Monday, May 31, 2010

In and Out - 1

Im starting my first In and Out post. =)

I love reading these kinds of posts because I want to know what people are loving at the moment and what not. I would like to share to my lovely readers my numero uno In and Outs. Hope you guys enjoy this.


Summer Season- Yes!!!! Everyone's looking forward for summer. We can finnaly wear our flip flops, tanks, shorts, skirts, everything that's CHIC! I mean you can totally dress up during Fall/Winter, but I love dressing up for Spring/Summer. You agree?

Saving Up- Trust me, I've been saving! hahaha that's kind off hard to believe, but I'am. I want to be really practical when it comes to buying things. I want to buy something I don't have rather than buy something I have. Before, I would buy every color of a top that I want. I would buy it in white, black, lilac, red, etc. Isn;t that kind of a waste of money? yes! DUH! I should totally learn how to be really responsible when it comes to money. Hey! I'm learning! YEY for me!

Creating a blog- I started creating a blog three weeks ago. Now, I have 173 followers. So I made a contest for thanking you guys, my lovely followers and readers how I really appreciate each and everyone of you. If you havn't entered my contest better check it out. Information below. find: Contest Time- 150 followers. Im really having fun reading entres for my contest.

Nude Lips- Loving the whole nude lips. I've been buying nude lipsticks and nude polishes lately.

MAC future collections- MAC is actually making every makeup junkie BROKE! haha there are soooo many collections coming out. So excited for MACs future collections.


Rainy weather- The weather here in Vancouver is crap!!!!!!!! its been raining for 5 consecutive days now. Mr Sun just decided not to show up. WHY? hahaha. I need the sunshine.

Work- Now that it's summer its time to work work work and earn money. =) Im workinf part time at Foot Locker =) hahaha

End of TV series- Its the end of Gossip Girl, 90210, Vampire Diaries, etc. Everything ended I have nothing to watch this summer. So my boyfriend and I decided to download TV series like Heroes. Do you guys have any suggestions? What would be a nice TV series to watch. tell me tell me =)

Citizenship Test- Yes, Im not yet a Canadian Citizen Im still an imiigrant or a permanent resident of Canada, but Im gonna be one tomorrow =D Im gonna be taking the test tomorrow at 10.00 am. Ive been reading this book that was given to us by the Canadian government. I need to study the book and answer 20 multiple choice questions. I need to have 15 correct answers out of 20. YIKES! Wish me luck guys! If I past this test, Im going to be an official Canadian citizen.

Boots- Ugg boots OUT!!! yes finally! i can wear flip flops, sandals, etc. NO BOOTS ANYMORE FOR ME!! isn't that amazing?

Stalker- I have this creeper stalker on fb. I do not know who, but is def. scary. What should I do? Help!!

What are your In and Outs? comment below thanks!


  1. A big IN for me during the summer is cowgirl boots.
    I have 2 pair that I'm in love with, but I'm hoping to get more soon.

  2. One of my "INs" would have to be Ins and Outs posts :) I love reading these too, I might do one today.

  3. feels like i had breakfast with you this morning

    loving your blog

  4. @ Sarah- Yah me too love reading In and Outs too!

    @Vivienne- aww thanks hun! really appreciate your comment

  5. Please share your secret about how you accumulated so many subscribers. I'm jealous :P

    I LOVE when summer starts but it's always a bit unfortunate when all my favorite shows end :( And how crazy was the Gossip Girl finale?!? Ahh, loved it.

  6. @Jasmine- I dunno how, but Im really happy and grateful because I gained so many followers. I bet you could too. I love your blog. I know GG finale was intense!!!!

  7. omg good luck on your test and on the other hand I wish I could wear Uggs but it's too darn hot here in AZ lol O well winter is coming slowly but surely thanks again for following my blog I'm so glad I found yours as well. I have been catching up on your recent post and I really like it :D

  8. @Diana- aww thanks. My test went well. I love your blog as well.


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