Tuesday, May 25, 2010

O Canada- sort of a rant.

I saw this blogger who made this post, she called it the "unfair shit list" haha- here's her website
http://lolane.blogspot.com/ go and check her out. she's super funny. So yes, im gonna do one as well. This is a random post it;s 9:18am here in Vancouver, ate my breakfast, have nothing to do, but bum at home, but hey at least I can blog. haha.

Honestly, I can write millions of words why I want to live In United Kingdom and in the U.S, but I can't do that. I love where I'am, but the only thing is that I need cheap clothing and makeup stores. Yes there are a lot of drugstore, but they are massively expensive!!!! Twice the price of products sold in U.S. I'm not even kidding. MAC is made in Canada? why is it cheaper in the U.S?? their brushes are 10 dollars cheaper compared here in Canada. So you people living in the U.S. are super lucky! u get loads of sunshine, well not everywhere, but whatever. Here in Vancouver it rains more than half of the year probably around 290?? WHY??. Enough with the weather forecast! Oh, those people who live in U.K. you guy are also super lucky, you have Topshop, Primark, Superdrug. aww I wish I can go on vacation there. I'll probably fill one luggage full of makeup and stick a massively HUGE SIGN THAT SAYS FRAGILE on it! haha

So this is why I want to live in U.K. or in the U.S.- don't get me wrong I love Canada because well...I just love my country. I just want someone to freakin build these stores here, near my house now! hahaha

- Primark
I want to have a Primark here!!! like now! someone build one. Primark has super cute, cheap, and pretty products. I saw a lot in YT. I envy them =( I want my Primark too! They have cute and funky accessories! I know Aldo is quite similar, but still. NOT FAIR

- Superdrug
They have all these brands that I like- Barry M, Eyeko, Models Inc, etc. I want the Barry M nail paints so bad!! I keep lusting over them haha. Oh and you guys know the new Revlon lipburst and the new lipgloss?? I want them, but guess what? yeap not yet out here in Canada! or they wont have it ever? Oh and I want GOSH! I WANT GOSH!

- Nordstrom
I know we have Holt Renfrew here, I still need a cheaper clothing department store. Well Nordtrom is not that cheap, but I want one. I want their makeup stands there- Benefit, Urban Decay, MAC, Tarte. Its like Sephora! hahaha Oh we have a Sephora here, but expensive. Nars Sheerglow- 45 dollars in U.S. Spehora, its freakin 55-58 here in Canada plus 12% tax! see what I mean?

- Space NK
They have all these awesome hair products that we don't have here in Canada-
Nuff said. Im ranting.

-Target, Walgreens, First Aid,etc
I need Target, or cheap drugstore okay? yes we have Walmart here, but uhm 30 mins drive from my house? I need Jemma Kidd, Sonia Kashuk, Boots, etc. I need all of those. I think I'm missing out on some good products. Time to head down to Seattle this summer.

My ranting is not over till I have these stores here in Canada. haha what a spoiled brat. For now, I should just head down to Seattle maybe a month from now. Mid June probably and buy makeup stuffs there. I want the new Revlon lipsticks and lipglosses! =( Revlon, share the love with your Canadian costumers please?

That was fun. haha

Do you guys ever feel that you needed one products, but they don;t sell it in your country? what is it? comment below. thanks =)

xoxo, kim


  1. Aaah I know exactly what you mean... We miss so many shops here in the Netherlands! I wished we had a Target, Forever21 and a Topshop

  2. I live in the UK and actually live in Topshop, all the sales assistants in there seem to know me because I'm in there so much! Hahaha. The U.S has Topshop now so you might get it eventually!!

  3. Come visit Florida doll. You can get your sunshine and cheap makeup fix!

  4. I think that the country you do live in always has something missing from the other countries.
    I live in the US, but would love to live in the UK & or Canada!
    I think we're all pretty similar in some ways, I'm not sure why.
    BUT! If there's something you like at a store that isn't around you, save up and make the purchase.
    Plus each places money system is different, so in equivalence to the dollar or whatever, it might not be too off. :]
    In short, every person in one country wishes that they had some store that's in another country. :]

  5. @Alexis- yes you are def right. =)

    @Kristin- oh i would love to visit florida!!!

    @choccy-Biccy- I hope so.

    @Chasing Cherry- Exactly!

  6. hey i knw how u feel, its the same here in Singapore. The drugstore prices is much more expensive than MAC!!

    So no choice have to buy the drugstore even its more expensive if we really want it.

    As for the brands that aren't available here, we just order it online or if sme1 goes overseas we'll give them a list to buy. LOL!

  7. im a new follower and just read this post and ohhhmyyy we should swap places!! lol. seriously i just came back from my holiday in canada and i wana live there!! i cannot wait to finish my studies and hopefully move there! i seriously love it there, but i was in scarborough, toronto
    we should do a swap if your interested, anytime babe, because my 2weeks holiday just flew byyy! but holla at me if ur interested =)

    cotton xx


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