Monday, March 14, 2011

Brush Haulin'

Sorry if I've been MIA for the past 3-4 days. I was just really busy with school and work, but I'm back and ready to show you what I got for the past week.

That's right makeup brushes!

I have been into brushes these days, eventhough I don't even use any brush to apply my foundation and concealer. I use my handy dandy hands to apply them, but I'm willing to give these brushes a try and see if I will be converted. Do you guys use a foundation or concealer brush to apply your foundation and concealer?

Anyways, I have 6 brushes here to show you guys and they're from Eco Tools and Coastal Scents. You can find Eco Tools in any drugstore and for Coastal Scents, I have a link below.

I bought two eye brushes from Eco Tools
> Left: Eye shading brush
> Right: Deluxe concealer brush

I heard so many good reviews of Eco Tools brushes so why not give them a try. They cost less than $10 anyways.
I forgot how much these brushes were, but I'm 100000% sure they are less than $7 here in Canada, so it will be cheaper for sure in the US. Do they have Eco Toold brushes in Asia or UK? I'm not sure.
Left: Deluxe concealer brush- I get sucked in with everything that has "deluxe" on them! Well first of all these brushes can be dupable because they are just eyeshadow and concealer brushes, but I don't own any Eco Tools brushes and I really want to know if they are worth the hype going around the beauty community. This is a big fluffy concealer brush and it is not your typical concealer brush(flat, thin, tiny). I tried this once to apply my concealer on and because it is big, I would suggest using this brush for your under eye. If you have a concealer brush, then I wouldn't suggest purchasing this brush. I think I will just use this for applying eyeshadow.

Right: Eye Shading brush- Love this brush for applying eyeshadow all over the lid. The brush is big and fluffly, so one swipe of eyeshadow and you're good to go.
* All in all, I'm really happy with my purchase and I will use these 2 brushes for applying eyeshadow all over my lid.

My Coastal Scents brushes arrived two days ago and it was like Christmas for me. You guys know what I mean right? Every SINGLE TIME I get something in the mail, I feel giddy and super excited just because...I don't know? Well, anyways they came and I will show you and review these coastal scents brushes.

*I'm not in any way affliated with these company.
I bought three eye brushes and one face brush.
> 2 C153- Large chisel fluff
> C224_ Oval camouflage
> and the famous Bionic Flat Top Buffer brush
I'll start with the three eye brushes, well technically they're only two because I bought two C153
(Large chisel fluff)
Left: C224 Oval Camouflage- $3.49!
> This is a very versatile brush because I use this brush to apply my concealer, but I tried this with mineral eyeshadows(Bare Minerale eye shadow) and it works perfectly.
Right: C153 Large Chisel Fluff- On SALE for $2.75 before it was $14.95!
> Again, typical big, fluffy eye shadow brush for applying your favorite eye shadow all over the lid. Nothing special about this brush, but definitely worth the purchase.
and then comes the famous Bionic Flat Top Buffer
> This brush coast $13. 95
> Synthetic hairs
> Very dense and versatile(can be used for bronzer, foundation, and blush)
> I tried using this to apply my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish and it gave me an air brush look.
> I also tried it to apply my bronzer. One word: FANTASTIC!!
> I haven't tried this for liquid foundation, but if you are a Youtube junkie like me, there are a lot of videos about this brush on hpw to use and what to use it for.
> I can't compare this brush from the Sigma F80 one because I don't own the Sigma one...yet! I actually ordered it a week ago, so expect a review and comparison of tthe two flat top buffer brushes.
* Again, I'm not being paid to review these brushes.
What are your favorite makeup brushes? Share them with us below.
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Thanks for reading and have a good Monday.


  1. You got some great brushes! Can't wait to see your reviews! :)

  2. I can never seem to find a good make up brush - thanks for this post!xxx

  3. I really want to try some of those Eco Tools brushes, they look lovely and oh so soft! I need a stipple brush really badly x

  4. Hi honey just been catching up on your blog. Looks like you have been having a spending frenzy love all the new stuff. Ive just ordered some of the sigma brushes and cant wait for them to arrive xx

  5. @Pammy- Next week maybe. Im just waiting for my Sigma brushes to arrive :)

    @Hannah- invest on SIgma brushes or MAC brushes :) If you want cheap alternatives, go with drugstore brushes like Eco Tools :)

  6. @Gaby- Im pretty sure Eco Tools has a Stippling brush, but not quite sure. :) Im really picky when it comea to stippling brushes and I haven't found a perfect one yet. I have the MAC one, but im not a fan of it.

    @Nicoletta- Thank you so much! I should be banning myself to spend for the next i dunno...4 months? haha But I know I cant!

  7. Ecotools has a stippling brush,it's part of the alicia silvertone set, I don't own it, but I have seen it before.

  8. i've tried the ecotools brushes and they were alright, looking forward to a review on coastal scents! xx


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