Friday, May 14, 2010

A Review: Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner, and Sugar Lip Treatment

Hi ladies

So..i woke up really early because my lil sister (4 years old) suddenly jumped on my bed and shouted right infront of my face. Great way to wake up a person who came home at 2am last night huh? but anyways i figured out hell i'll just post something on my blog this morning. A review to be exact.

I know a lot of makeup gurus on yotube already reviewed these, but i just wanna let you guys know what my thoughts about them are. I purchased everything on my own.

so here we go..

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

I bought this one in the US at Target I believe and it cost about $15- 20 Im not that sure, but I do know that here in Canada they sell it for more than 20 bux. What a rip off!! Let's start with the packaging. I like it because it is huge, but the packaging is plain. they should change it soon probably put it in a bottle with a pump or something like that. you guys get my point. So I have sensitive skin and people who has sensitive skin needs to be very careful on picking out a skin care which actually sucks!? but anywhoo stop with the talking and let's get on with the review for this bad boy. This product is intended for those who have sensitive and dry skin, but of course people who have oily/ combination can also use this. I wouldn't say that this cream is a lightweight product just because you really need to blend it out on your face to avoid white cream getting stuck on your eyebrows. I actually like this moisturizer. I use this every morning along side my Clean and Clear Morning Burst and Cetaphil facial wash., and at night I use this with my Neutragena Wave and Cetaphil facial wash. The product sinks in my face so that's a good thing I assume right? so yes..i would recommend you guys buy this because of its consistency, and of course because of its HUGE packaging. it would probably take me 8-12 months before I accumulate this product or even more than a year probably?

Buy again? Yes definitely! after a year tho

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

I bought this one at Sephora, and they retail for 20 bux I believe if Im not mistaken. They are fab you guys! I heard a lot about this so i got one. It smells really good, it smells like lemonade no kidding. It also has SPF 15. now that it is summer we need to have SPFs in every product we use. well not everything, but lip balms and with moisturizers and foundations. I like how it feels on my lips tho, it gives me a smooth surface and its not sticky at all. One thing I don't like about this is that it's kinda heavy, but it wont really bother anyone i suppose. It really works to treat my dry lips, and it gives me a smooth surface to apply my desired lipstick over it. Thats always a good thing when it comes to lip balms.

buy again? yes, I will try the other one tho. the one that has a reddish tint and has a pink packaging.

Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner in Sabochan
What's with the name?? I bought this one at Sephora as well. They retail for $16 it is an a-okay prize for an eyeliner. The packaging is awesome. All Tokidoki packaging are cute right? I love their eyeshadows, but very glittery I must say. So on with the review.. It applies like a dream. Sephora describes it as: "multi use pens" and they are right. it applies like a felt pen. Im not exaggerting but it really does apply like a Sharpie. It is a true black and it dries out really quick. 5 seconds or less maybe. They have lots of colours in this collection (pink, blue,green. purple, white) I would love to try out the blue one. i would recommend this, but i still prefer my Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper.
buy again?no
have you guys tried on some of these products? if yes, what are your thoughts about them. comment below. thanks
love, kim

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