Friday, May 21, 2010

Elf Haul

Hi there,

I finally received my Elf packaged. I ordered it May 10, and it finnaly arrived yesterday. So an Elf Haul is here! I wanted to tey their new pastel polishes, and wanted to get the 5$ off for entire purchase promo. So yes i spent 20 bux and got $ 5 off my entire purchase! yay! I will be doing a nail polish swatch for my next post. Maybe tomorrow =)

My new polishes =) I heard a lot of good reviews with ELF polishes, so I picked out Mint Cream, Lilac, and Bubblegum Pink. I still need the perfect mint polish that;s why I picked this one up. Oh and I almost forgot about the lonely lipstick sitting on the left side.. meet Natural Nymph. Its a nude lipstick, but it has a lot of pink undertone to it. I tried it on my lips yesterday, and its quite similar to Gosh Darling, but less of the sheen and its more pink than peach.

ELF Warm Bronzer

There's a mirror!!!

Swatch for the Elf Warm Bronzer

ELF lipstick in Natural Nymph

Swatch for ELF warm brozer swirled together
I can't tell you guys if im satisfied with the polishes, but im happy with the other stuffs I bought from ELF. They usually ship fast- 2-3 weeks most of the time. So next up, Im planning to get the brown polish and the light gray. I think the grey is called desert haze?
What have you guy been buying lately? any elf products?
xoxo, kim


  1. Great haul! I love how your nail polish colour choices are so awesomely spring/summery and on trend :D

  2. i love this post because i recently just ordered a lot of stuff from ELF. I'll be doing an ELF haul soon too, so check out my blog for that. I do like the polishes you bought.

    and yes, i will follow your blog now. be sure to become an official follower of my blog too.

  3. hi sweety! thank you for coment on my blog!
    i'm following you! don't you?

  4. what a great nail polishes!;)

  5. Love the nail polish colours!

  6. I like your blog name a lot. :)

    Tho the rest is mostly girly stuff. :P luck with it anyway, and cheers.

  7. Nice haul... the Mint green polish is almost like the one Beyonce had on her, why dont you love me video right ?

  8. Thanks for your comment sweety!!!
    I'll be your new follower, cause I really really like your blog!
    Hope you liked mine too!


  9. @Amandita- I really don;t know if this is similar to what Beyonce wore on her new video, but i will be doing a swatch maybe later. come back again <3

    @ Kelly- I like yours too. thank you very much

  10. omggggg you got the new elf nail polishes...its super duper cuteeeeee i wanna get them but i dun want to order anything online especially i have most of the stuff that i want from elf already..(usually just studio line..)

  11. i think the natural nympth lipstick looks so pretty. :)

  12. @Viva La Fashion- Yes its gorgeous. Its similar to Gosh darling, but Darling has more of a shine and creamier finish compared to Natural Nymph

  13. Wow, somebody went shopping... love your haul. The bronzer is awesome and the nail polish colors are so pretty. Can't wait for your nail post. xoxo

  14. I just recently purchased Mint Cream and Bubblegum Pink as well! I used Mint Cream and I LOVE the color. I must have missed the Lilac, I need to get it!

  15. I just got each of the new nail polish shades. Desert Haze (gray) and Smoky Brown are both gorgeous.


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