Monday, May 31, 2010

In and Out - 1

Im starting my first In and Out post. =)

I love reading these kinds of posts because I want to know what people are loving at the moment and what not. I would like to share to my lovely readers my numero uno In and Outs. Hope you guys enjoy this.


Summer Season- Yes!!!! Everyone's looking forward for summer. We can finnaly wear our flip flops, tanks, shorts, skirts, everything that's CHIC! I mean you can totally dress up during Fall/Winter, but I love dressing up for Spring/Summer. You agree?

Saving Up- Trust me, I've been saving! hahaha that's kind off hard to believe, but I'am. I want to be really practical when it comes to buying things. I want to buy something I don't have rather than buy something I have. Before, I would buy every color of a top that I want. I would buy it in white, black, lilac, red, etc. Isn;t that kind of a waste of money? yes! DUH! I should totally learn how to be really responsible when it comes to money. Hey! I'm learning! YEY for me!

Creating a blog- I started creating a blog three weeks ago. Now, I have 173 followers. So I made a contest for thanking you guys, my lovely followers and readers how I really appreciate each and everyone of you. If you havn't entered my contest better check it out. Information below. find: Contest Time- 150 followers. Im really having fun reading entres for my contest.

Nude Lips- Loving the whole nude lips. I've been buying nude lipsticks and nude polishes lately.

MAC future collections- MAC is actually making every makeup junkie BROKE! haha there are soooo many collections coming out. So excited for MACs future collections.


Rainy weather- The weather here in Vancouver is crap!!!!!!!! its been raining for 5 consecutive days now. Mr Sun just decided not to show up. WHY? hahaha. I need the sunshine.

Work- Now that it's summer its time to work work work and earn money. =) Im workinf part time at Foot Locker =) hahaha

End of TV series- Its the end of Gossip Girl, 90210, Vampire Diaries, etc. Everything ended I have nothing to watch this summer. So my boyfriend and I decided to download TV series like Heroes. Do you guys have any suggestions? What would be a nice TV series to watch. tell me tell me =)

Citizenship Test- Yes, Im not yet a Canadian Citizen Im still an imiigrant or a permanent resident of Canada, but Im gonna be one tomorrow =D Im gonna be taking the test tomorrow at 10.00 am. Ive been reading this book that was given to us by the Canadian government. I need to study the book and answer 20 multiple choice questions. I need to have 15 correct answers out of 20. YIKES! Wish me luck guys! If I past this test, Im going to be an official Canadian citizen.

Boots- Ugg boots OUT!!! yes finally! i can wear flip flops, sandals, etc. NO BOOTS ANYMORE FOR ME!! isn't that amazing?

Stalker- I have this creeper stalker on fb. I do not know who, but is def. scary. What should I do? Help!!

What are your In and Outs? comment below thanks!

TAG: Your Recent Beauty Adventures

Im doing this really fun tag. Its just simple.

Its nice to hear what people recently wore and what they like at the moment.

You need to tag at least 5 people.

Im tagging- Selina @
                - Jemma @  
                - Tiana @
                -  Ellie @
                - Laura @

Here it goes:

Last mascara you bought- CG Lash Blast

Last Lipstick you wore- Creme D' Nude by MAC

Last look you wore that you LOVED!- I wore a simple eyes with MAC All That Glitters all over my lid, and MAC Sable on the crease, MAC shroom on the brow bone. ELF warm bronzer, Instant Chic blush from MAC, MAC Creme D Nude and Florabundance lipglass on top.

Last eyeshadow you fell in love with- MAC Sable

Last blush you wore- MAC Well Dressed top with Pink Swoon

Last time you washed your brushes- 2 days ago. I wash my brush once a week. hahaha If Im not lazy I wash it twice a week.

Last nail polish you removed- OPI You Don't Know Jacques

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Contest time- 150 Followers (International)- edited

Hey everyone!!

I can't believe that I have 155 followers in about three weeks. I mean I really appreciate each and everyone of you who commented and followed my blog. I was hesitant at first to create this blog, but Im glad I did because you guys supported me. I will continue sharing my thoughts and opinions about everything because I created this blog for that.

I promised a contest if I reach 150 followers. I woke up and had 155. I was amazed! so thanks again guys so much for everything! If I could just give each and everyone of my followers something that would be great, but unfortunately I need a lot of money for that. So now, Im going to say thank you by giving all of my lovely followersan oppurtunity to win a giveaway.

Here are the rules of this contest:
- You need to be a follower
- You need to answer the questions on your blog and title it MissKC027's(Kim) contest entry
- You need to comment below this post and write "enter me" and give me the link of your blog.
- The winner wil be chosen randomly, and I will post the winner of my contest on this blog. I need the winner's email address.
- This contest will end on June 13 (2 weeks from now.)


A) What are your go to products? list 5.

B) Tell your opinion, what is the least important makeup product(1), and why.


Plus 1 OPI NAIL POLISH.- any color you want

Plus 1 MAC eyeshadow/lipstick/lipgloss that you want.

EDITED: Plus a surprise- MAC product as well. - added a little something =D

Prizes will include: 1 OPI nail polish (your choice), 1 MAC eyeshadow/lipstick/lipgloss you guys want. 5 MAC lipglasses (Oyster Girl, Light That Fire(LE), Steal My Heart(Discontinued), Dreamy, and Utterley Discrete(LE)), 1 MAC mineralized blush in Superdupernatural

NOTE: All MAC products are not in their boxes anymore, but was never used. I just swatched them for this post.

Join! and have fun!!! thanks so much!!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

When I reach 150 followers...(Edited)

I'm going to have a contest soon.

Just 8 more to go. So follow guys

Don't forget to come back.

My contest is going to be a simple one.

and...the best thing are the prizes, of course right? there will be 1 winner and it will be chosen randomly

-for the winner: 1 OPI polish(any color you want) + 5 MAC lipglass ( Utterly Discrete(LE), Light That Fire(LE), Dreamy, Steal My heart(Discontinued), Enchantress) + Superdupernatural Mineralized Blush

NOTE: The Lipglosses and the Mineralized Blush are not in their box anymore because I took them out already. I bought them about a month ago. Never been used. Is that okay for you guys? I mean if it's not then I should go and think of something elseto giveaway. Hope it's okay =)

- photos will be posted if I reach 150 followers.

So..follow follow follow.


Hey Ladies,

I'm writing this blog while I'm sitting down eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee.

I love rings because they make such a big statement to what I'm wearing. These are just few of my favourite rings. They are not expensive or anything. I prefer gold ones than silver rings.

I super love this one! They are seperated, a silver one and a gold one.

This ring is a 2 in 1 thing because it can be a bracelet and a ring as well. Love this one. My mom gave me this.

Like the color of this ring.

Chunky black and gold ring.

Black flower ring

Cute owl!!!

Stretchable flower ring

Thanks for reading guys!
Sorry it's kind of a boring post, Hope you guys like it=)
xoxo, Kim

Friday, May 28, 2010

TAG: 40 Beauty Questions

To be honest, I can't think of what to post today, so I'm gonna be doing this tag that has been going around in the blogging world.

But, I promise tomorrow I will be posting my favourite accessories- Rings to be specific. so look out for that.

I'll start:


How many time do you wash your face daily?
TWICE- when I wake up and before I go to bed. I use makeup wipes tho at night before I wash my face to completely remove my makeup.

What skin type do you have? (oily, dry, combination)
DRY- Yeap living in a cold country makes it even worse!

What is your current facial wash?
I use Clean and Clear morning burst and cetaphil when I wake up, and Neautrogena wave and cetaphil at night.

Do you exfoliate?
Yes, but I do it once every two weeks

What brand do you use?
Neutrogena- My skin loves Neutrogena

What moisturizer do you use?
I use a lot- Cetaphil, Olay, Clean and Clear and Neutrogena

Do you have freckles?

Do you use eye cream?
I use the Khiels avocado eye cream- Awesome product!!

Do you or did you have acne prone skin
Luckily I don't, thank God

Did you ever have to use Pro Active?
Nope, and never will because a lot of people said that their formula is way to strong


What foundation do you use?
Nars Sheer Glow in Ceylon. If I do not want a heavy foundation I use Revlon Photoready and Revlon Colorstay

How about concealer?
Makeup Forever Full Coverage in No. 6- I want to try Bobbi Brown creamy concealer tho. Any thoughts?

Do you know your undertone color?
The MAC makeup artist said that I have yellow undertone.

What do you think of false eyelashes?
I do not use them, but would love to try them out. I think they should be used only in special occasions

Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes I do, but I don't follow that rule. I change my mascara when it smells funny.

What brand of mascara do you use?
I use Maybeline great lash, Rimmel London- the pink one

Sephora or MAC?
This is a hard question. I would say MAC, but I always go to Sephora whenever I'm in the U.S because it's super expensive here in Canada.

Do you have a MAC Pro Card?

What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
I use my fingers- for foundation and concealer, brushes- for bronzer, blush, eyeshadow

Do you use makeup primer/base for the eyes?
Yeas I certainly do- I use paintpots and my UDPP

For the face?
Korres Vitamin face primer- this thing is awesome

What is your favorite eyeshadow(color or shade)?
All That Glitters by MAC- anything champagne color and neutral. I like Naked Lunch too.

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
I use pencil on my bottom lash line, I use gel liner on top of my lash line and top it off with liquid liner for the wing =D

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Never, but I always poke my eyes with contacts with the liquid liner.

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I like them, but I don't think it is necessary.

Do you use mineral makeup?
no.- still in a hunt for a nice one.

What is your favourite lipstick?
MAC Creme D nude- Nude, MAC Angel- pink. If it's not MAC then it would be Gosh Darling

How about lipgloss?
Mac Florabundance

What is your favorite blush to use?
MAC Instant Chic from the pret a papier collection.

Do you buy your makeup up on Ebay?
nope I don't

Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yes! I love Revlon a lot.

Do you go to CCO's(cosmetic company outlets)?
Yes, but in the U.S. tho- Seattle

Do you ever consider taking up makeup classes?
Yes I would love too- but only on the side.

Are you clumsy when putting on makeup?
Yes with liquid liner. I often poke my eyeballs with it and my eyes would hurt because I wear contacts

Name a make-up crime that you do?
Too much bronzer. haha.

Do you like colorful shades of makeup(lipsticks, eyeshadows) or neutral ones?
I love neutral, but I love colorful lipsticks like red and pink, I love nude lips too

Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Uh..LAUREN CONRAD!!!!- Love her a lot! her make-up is so simple yet polish. Don't you agree?

If you could leave the house using only ONE make-up. what would you use?
Eyeliner!- Can't leave the house without this. I can leave the house with no bronzer, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, but I need my EYELINER. PERIOD =D

Could you ever leave the house with no make-up on?
Yes, I do. I don't put make-up on when I go out with my family

Do you think you look good even with no make-up on?
My relatives always tells me that I look better with no make-up on, but for me, I look better with make-up.

In your opinion, What is the best make-up line?
MAC- they have a lot of color choices, pigmented products, a lot of collections.

What do you think of make-up?
It can definitely make me happy and look forward to something. I love shopping and looking for the perfect shade/colour for me. Make-up is art and people can express their feelings and their personality with it.

Thanks for reading
xoxo, Kim

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cont'd- MAC to the Beach collection

I got the other two products from the new collection.

Splashing Lipglass and Marine Life

Splashing Lipglass- I really want to get the other two, but it's too glittery for me. really like this lipglass because it's super pigmented and its pinky fuschia. perfect on top of nude lipsticks ha.

Splashing lipglass is on the right, oyster girl is on the left

Do you guys have the other two lipgloss? do you like them?

Marine Life- I think this is the most hyped up product from this collection, Its so pretty. Love the seahorse.You can swirl your brush all over the blush and have a peachy pink with gold reflects, kind off reminds me of NARS Orgasm with less shimmer, or you could just dab your brush on the bottom part of the blush and get a soft pink color.

top-Swirled all over the blush, bottom-dabbed from the bottom part of the blush

oh, the lipglass- Oyster Girl

Oyster Girl- It's sheer with subtle glitters. I heard a lot of people talking about this. Hmm I don't know if I like it or not. I should experiment on it first.

xoxo, Kim

MAC to the Beach + NYX lipsticks

Hey there ladies,

Sorry I wasn't able to blog yesterday, was busy.

Anyways I'm here now, and finally got my Cherry Culture NYX lipsticks. I've been waiting for these guys for a month now. I got Acapulco and Narcissus.

Top: Narcissus, Botton: Acapulco

Acapulco lipstick- I love this lipstick. I tried it on yesterday with Myth on top and Underage as a gloss and it's fab. I heard a lot of bloggers and YT gurus raving about this, so might as well try it right? Super happy I did. I really recommend this if you love rosy pink lippies.

Narcissus Lipstick- They said this is a great duper for MAC Saint Germain which is a pro color. I have Saint Germain, but I need this one as well. They're right indeed that it is a dupe for Saint Germain, but it has a less lilac undertone to it and more pink. I would say it is more wearable than Saint Germain. If you guys have this one then don;t get Saint Germain, but if you guys want it, then go for it. That's what I did. I mean it's worth every penny I must say.

Now with the MAC to the Beach collection.
I only have couple of products here, but I will be getting the other three later. so come back=)
I thought this collection will launch today, but my friend texted me yesterday and said that it's out at our MAC store. So I called and reserved Marine Life, Hipness blush, and Refined Golden Powder Bronzer. They were out of Marine Life- yes, that quick! =( so, I just bought the bronzer and the blush. After I purchased these guys, I went to The Bay and went to my MAC counter to see f they have Marine Life there, unfortunately to the Beach collection isn't available yet(yesterday), but they have it now. So I will be getting it later =) I pre-payed for it already so it's mine now! haha. So come back later to see Marine Life, Splashing Lipglass and I back to MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass.

Swatch of Hipness Powder Blush

Hipness(Frost)- It's pink, it also has a slight frost finish to it, not to frosty tho. I really like this color, but the packaging is kinda I don't know, boring? I like the color of the pot, but I don't like the starfish on it. I'm really excited to try this blush.
Refined Golden Powder Bronzer- I was suppose to get the cream bronzer, but when I tried it on my hand, it's way to sheer and shimmery. I didn't like the finish to it, but I will wait and research on how people wear it, and if they like it or not then I will probably get it. This bronzer however, has a gold shimmer to it, not to much tho. I really like the color payoff and the finish. This is a permanent product, so if your MAC counter doesn't have this and Golden bronzer, don't panic it's permanent.
Swatch for Refined Golden Powder Bronzer
did you guys buy anything from MAC to the Beach collection? how are they? satisfied or not?
comment below.
xoxo, kim

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Not Sure if I Like Them or Not

Help everyone!
I need your thoughts about these products because I'm not really sure if I like them or not. I'm not sure whether to sell these babies on my blog, or just try to use them. So I really need your opinion on these guys okay? help me out =) thanks so much!

I don't reach these items a lot, I don't even reach a couple of them at all. I think I was overwhelmed because they look super pretty on the stand. Blog sale maybe? yes?=)
so here they are
MAC eyeshadow duo in Heat Element- With this duo, I think I like it, but i need to find a way on how to use both of them. Maybe use the gold on my outer V and the cranberry one on my lower lash line? hmmm. What do you guys think?

MAC eyeshadow duo in Engaged- Lovely colour huh? Warning: Chunky glitters. I used this once and I look like a disco ball. haha. I really don't know how to use this one. help!

Warm and Cozy Shadestick- I really like the color of this shadestick. I got this from the Warm and Cozy collection. The application of this product is what I don't like about this one because I need to apply probably a lot like A LOT to get the color. It's also really hard to blend as well.

Swatch of Warm and Cozy Shadestick

NYX- My Favourite Color single eyeshadow- When I saw this, I grabbed it instantly thinking it would look like Naked Lunch, but it's not. Not at all. Chunky glitters and glitters fall off massively. I think its Honey Lust is even better compared to this. I know a lot of people complains about glitters fall off from Honey Lust, but this e/s is even worse.

MAC MSF in Comfort- I really want to love this product. I love the veins in it, love the finish, but the color on my is way too orange. for me. I'm an NC 25. I used this as a bronzer probably twice hoping that I can do something about it and eventually love it.

Swatch for MSF comfort

Do you guys ever feel the same way? You want to love the product, but you can's because your not sure on how to use them? comment below. thankss
love, Kim

NYX Review plus a small ELF haul

Hey Ladies,

This will be a small review and a haul as well. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

NYX-I got the NYX eyeshadows for 20% off from a local drugstore. YAY for discounts. When it comes to NYX single eyeshadows I don't know if I like them or not because they are a bit too powdery and soft, but very pigmented. I guess it's worth it because of the color payoff. Which good right? I heard great reviews for their eyeshadow palettes tho. NYX has a huge variety of eyeshadows, but you guys know me I love my neutrals. So I got Champagne and Fahrenheit. You can buy NYX cosmetics at Cherry Culture - . They also carry Milani, L.A. Colours, etc. I'm still waiting for my recent purchase of Narcissus and Acapulco lipsticks tho. I've been waiting for a month now. Does it really take them that long to ship internationally? Does anyone know? because this is my first time so yea. =) thanks
I really like Fahrenheit and Champagne together, they're match mates in Heaven. =) Fahrenheit has a reddish tome to it, with a little gold reflects, while Champagne is All That Glitters, but less gold. So I think It would be a great dupe for All That Glitters from MAC. You can def. use both of these eyeshadows alone and still look fab. I really recommend trying these two out.
Swatch- Fahrenheit and Champagne

Here is the 5 shadow palette.
I Dream Of Nevis

The swatch of I Dream Nevis palette. I do not reach this palette that often. I really like the darker brown color at the bottom tho. Does anyone own this palette too? tell me how to use them.thanks. I basically just use the brown one to line my lower lash line. I can't really say if I would recommend this, but I would try to make it work for me first before I recommend it.

I looove this eyeshadow. It's called saddle. It's $3. Super worth the money. pigmented, nice packaging, has a mirror, neutral. This is my first eyeshadow from them. You can pair this up with almost every shadow you own. It has a satin finish to it, so it has a sheen, but not shimmer. That's why I like this.

Have you guys purchased any ELF eyeshadow from their studio line? what do you guys recommend? I wanted to buy Wheat, but I'm not sure if its a pretty colour.

The pretty swatch of ELF- Saddle eyeshadow from their studio line.

Tell me what Eyeshadows from NYX and ELF are pretty and worth the money, would love to hear from you guys. thanks! comment below.

xoxo, Kim