeous, i agree Justine :)
    and those eyeliners look lovely as well!

  4. loved cut a caper b doe pearlglide liners..awesum..

  5. The lipsticks are gorgeous! U look good in both of the lipsticks..

  6. loved cut a caper..totally me
    why dont u post some swatches of Creme de nude
    or better do a comparison of all d nude mac lippies you have got..

  7. Cut A Caper looks gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches :) x

  8. I want cut a caper it looks beautiful on you great haul xx

  9. Cut A Caper looks stunning :) I love this collection, purely as I'm Scottish :) xx

  10. Cut a paper looks pretty!!! I'm gonna get that when that colletions comes here in phil! :)

  11. yeah thats awsome.....i would by this for myself

  12. I hate living in the UK - MAC is much more expensive and far less accessible :(

    This post makes me wish i was US based! (yes i am that shallow haha) x

  13. I'm kinda excited about this collection :)
    the lipstick looks gorgeous x

  14. oohh aahh i want "cut a paper" and the lipgloss...


  15. oooh awesome haul! Those lip colors looks gorgeous on you!! I so want those now.

  16. the fuchsia lipstick looks great on you just as is, honestly. :)
    i will be checking it out tonight, a lot of it is always around, but you know, the lipsticks and glosses are really pretty. the designs are cute too .

  17. I actually think the hot pink lips look beautiful on you, you can definitely pull them off! xxx

  18. that cut a caper looks great! <3 i want to get one too hahaha..

  19. Waiting for Cut a Caper to come in the mail. I'm more excited for it now after seeing your swatches; it looks gorgeous on you! And Full Fusciha would be a lovely lip color for a holiday dinner party type of look. :)

  20. That first lipstick looks amazing, such gorgeous color!!


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