Saturday, October 2, 2010

Necklace Love

Who doesn't love a little fake bling :)

I'm here once again to share with you what I've been wearing on my neck for the past couple of weeks.

of course, what will a girl wear on her neck? A NECKLACE.

Bare with me as I talk about rosary necklaces..

These rosary necklaces are very chic and easy to wear. They are very versatile that you can wear them with any top you have. I often pair these guys up with a low V- neck top paired with shorts. I only have two and they are black, but I'm planning to get a faux crystal one

I purchased this necklace from Aldo accessories. If you guys have an Aldo store in your city go and check some bling out! they have amazing selection of fall collection now (accessories ad shoes). I got this for only $20 and it has a small black crystal-esque shape. This one goes down about 4 inches below my chest.
I bought this rosary necklace in a vintage store(again!) and it cost $35. It has a glossy, sphere shaped beads and it goes down until an inch above my bellybutton.
a close up on the beads...
A big thank you to Theresa Mink- here is the link to her store.

I purchased two necklaces from her store and I first saw these from Laura- Lollipop26 :)

She blogged about it and I fell in love. I purchased the original gold filled sideways cross
which cost $41 and the leaf necklace which cost $29. I placed my order on September 11 and was shipped September 15. I got it in the mail October 1.
for the sideways cross-

for the leaf necklace-

Amazing customer service. She replies very fast and my package arrived in 2 weeks. You can also customize the length of the necklaces. If you have plans purchasing the sideways cross necklace, I suggest you tell her to add more links to make it a little bit longer.


I just want to throw this in..

I will always trust Vaseline with almost everything when it comes with their body/lip products because it just works for me every single time.

This lotion by Vaseline is amazing! It's called Vaseline Aloe Vera and Cucumber Lotion- this comes in a gel form too. I was actually looking for the gel one, but I can't find it anywhere, so I opted for the lotion instead.
I was satisfied and happy with this and I have been using this particular lotion for almost a month now.

a). It smells like heaven- Aloe Vera with a hint of cucumber smell. (I get sucked in when a product has a cucumber smell :))
b). It gives your skin a gorgeous glow.
c) moisturizes your skin really well
d) dries really quick (3-5 mins)
e) the smell stays for at least 3 hours of wear
You can see glow it gives the skin.

So, I'm interested to know what moisturizers/lotions you use for your face and body? :)

Have a nice weekend



  1. I really want the cross necklaceeee... Im going to order it for christmas for myself :) yay

  2. Love those necklesses on you.

  3. Those necklaces are nice and good prices too.:D

    I use a lot of lotions so I don't know where to start! Haha!:D

    Have a nice weekend too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Those necklaces are so cute :)

    I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter, just because it smells like Cocoa Butter. It's a tad sticky for summer but I don't mind, it smells delicious!

  5. been wearing rosary as a necklace for about 4 or 5 years now... and they finally caught on.... everyones wearing them now days... stores are even creating fake rosary... such as aldo... cute though. but the real ones are sooooooo much prettier... i follow a blog that makes custom rosary.... i should find it....

  6. I LOVE that second rosary! No wonder you got it at a vintage store, it's way too cool to find at a mall. It looks like an actual rosary!

  7. Love rosaries (:
    You got some great pieces thank you for sharing with us. I use Olay for my face, and Nivea on my body

  8. love the cross and vaseline. will definitely be checking those out.


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