Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's Do the Twist!

Twist it, bend it, shape it, style it...Let's do Le Twist (that's the brand)

Yesterday, while strolling along the mall I saw these pretty jewelry and they caught my eyes. It's a little bit hard to explain, but I will try.

They are these twisty, bendable, and cool uhm.. accessory that you can use as a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring. I have some pictures to clarify your confused mind right now. I'm really really bad in explaining things.

If you're wondering where I bought these- I got them from this jewelry store here in Canada called Blue Ruby and they only cost $20.00!

These are just few ways you can wear them.
I bought a silver and a gunmetal as well. I can't decide which one to get, so bought two.
Bracelet: I love how they give me that "rock and roll" vibe.

as a necklace:

I think I will use them as a bracelet more often that I would as a necklace.

That's pretty much it. I hope you guys have a good weekend :)



  1. That looks as awesome as a bracelet..but when in the first 2 pics u r wearing it as looks like a SNAKE!!! yikes!! i am damn scared of them!! but it look unbelievably awesome as bracelet!!! <3

  2. that is one cool piece of accessory!

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  3. they look like snake wrapped around you. lol.

  4. Those are so neat! I'm in Canada too, but I've never heard of that store... do they sell them online?

  5. that's so cool!! haha... that's exactly what I said after seeing the pictures... I think I like it better as a necklace (atleast the first 2 styles u did)...

  6. @Fathima Abdul Kader- HAHA I know, it does look like a snake. I really like it tho. Goves me a little edginess

  7. @deerest- I know :) Thanks for the comment

    @Irev- Thank you :)

  8. @CJ- I just noticed that because most of you guys told me haha. Its kinda cool I really like it as a bracelet. I'm actually wearing it right now

  9. @Bailey- Im not sure if its only where I live, but check out the link above. I included it in the post. Its called Le Twist. Im not sure if they ship worldwide

  10. @Anette- I love how unique they are that you can literally twist and bend them around.


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