Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Small Random Haul- OPI polishes, New Additions to My Collection

This is my first haul for my new blog.

I went to the mall yesterday, and what better way to start the week than to purchase new clothes and some OPI polishes. The OPI's are 2 for 16 bux, good deal! That's why I bought 2! hah! If you live here in Canada, you would know how Hard it is to find cheap-ish products. Most OPI polishes retails for 9.99 or even 11 bux! what a rip off! good thing I found a beauty salon that sells them for 7.50 bux if you buy 2! I saw both of these from Laura-http://www.lollipop26writes.com/ . I saw the Vodka and Caviar on her blog, and the Strawberry Margarita on her YT video- Top 10 nail polishes. I was very please with my purchases.

Excuse the massively DRY fingers of mine, and also the sloppy application I did. I was kind of in a hurry. =D Just look at the pretty color. It reminds me of the colours of a flower. haha.

Vodka and Caviar on my left, and Strawberry Margarita on the right.

The Strawberry Margarita is very common in terms of the colour, but its a pretty pink, and I'm also in a hunt for these colours. On the other hand, Vodka and Caviar is a pretty red with a hit of pink and Raspberry undertone. This colour is great for any season.

Im in a hunt for a perfect burgundy colour, what would you recommend?


Part 2.

Clothing Haul

So..I saw makeupbymel's YT video. She was talking about Blazers- go check it out, shes so adorable and pretty.

I bought a blazer, finally- had my eye on this one for so long.

I like the pattern on the sleeves. It has blue vertical lines, and the buttons are gold with some small details on it as well.

The boyfriend Hoodie

This is like the American Apparel hoodie, but cheaper by 5 bux i think.

I bought it in a dark dark gray, almost black because it is easier to match.


  1. OMG i almost bought that blazer @forever21 but they didn't have my size!!!! so i got one at another store hahaah <3 it was so cute

  2. Yea it is, but its not from Forever 21. Its from a store called Aritzia

  3. Cool post, I really want a blazer like that!!


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