Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lusting is NOT a Crime

Hi ladies!

Every girl needs something to lust over for right? whether it is a tote, shoes, make-up, or a dress.

So now, I'm gonna list down things I want. This doesn't mean that I want to buy everything listed, but i just think that they are very pretty.

feel free to comment below and tell me what you are lusting for. thanks

  • Louis Vuitton Palermo PM
I love totes with shoulder straps. All bags i own needs to have a shoulder strap because i get lazy sometimes and as a result the boyfriend carries it for me. hah! so anyways.. i love this bag because it is not that heavy and not that big. I'm pretty short 5'2 to be exact and big totes tend to make me look like a dwarf. I'm not a huge fan of LV bags because i heard they are too heavy, but I would buy this one. Yes, i need to save up and spend wisely =D

  • Balenciaga Wallet Giant Money
What a funny name "Giant Money", but anyways i love the gold hardware on the Balenciaga bags, and wallets. I think the gold hardwares are limited edition, but whatever i still adore this one. I know it is hard to find this specific item in Canada. argh!! I can definitely put a lot of things in this wallet, but a downside of having a big wallet like this is that it can be very messy or should I say I can be very messy? Receipts everywhere specifically. lol!

  • Talula Babaton Blazers

A store called Aritzia is very popular here in Canada. It first originated here in Vancouver. I think they already branched out in the US because i saw a couple in Seattle. Go check out their site guys! they sell pretty chic clothes, shoes, scarfs, and bags I think every girl should have at least one blazer in their closet. Blazers are very sophisticated specially with a dress and shorts or skinnies. i saw a photo of lauren Conrad wearing a blazer with a dress. I love her, and now that she's not in The Hills anymore, the show is blaaaaah. Enough with LC. so yes i need to have this blazer

  • NARS Casino Bronzer

I didn't post a photo of Casino anymore because you guys know how it looks like already. Nars is very popular with their Laguna bronzer. I think now that it is summer i need to get my hands on Casino. It is darker that Laguna, and less muddy-looking i believe. Laguna works perfectly on me. It is great for contouring and gives me a nice tan. I know some people say that its too light for their skin, so i want to try Casino now that it is summer.

  • MAC To The Beach Collection

I'm excited for the upcoming collection it will be released on May 27th i think? the collection is full of exciting stuffs such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, ligglosses, and of course, bronzers! there are couple of reviews already and sneak peeks for this collection. I think it was already released in UK? i saw TheGlossGoss reviewed this probably a week ago? check her you tube account! she's pretty and makes awesome videos of course her Blog-

Are you guys looking forward to the MAC To The Beach collection? what are you guys lusting for this season? comment below =)


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  1. i really want the louis vouitton too! but its so expensive...
    Anyway i'm enjoying your blog, good luck with it =)
    maybe you could check out mine too?=)


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