Monday, May 24, 2010

Yes, The CHIs - Review

Hey Everyone!
I'm here once again. Get used to it. haha
So it's the start of the week once again. Happy Monday! Pretty good morning I must say. No sunshine here in Vancouver, but oh well. The rest of the week will be cloudy with rain showers!!! =(
So another review, now the CHI's- I know they are hard to find in some countries, but I just want to share my thoughts about these hyped up products.
The CHIs are sold at hair salons all over the world I think? They are around15-30 bux. Depends where you live, and where you buy them. I really like the packaging of these guys, red and gray, nice combo! They also sell shampoos, conditioners, etc. I havn't tried the shampoo and conditioner, or their hair sprays yet, but I would love too. So if you guys tried them, comment below. Would love to read them.

From L-R- Keratin Mist, Straight Guard, Iron Guard, Silk Infusion
The CHI Keratin Mist:
The Direction says that you apply this when your hair is wet and leave it to dry. I have been using this for over a month now. It really works. Keratin is found in our hair and nails. So more keratin, the better. It also smells super good. It reminds me of guy's cologne smell. If you have any CHI, you would understand what Im saying. I bought this at Nordstrom Rack for about 10 dollars, good prize I must say. Here in Canada, They sell these guys for about $25! What a rip off!! So anyways. I do recommend this one! its a good leave on kind off conditioner on the hair. Keratin Mist gives my hair a shiny and silky texture.

Score: 8/10

The famous Silk Infusion:
This is def. a hyped up product. For me, its worth every penny. I love this. I bought the medium size bottle, 6 oz. They sell this for 12 bux in the US and sells it for 26 bux here in Canada. What the!? why is it super expensive here compared to U.S.? Plus 12% tax! yes add 12% tax!!! The direction says to apply a small amount, a size of a penny depending on your hair length. I have a medium length hair, so yes I apply a tiny amount of this product and put it only at the ends of my hair because if I put it on my scalp my hair will be super greasy. eew. Same smell as the Keratin Mist. I however, do not apply this everyday. I apply this one every other day after I take a bath.
Yes, I would recommend this because its worth the hype. Leaves the hair silky and shiny as well.
Score: 9/10

CHI Iron Guard

This is your typical iron guard. I mean you could buy a cheaper heat guard, like Tresseme. I think their heat protection products are better than this one. I like the smell, I like the packaging, but its another ordinary heat protector. I use this before I blow dry my hair, and before I use my flattening iron, curling iron.

Would not recommend this. Buy a cheaper one. John Freida, Tresemme, etc.
score: 5/10

Staright Guard:

This product is about 15 dollars. I like the packaging because it comes with a pump. All products that comes with a pump is a plus for me, especially foundations
, any liquid products. I use this after I take a shower, and after I use my Silk Infusion, or Keratin Mist. I don't really see any difference with my hair. It leaves a greasy effect tho. Bad sign. I think this would work better for wavy hair, or curly hair. Duh Kim that's why it's STRAIGHT GUARD. Whatever I still use this, but after I ran out of this, I won't repurchase this just because I think Silk Infusion and Keratin Mist works well for me. I'm lazy to put so many products on my hair!!I Would recommend this for those people who have wavy hair, or hard to tame hair.

Score: 6/10

Have you guys tried any good heat protector, or CHIs shampoos and conditioners? How do you like it? comment below. thanks

xoxo, kim


  1. everything is more expensive in canada. :[
    if you even use the Chi shampoo and conditioner smell like men's cologne! it's weird! but they do make great hair irons!

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  3. I've never seen this before. Will have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks for your sweet comments my dear. Glad to have found your blog as well. xoxo

  4. I've tried the iron guard and I agree with you about purchasing a cheaper alternative. I'm not too sure if it even works. lol or any heat protectant spray for that matter. I've been using the tresemme heat tamer spray and it
    works the same and is a lot cheaper too. =]

    I like the Chi silk infusion too! I only use them on my ends also or else my hair would get SUPER oily. lol In the past I've used the Biosilk version of this, but didn't like it as much as this one.

  5. @Leenda- ur absolutely right with everything! haha

  6. Ive seen this around and will think i will give this brand a try!

  7. I love this stuff too!

    Nice post!

    Following your blog : ) please check out mine when you get a chance, hope u follow too.

  8. hi there! :D thanks so much for following my blog. i love yours too! :D

  9. I've always wondered if the Chi heat protective spray was good or not. I was never willing to try it because of the ridiculous price! I just stick with John Frieda, it smells sooo goood! It's only like $6 bucks too! =)

  10. I'm really interested in the Chi Silk Infusion! I need to get my hands on it somehow...I think Amazon is my best bet!Great post :)

  11. Honey
    First i wanna say thank you for following and for your comment on my blog..
    But all the products of CHI in my opinion are a good heat protection i always use
    The biosilk from CHI...
    Here's a review from some one on youtube...


  12. @Susie- I should go and try John Freida

    @Liparazzi- yeap Amazon for sure!

    @ItsMeRoxy- Thanks! il check the link out

  13. I also love the Keratin Mist, I've been using if for a while now and I feel that it really helps my hair. Silk Infusion is great too.


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