Friday, March 25, 2011

A Fail OOTD and Simple FOTD

I haven't done this in ages! I can't really give you guys the best picture quality whenever I take FOTD and OOTD photos because I'm using a ghetto-ish camera. I should probably invest on a new one, so suggestions please? anyone?

Anyways, if you guys are wondering about my giveaway winner-WHY I HAVEN'T ANNOUNCE THE WINNER YET. It's because I'm really having a hard time choosing a winner. If I can just choose 3 winner, then that would be A LOT easier, so please bare with me as I decide who the winner of my giveaway is. Thank you so much for your patience.

Back to the topic..

Remember the Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges that everyone has? Well, I wasn't able to get them, but I told myself that I need to pay attention next time. So recently I purchase this Dolce Vita wedges at Target and they are the most comfortable wedges I own. If you live in the US, then please go to Target and purchase one. You can also do it online, but put in mind that they are a size bigger than usual, so I'm a 7, but got a 6. They only cost $39.99 by the way. What a deal right? Dolce Vita shoes cost around $150-$200, so grab one now before it's too late.
and..the fail OOTD.

Again, sorry if I don't have good quality pictures to offer you, but I will try to save money to get a new camera.

I know, it's simple, but I just went to the mall with some friends, so opted for something mall appropriate.

Tank- H&M
Off shoulder top- Forever 21
Leggings- Talula
Wedges- Dolce Vita for target
Necklace- Aldo

* I found this unique bracelet/necklace at the mall today. I will share them with you as soon as I have the time to take pictures of them.



You guys know me right? I don't like wearing colors which I know I should try, but not that brave. Anyways, I didn't wear any mascara and foundation today. I'm trying to keep everything simple and that's my goal for spring- simple and fresh looking face.

I'm still using my "products of the week". I'm going to be using the same products until Sunday and then switch it up next week.

- MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW 20
- MAC Natural Skinfinish in medium
- Benefit Hoola Bronzer
- MAC Coygirl blush
- NARS Copacabana illuminator

- MAC painterly paintpot
- MAC Superslick liquid Liner
- MAC Eye Kohl in Stubborn(brown)
- E.L.F Saddle for lower lashline
- MAC eyeshadow in White frost for inner tear duct

- Carmex lipbalm
- MAC Shy Girl lipstick

Can I ask you guys to look at my hair :D? I've been using the John Freida 3- Day Straight spray and I'm happy to report that I've seen good results. I spray this first, then flip my hair and blow dry. I didn't even use a flat iron for almost a week now and my hair is still straight. Two thumbs up for John Fredia 3-Day Straight!

So, are you ready for SPRING? What are your spring essentials?

Have a lovely weekend :)



  1. Yes! Your hair looks SUPER straight like it's been straightened so carefully! Does it work really well?!

    Review please? I've been looking for a straightening treatment because my hair is quite frizzy!

    Thanks in advance girl and I love your OOTD and wedges, but hehe I definitely don't have the confidence! They look a lil bit too tall for me heheh


  2. The outfit is simple but still cute but I love the DV for Target wedges, I'm so contemplating getting them but have been putting it off, I want them even more now ;/

  3. Your hair looks amazingly straight. I wish I could straighten my hair but nooooo...

    You look gorgeous even without makeup! And I want those shoes, I am so jealous.

    By the way, I've revamped my site (for the last time in a long time I swear! So give me a visit if you want--

  4. i looove your top kim! and the fotd looks fresh =) hehe

  5. @deerest- why thaank you for noticing my hair. The spray WORKS im telling you. You can read reviews online because there are a lot. I will try to make a review of this products, but I cant promise you. Ill try though :)

    @Che- Hey hun, Im not the type who wears high heels/stilleto or those fancy shoes, but theres something about these wedges by DV that attracted me. It looks high, but if you wear it, you won't notice the height :)

  6. @Chrissy- Why cant you straighten your hair? I will give your site a visit :)

    @CJ- THANK you CJ thats so sweet of you :)

  7. simple and cute! those shoes are lovely i think they cost 29.99 in the US.

  8. I am definitely going to get that spray! Love the shoes, nothing wrong with your pictures in my mind :)

  9. @tara- oh are they only 29.99? Thats even better :)

    @tracy d-you should get it. I really like it and so did a lot of girls :)

  10. omg those shoes are so cute. gotta check out target soon :D

    maybe for the giveaway you could choose multiple winners and break up the prizes if you're having a hard time picking a winner? xD

    and now i gotta check out the john freida too xD


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