Saturday, March 19, 2011

Products of the Week

After four days of being MIA in the blogging community....I'm back!

I have been reading all entries for my Giveaway, which will end TOMORROW MARCH 20, so don't forget to JOIN. I will link me giveaway post below.

So anyways, I had a brilliant idea that I should do a "Products of the Week" post every weekend just to show you an update on what products I'm using at the moment.

for March 14-19, I've been using the following:
> Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer brush
> MAC Melba blush
> NARS Deep Throat
> MAC Myth lipstick
> Revlon Peach Petal gloss

Face brush:

I use this Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush from Coastal Scents to apply my bronzer and buff it in and it works as good as my MAC 182 kabuki brush. I will compare this and the Sigma F80 brush soon. I'm just waiting for my Sigma package to arrive.

Cheek products:
I've been using this cheek combo for the whole week and I'm very happy to report that people actually commented on it(in a good way). MAC Melba (very pigmented matte peach) and NARS Deep Throat (peachy-pink with subtle sheen) are soulmates, they should get married and have pretty peachy/pink blush babies.

Lip products:

Myth is probably one of the most famous lipstick from MAC(along with Angel, Creme D'Nude, Cremecup, Ruby Woo, Etc.). Some people said it dried up their lips, but some swore by this lipstick. I'm one of those people who swore by this satin finished MAC lipstick. I've gone through three tubes of Myth already and this tube is about to go dunzo.

On the other hand, Revlon Peach Petal was marketed as a limited edition lipgloss by Revlon before, but because of popular demand they brought it back.

I think I will never get sick with this lip combination because I'm a sucker for nude lips and most of all I like the way it looks on me.
Left: Myth
Right Peach Petal
Above- Myth alone Below- Myth topped with Peach Petal
*I've been really enjoying using what I have in my stash and been really productive finishing hair, beauty, and skin products. I have another "Finished" post coming up and they will be hair and skin products.

Have you been enjoying any product/s lately?

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Enjoy the weekend! :)


  1. @Gaby- it does! I need a new tube :D

  2. myth looks really pretty on you! on most people it looks very very ghostly but you really can pull it off!

  3. I love melba blush! You pull off that lipstick waaay better than I EVER could haha. I would probably look like a corpse

  4. @PrincessJasmine- aww thanks! It appears more pink than nude on me, weird haha

    @Melly- I love Melba too. I need to use a very light hand tho because it is really pigmented

  5. myth and peach petal is a stunning combination! I still need to get myth, thinking of back2mac'ing for it soon, need it in my collection!

  6. @Justine- Get it! Im not just saying this because I LOVE IT, but because you can use Myth to tone up bright lipsticks, You have nothing to lose anyways :)

  7. lOVE the lip combo on you!

  8. @mw- Thank YOU!! :)

    @Jennifer- Thanks, everyone needs to own MYTH!

  9. I love myth it's so pretty! :)
    I found it when the MAC lady gave my friend the wrong lipstick, and to be honest I'm pretty glad she did, because I've loved it ever since ! :)

    Lovely post xxx

    maybe check out my blog at xxx

  10. I love the lip combo, looks gorgeous on you xxx

  11. nice products...melba looks damn nice..

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Ahh lots of pinky colours! Getting me excited for spring :) xx

  14. what a gorgeous lip combo :D
    That revlon's peach petal is gorgeouuuuus :D

  15. i love that lip combo, it's sooo girly & pretty!

  16. I bought Melba today, so excited about it I took off my face makeup as soon as I got home just so I could try it and I love it!


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