Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NYX Review plus a small ELF haul

Hey Ladies,

This will be a small review and a haul as well. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

NYX-I got the NYX eyeshadows for 20% off from a local drugstore. YAY for discounts. When it comes to NYX single eyeshadows I don't know if I like them or not because they are a bit too powdery and soft, but very pigmented. I guess it's worth it because of the color payoff. Which good right? I heard great reviews for their eyeshadow palettes tho. NYX has a huge variety of eyeshadows, but you guys know me I love my neutrals. So I got Champagne and Fahrenheit. You can buy NYX cosmetics at Cherry Culture - http://cherryculture.com/ . They also carry Milani, L.A. Colours, etc. I'm still waiting for my recent purchase of Narcissus and Acapulco lipsticks tho. I've been waiting for a month now. Does it really take them that long to ship internationally? Does anyone know? because this is my first time so yea. =) thanks
I really like Fahrenheit and Champagne together, they're match mates in Heaven. =) Fahrenheit has a reddish tome to it, with a little gold reflects, while Champagne is All That Glitters, but less gold. So I think It would be a great dupe for All That Glitters from MAC. You can def. use both of these eyeshadows alone and still look fab. I really recommend trying these two out.
Swatch- Fahrenheit and Champagne

Here is the 5 shadow palette.
I Dream Of Nevis

The swatch of I Dream Nevis palette. I do not reach this palette that often. I really like the darker brown color at the bottom tho. Does anyone own this palette too? tell me how to use them.thanks. I basically just use the brown one to line my lower lash line. I can't really say if I would recommend this, but I would try to make it work for me first before I recommend it.

I looove this eyeshadow. It's called saddle. It's $3. Super worth the money. pigmented, nice packaging, has a mirror, neutral. This is my first eyeshadow from them. You can pair this up with almost every shadow you own. It has a satin finish to it, so it has a sheen, but not shimmer. That's why I like this.

Have you guys purchased any ELF eyeshadow from their studio line? what do you guys recommend? I wanted to buy Wheat, but I'm not sure if its a pretty colour.

The pretty swatch of ELF- Saddle eyeshadow from their studio line.

Tell me what Eyeshadows from NYX and ELF are pretty and worth the money, would love to hear from you guys. thanks! comment below.

xoxo, Kim


  1. thanks for the comment! oh and i am following you too now! and i love that ELF eyeshadow! that place is awesome because everything is so inexpensive!

  2. I don't have the NYX eyeshadows/palette that you have, but I do like them. =] I find that they are easy to work with and the price is perfect! lol I have the ELF eyeshadow in saddle too and I love it. I'm pretty plain so when I wear it I only wear that one eyeshadow color. Do you do the same or do you wear it with other colors too?

  3. I have always heard great things about NYX shadows, but I already own so many!! I'd really like to try some of their blushes, but my Ulta doesn't carry them and I've been lazy to order them online. Do you have any of those?
    Thanks for following my blog! I like yours too!

  4. @ Elizabeth Faraday- I know what you mean

    @ Leenda- I usually pair saddle with any champagne colored eyeshadows such as, Naked Lunch, Gleam, All That Glitters. I use it on my outer V and on my lower lash line

    @Nicole- I heard expresso is really nice. I do not have any, but would love to try them out as well.

  5. beautiful colours! love your blog full of swatches :D xox

  6. They all look gorgeous! I might have to order that EELF shadow :) I don't think we have NYX in France... xx


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