Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection

So.. majority of my nail polish is from OPI that's because they the most common brand here in Canada. I can't find China Glaze here BUMMER! I saw some tho, but its freakin' 11 bux. It's a no no for my wallet!boo!
So enough with the chit chat.


First up, Revlons.

Revlon Red, Peach Petal, Make Mine Mango, Minted, Lilac Pastelle, Plum Attraction

Then The China Glazes

Sexy in the City, Peachy Keen, For Aubrey, Flying Dragon, Watermelong Grind, Turn up Turqiouse, Frostbite

Now with the OPI's


Bogota Blackberry, Vodka and Caviar, Opi Red, Smitten with Mittens, Thats Berry Daring, Strawberry Margarita, Mod About You.


A Grape Fit, No Room for Blues, Whats with the Cattitude, Rumple's Wiggin, Mod About You, Gargantuan Grape, Cooney Island Cotton Candy, Dulce De Leche

Metro Chic, Lincoln Park at Midnight, My Private Jet, Russian Navy, You Don't Know Jacques, Plugged in Plum
COlours I dont Use That Much
Greenwich Island, Blue My Mind, Dating A Royal, Atomic Orange, Absolutely Alice, Mad As A Hatter, The It Color
My Favs- Lincoln Park at Midnight, Metro chic, You Dont Know Jacques, Strawberry Margarita, Vodka and Caviar, Thats Berry Daring, Smitten with Mittens, Mod About You, Cooney Island Cotton Candy, Rumple's Wiggin, Revlon's Minted, CG For Aubrey, and CG Peachy Keen.
In a hunt for- China Glaze Lemon Fizz, OPI Black Cherry Chutney, Agent Lavander
I want to try Barry M's Nail Varnishes, and Eyeko's, but they dont have it here in Canada. boo
Do you think Barry M and Eyeko's Nail Varnishes are worth the price and the hype? I want it sooo bad =(


  1. Very jealous of your collection!! Love the pastels!

    I haven't tried Eyeko yet but Barry M is defo worth the hype! Check out my nail swatches to see...




  2. nice blog, love all the polishes... greets from switzerland

  3. Barry M are SUCH good value for money in the UK and they are def worth the hype, but if you can get OPI and those other brands easy and fairly cheap already i wouldnt say you are missing out toooo much x

  4. i agree with them ^^
    barry m is like my all time favorite brand for nail polish here in the UK. its cheap so its really worth ittt!

    cotton xx


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