Thursday, March 31, 2011

11 Most Reached For Products

I'm so in a good mood because the sun decided to show up. Finally! I know! It's still pretty chilly outside, but you can get away with just a light sweater or a cardigan. Okay, I know you guys get my point, but forgive me for blabbing about the pretty weather Vancouver is experiencing :)

I'll get to my point. I will do the easiest tag out there - 11 MOST REACHED FOR PRODUCTS

This might be a tiny bit boring, but... here I go. Products above:

1. Fekkai Glossing Cream 2. CHI Silk Infusion 3. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia perfume 4. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy 5. Sigma F80 brush or Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top buffer brush 6. MAC Hue lipstick 7. MAC Graphblack liner 8. MAC Stubborn Brown 9. MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW 25 10. MAC Natural Skinfinish in Medium 11. Benefit Hoola Bronzer

- So after I get out the shower, I towel dry my hair and apply CHI Silk Infusion just on the ends of my hair, then I use the Fekkai Glossing Cream afterwards.

- Then, while allowing those hair products to soak in(Chi Silk Infusion and Fekkai Glossing Cream) I apply my foundation- which is either MAC Face and Body mixed with Revlon Colorstay or if I want a heavier coverage, I go with NARS Sheer Glow mixed with Revlon Colosrstay. After applying my foundation I use MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW25 under my eyes and on blemishes(using my fingers).

- After concealing, I apply MAC Natural SkinFinish in Medium all over my face to set my foundation and concealer. I just use a big powder brush from Sigma- F20

- I then, apply Benefit Hoola Bronzer with either Sigma F80 or Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top buffer brush. You guys know I love these two brushes. I just alternate them which ever is clean.

- So for the eyes I use MAC Graphblack liner or MAC Stubborn Brown to line my waterline.

- For the lips, if I do not know what lipstick to pair with my face makeup I always go for MAC Hue and just apply nude gloss on top.

- Before I leave the house, I spritz Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume and a lil bit of Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia. I love how Viva La Juicy is so versatile because I can pair it up with any perfume I own. I also pair Viva La Juicy with Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey.


So I tag you! Yes, YOU!

I hope you guys enjoy this Tag that I did.

Have a great Thursday.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monthly Favorites: March 2011

End of march means monthly favorites time!

I know it's cliche, but march just flew by and it's time for the flowers to bloom and us to be able to wear just one layer of clothes. I hate layering clothes, or maybe not hate hate, but I just miss wearing shorts and tanks.

Rant over.

Anyways..... I love reading and watching monthly favorites from beauty gurus on Youtube and bloggers as well. I have nothing else to say, but to share with you my favorite products for the month of March.

So, here they are: Products:
- Aveda Volumizing Tonic Spray- I use this on damp hair(just on the crown) and use a blow dryer just to give me that extra lift on my crown area. This product cost around $18 in Canada.

- Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion- I love the smell of Japanese Cherry Blossom. I need to get a bigger bottle of this soon.

- Sonia Kashuk makeup remover- As you can see this is the type of makeup remover that has two layers. Before using, make sure you shake it well in order for the product to work well. I bought this in the US for only less than $15, so definitely a worth it product.

- John Frieda 3 Day Straight - You guys know how much I LOOOVE this product- it smells good, gives my hair that shine that is much needed, and it doesn't weigh down my hair. Good work John Frieda. If you are not familiar with this product, make sure to watch or read a review of it.

- Fekkai Glossing Cream with olive oil- I can't say anything bad about this hair product. I really recommend trying this glossing cream. You can find this almost everywhere, but I got mine in ULTA for only $9( got the travel size), so the huge bottle cost more than $20 I believe. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

- Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Kabuki and Sigma F80 brush- I use these two brushes for liquid foundation and bronzer. All the hype on the Sigma F8 being the best liquid foundation brush is totally true. It gives me a flawless finish and I love the fact that it has synthetic hair.

- Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Tipsy

- N.Y.C Creme Stick in Plaza Pink

- MAC Rubenesque paintpot

Hand swatch:
(upper)N.Y.C creme stick in Plaza Pink- This is probably one f the most popular shades from the N.Y.C Creme Stick line. I use my MAC 109 brush to get the product and slap it on my cheeks. It gives me a nice pinky-coral sheen Perfect for summer. In my opinion, this is the easiest cream blush to blend.

(lower)Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Tipsy- A bright pigmented orangey- coral blush that is a dream to apply and blend.

* I use these two blushes together

Hand swatch:
Rubenesque paintpot - A golden peach with subtle gold shimmers. I've been using this as an eyeshadow all over the lid after I put painterly or UDPP, I love how you can just slap this on your lids and you're good to go.

Do you have any of these products that I've mentioned? If so, do you like them? What are your favorites for this month?

Have a nice day :)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barely There

Glowy look, dewy sunkissed face, pastel nails, no heavy liners, and a bright or nude lip!Oh YES! Spring is here.

The "no Makeup" look is super trendy this spring and you guys know that I really want to achieve a fresh, barely there face this season.

I have some inspirational photos down below just to show you what I mean. The "no makeup" look was a huge hit on the runway during fashion week and I'm really enjoying the minimal usage of makeup. Of course, these models and hollywood stars use foundation, concealer, highlighter, and mascara. I believe if you want to have this "no makeup" look you should skip eyeliners. If you are the type of girl who can't leave the house without an eyeliner, then slap it on your tight line(underneath your upper lashline)- to give extra volume effect on your lashes.

So without further a are some photos I got from the web- courtesy of Google :D

I might post a barely there FOTD soon if I have time :)

Are you guys diggin this look?

Thank you all for reading and visitng my site. Have a lovely spring


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Products of the Week (All MAC)

Sorry, but all my "Products of the week" products are all from MAC. I actually just realized that right now while typing. I'm going for that fresh spring-ready look.

I won't be using a black liquid liner, but opted for a brown eyeliner pencil for my upper lashline(Stubborn Brown) to give me that soft and subtle look. Black liner will give me a heavier and more dramatic look, which is okay, but I think I need to give my black liners some rest this season. I just love looking super fresh and clean-no heavy makeup for me in April.

I will do a FOTD using these products maybe tomorrow or on Tuesday when I get ready for school or work.
MAC eyeshadows in a quad palette:
> Sable- for my outer V
> Tempting- for crease
> Brule- for highlight and inner corner
> All That Glitters- for all over lid color

* I'm really loving the MAC quad palette because I can just put 4 eye shadows in and carry them with me anywhere. I put a crease color, lid color, highlight, and outer V eyeshadow. I really suggest getting at least 2 quad palettes from MAC or any brand actually because I swear they make your life so much easier.
MAC Rubenesque paint pot- Golden peach with gold pearl
MAC Stubborn Brown- Brown! Yes, that's it :)
MAC TLC in petting pink- sheer lipbalmm, but it does have a slight pink tint.
MAC Speed Dial lipstick- slightly blue- based pink with a golden sheen. Great for an everyday lip color because it has that cool- tone vibe to it, but its not too bright. Should I say this lipstick is absolutely perfect for spring.Hand swatch
Lip swatch
Next up, monthly favorite products!

So, are you going for a soft look this spring?

Hope you guys have a lovely week and thanks for reading!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's Do the Twist!

Twist it, bend it, shape it, style it...Let's do Le Twist (that's the brand)

Yesterday, while strolling along the mall I saw these pretty jewelry and they caught my eyes. It's a little bit hard to explain, but I will try.

They are these twisty, bendable, and cool uhm.. accessory that you can use as a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring. I have some pictures to clarify your confused mind right now. I'm really really bad in explaining things.

If you're wondering where I bought these- I got them from this jewelry store here in Canada called Blue Ruby and they only cost $20.00!

These are just few ways you can wear them.
I bought a silver and a gunmetal as well. I can't decide which one to get, so bought two.
Bracelet: I love how they give me that "rock and roll" vibe.

as a necklace:

I think I will use them as a bracelet more often that I would as a necklace.

That's pretty much it. I hope you guys have a good weekend :)


Friday, March 25, 2011

A Fail OOTD and Simple FOTD

I haven't done this in ages! I can't really give you guys the best picture quality whenever I take FOTD and OOTD photos because I'm using a ghetto-ish camera. I should probably invest on a new one, so suggestions please? anyone?

Anyways, if you guys are wondering about my giveaway winner-WHY I HAVEN'T ANNOUNCE THE WINNER YET. It's because I'm really having a hard time choosing a winner. If I can just choose 3 winner, then that would be A LOT easier, so please bare with me as I decide who the winner of my giveaway is. Thank you so much for your patience.

Back to the topic..

Remember the Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges that everyone has? Well, I wasn't able to get them, but I told myself that I need to pay attention next time. So recently I purchase this Dolce Vita wedges at Target and they are the most comfortable wedges I own. If you live in the US, then please go to Target and purchase one. You can also do it online, but put in mind that they are a size bigger than usual, so I'm a 7, but got a 6. They only cost $39.99 by the way. What a deal right? Dolce Vita shoes cost around $150-$200, so grab one now before it's too late.
and..the fail OOTD.

Again, sorry if I don't have good quality pictures to offer you, but I will try to save money to get a new camera.

I know, it's simple, but I just went to the mall with some friends, so opted for something mall appropriate.

Tank- H&M
Off shoulder top- Forever 21
Leggings- Talula
Wedges- Dolce Vita for target
Necklace- Aldo

* I found this unique bracelet/necklace at the mall today. I will share them with you as soon as I have the time to take pictures of them.



You guys know me right? I don't like wearing colors which I know I should try, but not that brave. Anyways, I didn't wear any mascara and foundation today. I'm trying to keep everything simple and that's my goal for spring- simple and fresh looking face.

I'm still using my "products of the week". I'm going to be using the same products until Sunday and then switch it up next week.

- MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW 20
- MAC Natural Skinfinish in medium
- Benefit Hoola Bronzer
- MAC Coygirl blush
- NARS Copacabana illuminator

- MAC painterly paintpot
- MAC Superslick liquid Liner
- MAC Eye Kohl in Stubborn(brown)
- E.L.F Saddle for lower lashline
- MAC eyeshadow in White frost for inner tear duct

- Carmex lipbalm
- MAC Shy Girl lipstick

Can I ask you guys to look at my hair :D? I've been using the John Freida 3- Day Straight spray and I'm happy to report that I've seen good results. I spray this first, then flip my hair and blow dry. I didn't even use a flat iron for almost a week now and my hair is still straight. Two thumbs up for John Fredia 3-Day Straight!

So, are you ready for SPRING? What are your spring essentials?

Have a lovely weekend :)


Monday, March 21, 2011

Products of the Week

Products of the week time!!

I apologize for being such a slack off blogger. Anyways I won't blab about my week so far because its been meh...not so good.

So, here are the products I've been reaching for for the past few days. I'm doing these "Products of the week" post because I really want to share with you what products I've been using so far AND this is a great way to hit pan beauty products that I have. Maybe I should do a post about products I've hit pan on. Should I?

Okay, picture time
Products of the week:
> E.L.F Saddle eyeshadow- This eyeshadow is perfect for the outer V and crease. It is a mid- tone brown with subtle silver and gold reflects.

> NARS Illuminator in Copacabana- If you are familiar with NARS' multiples, then this is no stranger for you. NARS illuminators an be use for highlight and mixed with foundation. I use this for highlighting my cheek bones. Very easy to blend(I use Coastal Scents' Bionic Flat Top Kabuki)

> MAC Shy Girl lipstick- My Third favorite lipstick from MAC (first is Angel, then Hue). Perfect neutral peachy coral. If you are afraid to wear nude lipsticks, then I suggest picking this one up because it does give you a hint of nude plus a hint of peachy coral lips.

> MAC Coygirl blush- I just bought this blush about 2 months I go I believe, and I'm really enjoying this. It has a mauvey vibe to it that is not too overpowering and it just gives your face a nice glow.

> Eco Tools shader brush- It is a medium size eyeshadow brush that lazy people like me enjoy.

So next up, I will show you a no make-up look then a photo of me wearing foundation and concealer only, lastly a photo of me wearing products I mentioned above.

ABOUT MY SKIN: I have dry sensitive skin, so I can't just go to the drugstore or Sephora and purchase any facial wash or moisturizer. I need to read reviews if the product works for people with dry and sensitive skin. When it comes to acne, blemishes, freckles, etc. I get acnes occasionally on my forehead and chin area and I do have few freckles on my cheek bones- not too noticeable though which is good.

Here's me with absolutely no makeup on only moisturizer- I use Cetaphil moisturizer for dry sensitive skin). Prepare yourselves!

Warning: I was wearing my pajamas already haha.
and.. Kim with only foundation and concealer on.
and.. the all dolled-up Kim, well not really. I wore this look everyday to school and work since Monday.

* My camera sucks and washes away my eyeshadow color. So if you're wondering I used MAC All That Glitters all over the lid, MAC Shroom inner corner, and ELF's Saddle outer V. I used my MAC Superslick Liquid Liner and Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara.
On my face I used
> Revlon Colorstay mixed with AC Face and Body foundation
> MAC Studio Finish concealer
> MAC Natural Skin Finish
> Benefit Hoola bronzer
> MAC Coygirl blush
> NARS Copacabana illuminator as highlight on my cheek bones.

MAC Hue lipstick and Revlon;s Peach Petal lipgloss.
I'm deciding between posting a tag post which is the 11 most reached products or products I've hit pan. Which one should I do first?

What have you been wearing on your cheeks?

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.

have a happy Wednesday.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

In & Out - March Edition

You guys know that Sunday is the laziest day of the week for me. I don't know why, but I just chill at home do nothing and catch up on some Youtube videos.

Well, anyways it's officially SPRING! Time for the flowers to bloom and us to have a smile on our beautiful faces and appreciate the sun(well, or rain!). I'm super excited for spring fashion trends, such as bright matte lips, the "no makeup" look, pastel nail polishes, strappy sandals, and nude everything!

So, I'll set the spring fashion trends aside for now and I'll share with you some In and Out for this month(March).


Weather- the weather is getting warmer here and I'm loving it. The only problem is that it is still raining quite a bit here in Vancouver, but I'm not complaining. I just want warm-ish weather that I don't have to wear 3-4 layers of clothes!

Long sleeve dress- I love how chic and sophisticated a woman looks with a long sleeve dress. Whenever I see someone wearing it, I just stare at them. I still need to look for a good one. Do you know any store or even online websites that carries pretty long sleeve dresses that I can wear for a dinner date/night out with friends?

Dark nail polish- Yes, it is spring, but I still love my dark vampy polishes especially Essie's Little Brown Dress- a blacken brown nail polish that goes opaque in one coat. I think pastel polishes are really nice and I will wear them soon, but majority of them are HARD to apply- streaky, thick/thin, and needs at least 3 coats.

Bath and Body Works- Bath and Body Works is stepping up their game. They released their new spring collection and I just want to buy every single one. I have this $10 off coupon from them which is valid tomorrow(March 21), so I will be visiting the store tomorrow and get some body lotions.

Forever 21- Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of Forever 21 and rather shop at Zara and H&M, but they actually have good clothing/accessories right now. The bad thing about Forever 21 for me is that I need to be extra careful with their clothes when I wash them because they shrink a lot(even if I put them on delicate wash) and I hang them up to dry.

American Apparel Online- They have good customer service and if you guys go shop now, they have nice clothes on sale for 40% off. I'm still contemplating if I should go and purchase a dress that I've been drooling over for how many months now.

Baby Oil to remove my eye makeup- YES! I use baby oil to remove my makeup along with my Neutrogena wipes. ad Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover. I will do a post on how I remove my makeup.

Finishing products- Should I even explain this? I have about 3 blog posts about this, so check them out! :)


Money- there are so many good stuffs out there(clothing) that I want to purchase, but I need to spend my money wisely and just buy what I REALLY NEED(better said than done huh?).

World Catastrophes- Japan's earthquake and Tsunami and Libya's war. What is happening? Let's just continue supporting Japan and Libya and pray for them. Don't forget that you can help Japan's earthquake/tsunami victims by donating.

What are you loving and hating at the moment?


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Products of the Week

After four days of being MIA in the blogging community....I'm back!

I have been reading all entries for my Giveaway, which will end TOMORROW MARCH 20, so don't forget to JOIN. I will link me giveaway post below.

So anyways, I had a brilliant idea that I should do a "Products of the Week" post every weekend just to show you an update on what products I'm using at the moment.

for March 14-19, I've been using the following:
> Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer brush
> MAC Melba blush
> NARS Deep Throat
> MAC Myth lipstick
> Revlon Peach Petal gloss

Face brush:

I use this Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush from Coastal Scents to apply my bronzer and buff it in and it works as good as my MAC 182 kabuki brush. I will compare this and the Sigma F80 brush soon. I'm just waiting for my Sigma package to arrive.

Cheek products:
I've been using this cheek combo for the whole week and I'm very happy to report that people actually commented on it(in a good way). MAC Melba (very pigmented matte peach) and NARS Deep Throat (peachy-pink with subtle sheen) are soulmates, they should get married and have pretty peachy/pink blush babies.

Lip products:

Myth is probably one of the most famous lipstick from MAC(along with Angel, Creme D'Nude, Cremecup, Ruby Woo, Etc.). Some people said it dried up their lips, but some swore by this lipstick. I'm one of those people who swore by this satin finished MAC lipstick. I've gone through three tubes of Myth already and this tube is about to go dunzo.

On the other hand, Revlon Peach Petal was marketed as a limited edition lipgloss by Revlon before, but because of popular demand they brought it back.

I think I will never get sick with this lip combination because I'm a sucker for nude lips and most of all I like the way it looks on me.
Left: Myth
Right Peach Petal
Above- Myth alone Below- Myth topped with Peach Petal
*I've been really enjoying using what I have in my stash and been really productive finishing hair, beauty, and skin products. I have another "Finished" post coming up and they will be hair and skin products.

Have you been enjoying any product/s lately?

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Enjoy the weekend! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finished: Part II

Hello everyone!

I'm back with another products I've used up so far. This might be kinda boring, but it makes me happy when I finish a tube of mascara or any hair products. I tend to finish hair products A LOT QUICKER than makeup just because I use them constantly, with makeup on the other hand I do not use the same lipstick every single day or I don't even use one blush for a whole week.

I have a random story to tell you guys. Do you guys have that certain month or phase that you are super obsessed with something? For example, last year, I was ADDICTED(I think it's an illness) to nail polishes. Last January on the other hand, I was addicted to rings. I would buy one or two rings every week, then by February I was obsessed with concealers, and now..BLUSHES!

I just ordered six NYX Blushes at and I'm super excited for them to arrive. They are having a 20% off right now, so this a good time for US to shop there.

Okay, so here are the products I finished so far:
> Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara
> L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara
> Revlon Colorstay liner
> Rimmel Max Volume Lash mascara: I like this mascara(take note I said like not love) because it did give me volume, but it clumps like no other. Sometimes I lile to have clumped lashes, but not too much. I will not buy this mascara again.

> L'oreal Voluminous Million Mascara: Now, this mascara is kind of controversal for me. The wand is flimsy(in a good way) that it does coat my lashes, lengthens it, and gives it a lot of volume in just two coats(very easy to use). The bad thing about this mascara right here is that it did smell funny after using it for only two months. Again, I will not buy this mascara again. I will stick with my L'oreal Voluminous mascara or my YSL Faux Cils.

> Revlon Colorstay liner: If you can see the tip of the liner, it is quite thick and stiff, with that it did give me a hard time lining my upper lash line. I will not purchase this liner again and I will stick with my MAC Superslick Liquid Liner.

and then comes the hair and skin care products...
> Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cetaphil:
- This is my Holy Grail facial wash because it is really gentle on the skin. I use this twice a day(when I wake up and before I go to bed). I just purchased two more bottles for a back-up.

> Tresemme Heat protectant:
- I've been using the same heat protectant for almost two years. I use this and the CHI Iron Guard, but I prefer this over the CHI one. I did purchase another bottle and I'm happy to report that this product is a Holy Grail hair product for me.

> Batiste Tropical spray:
- I wasn't a fan of the smell, but it did work well. A lot of people raved about Batiste dry shampoo and I think it is worth the hype, but I really want to try other Batiste dry shampoos. SO if you have any recommendations, please do comment below :).

> Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer:
- I LOVE , LOVE this moisturizer. Whenever I have dry patches I rely on this and works wonders on my skin. I will definitely buy another bottle very soon.

I have part III coming up.

So, Have a happy Wednesday.