Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Top 6 Lipsticks (May 12, 2010 - Wednesday)

im new to this blogging world and what better way to start this blog than a post about my favourite lipsticks. Majority of them are from MAC just because they have a lot of pretty lippies and nice finishes as well. I will be doing a favourite products series such as, blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows, lipglosses, etc. I hope you guys enjoy my first blog.

soo i'll start from left- right

--> First up MAC SNOB (SATIN)- ok soo i got this from a Back to Mac purchase. For those who are not familiar about the Back to MAC program its when u exchange 6 empty pots and get either a lipstick, eyeshadow or a lipgloss. Snob is a wearable pink and i think this color suits almost all skintones out there. I use MAC myth under this just because i dont want a very pink lips. it is more intense compared to MAC Angel, but more wearble compared to Saint Germain. It has a satin finish by the way, and yes satin finish is love. period!

--> Numero Dos is MAC Saint Germain (Amplified)- This is a pro colour I believe. It is super pretty on my lips, but i DO NOT WEAR THIS ON ITS OWN because i do not want to look like i have a pornstar lips. i wear Myth or Creme D' Nude under this and just put any gloss. This is a fab color. It has an amplified finish, so it means what you see is what you get(or more intense).

--> Numero Tres is MAC Myth (Satin)- Myth is a nice colour to own. I usually use this to tone down a lipstick. I love love love Myth because it has a satin finish and it is nude. As you all know Nude lips are super popular this season. I however, do not wear this on its own because i will look DEAD. no kidding. i am an NC 25 and im asian. so yea go figure. Me wearing this on my lips scares the boyfriend away! HAH!

--> Fourth on my list is Gosh Darling- I ENVY PEOPLE WHO LIVES IN UK. OMG i wanna go there and just buy a lot of drugstore products. I heard this from Laura (you all know her) and i love her sooo much! i love her youtube videos and her blog as well. so yea Laura keep up the good work! you inspire so many people =) So as i was saying.. I looked everywhere for this baby. I looked at about 4 Shoppers Drugmarts here in Vancouver, Canada and had no luck! i went to a mall and went in a Murale store. Murale is like Sephora with less brands, but they have more high-end products. YES!!! i found Darling there and did not think twice! i got this and I LOOOOOVE this!! so yea =) yayy im so happy i found this

--> next up, MAC Angel (Frost)- So as you guys see, i am almost out of this product, but i will buy this over and over again with no doubt. This is my go-to-lipstick. I wear this everyday and put Underage or Florabundance on top. So yes, nuff said LOVE this!!

--> Last, but defenitely not the least is MAC Creme D' Nude (Creamsheen)- I just bought this about three or four weeks ago. Honestly, i like Myth better just because Creme D' Nude is not that pigmented, and i need to apply a lot to be able to get my desired lips, but it is a nice toned down nude and i can wear it everyday and just top it with a lipgloss

what are your favourite lipsticks of all time? comment below =)
thanks for reading guys
Love, Kim


  1. Great colors! I need to get Snob!

    MAC Impassioned and Jubilee are a couple of my favorites. :)

  2. yea i know i saw jubilee and i think thats the nest one im buying whoohoo!!

  3. Snob is probably one of my absolute favorites, along with Saint Germaine :)


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