Thursday, May 27, 2010

MAC to the Beach + NYX lipsticks

Hey there ladies,

Sorry I wasn't able to blog yesterday, was busy.

Anyways I'm here now, and finally got my Cherry Culture NYX lipsticks. I've been waiting for these guys for a month now. I got Acapulco and Narcissus.

Top: Narcissus, Botton: Acapulco

Acapulco lipstick- I love this lipstick. I tried it on yesterday with Myth on top and Underage as a gloss and it's fab. I heard a lot of bloggers and YT gurus raving about this, so might as well try it right? Super happy I did. I really recommend this if you love rosy pink lippies.

Narcissus Lipstick- They said this is a great duper for MAC Saint Germain which is a pro color. I have Saint Germain, but I need this one as well. They're right indeed that it is a dupe for Saint Germain, but it has a less lilac undertone to it and more pink. I would say it is more wearable than Saint Germain. If you guys have this one then don;t get Saint Germain, but if you guys want it, then go for it. That's what I did. I mean it's worth every penny I must say.

Now with the MAC to the Beach collection.
I only have couple of products here, but I will be getting the other three later. so come back=)
I thought this collection will launch today, but my friend texted me yesterday and said that it's out at our MAC store. So I called and reserved Marine Life, Hipness blush, and Refined Golden Powder Bronzer. They were out of Marine Life- yes, that quick! =( so, I just bought the bronzer and the blush. After I purchased these guys, I went to The Bay and went to my MAC counter to see f they have Marine Life there, unfortunately to the Beach collection isn't available yet(yesterday), but they have it now. So I will be getting it later =) I pre-payed for it already so it's mine now! haha. So come back later to see Marine Life, Splashing Lipglass and I back to MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass.

Swatch of Hipness Powder Blush

Hipness(Frost)- It's pink, it also has a slight frost finish to it, not to frosty tho. I really like this color, but the packaging is kinda I don't know, boring? I like the color of the pot, but I don't like the starfish on it. I'm really excited to try this blush.
Refined Golden Powder Bronzer- I was suppose to get the cream bronzer, but when I tried it on my hand, it's way to sheer and shimmery. I didn't like the finish to it, but I will wait and research on how people wear it, and if they like it or not then I will probably get it. This bronzer however, has a gold shimmer to it, not to much tho. I really like the color payoff and the finish. This is a permanent product, so if your MAC counter doesn't have this and Golden bronzer, don't panic it's permanent.
Swatch for Refined Golden Powder Bronzer
did you guys buy anything from MAC to the Beach collection? how are they? satisfied or not?
comment below.
xoxo, kim


  1. I love those NYX lipsticks! The colours are so pretty :)
    I wish NYX was easier to get hold of in the UK

  2. @Ms Wedgie- I know same here

    @Mia Delessi- They sure are

  3. I love NYX Narcissus! It is such a lovely barbie pink colour.

    I got Marine Life when it came out in the UK, it is lovely! I've got swatches of this and a couple of other things that I got from the collection (Float on By eye kohl, Lazy Day Lipstick and Sun Rush Lustre Drops) on my blog here:


  4. Loving the MAC powder bronzer, may pick this up!


  5. I really love the case for the bronzer. I don't really know anything about make-up, so I think I'm just really attracted to packaging.

  6. loving those lippy shades - i need them in my life x

  7. @Laura- yes it is fab!! u need to get it. tell me how you like it okay?

    @Krityb- You should, I think Cherry Culture is having 20% off NYX products? I think.

  8. The blush looks like a really nice color! Great haul! =]

  9. Oh I love MAC...

    Many thanks for the lovely birthday message dear Kim. Means a lot...

    Cheers: Evi

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    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
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    Love, Cindy.


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