Tuesday, March 8, 2011

USA Haul Part 1- (Lipsticks: Wet n' Wild, Loreal,and Revlon)

Hows your week so far? Ecerything good?

I went for a 3 day vacation in Seattle which is about 3 hours drive from Vancouver. I went with my family and thankfully it is a bit warmer there compared to Vancouver. I told myself that I should TRY to MINIMIZE my spending,but look what happened!? LOOK!

I ended up with seven lipsticks...

> Revlon Cherry Ice- A wearable Red with a hint of pink/coral. This is a good dupe for MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, but lighter and pinker.
> Revlon Cherris in the Snow- Bright magenta red. Think MAC Impassioned, but more wearable.
> Wet n' Wild 900B- Nude peach
> Wet n' Wild 903C- Nude with slight peachy orange undertones.
> Wet n' Wild 901 B- A very Wearable pink. Think MAC Angel but a little bit brighter.
> Wet n' Wild 909D-A wearble reddish coral, perfect for spring/summer.
> Loreal British Red- Classic red.

I'll start off with the Revlons and the Loreal lippies

I went looking for this revlon lipstick everywhere in Canada, but couldn't find it. I finally found Revlon Cherries in the Snow at Target.

Hand swatch: Loreal British Red-350 (Love the name!), Revlon Cherry Ice-012, and Revlon Cherries in the Snow-440 (I finally have you!)

and then the Wet n' Wilds...

Let me tell you a "short" story about why I bought these lipsticks. I saw Temptalia's tempting lip swatch of Wet n' Wild 909D on her blog and I got sucked it. These lipsticks cost $2.99 and they had a promotion Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price at Fred Meyers. WHAT A DEAL right?

These lipsticks are super creamy just like MAC's cremesheens and they are pigmented as well. When I first swatched them on my hand, they felt hard and a bit dry, but when I applied them on my lips when I got back to my hotel, they were super creamy and they glided on my lips like butter. If you ask me about their packaging, I would say they look cheap, but for the price, they are worth it. So for the WnW lipsticks, I only paid less than $10!

so anyways..heres some photos

hand swatch:Wet n' Wild 900B, 903C, 901B, 909D

I have lip swatches of Wet n' Wild 909D and 900B
Photo above: 909D
Photo above: 900B
Final thoughts: I'm ready for spring/summer and I'm very happy with all of these lipsticks I bought. I finally found Revlon Cherries in the Snow. I would suggest trying the Wet n' Wild
Have a lovely week everyone and thank you for reading.


  1. great haul! those wnw lipsticks look amazing!!
    they carry wnw at walmart in canada, so im def going to have a look!

  2. @christine- you should! Tell me how much because if they are the same price or a little more expensive than 2.99, I might get some too. I want more!

  3. I want that Revlon Cherry Ice now; damn you!

  4. I'm so jealous. I have been wanting to try wet n wild lippies since forever. I have the bare it all one coming from a blog sale but I would love it if I can get more. I'm from Malta in Europe - and we don't get wet n wild, and you can't get wet n wild online either :( Oh well. Thank for feeding my addiction ahha xD
    I love love love the shades you got :D xxxx

  5. @Poorcolledgestudent- HAHA! awwe so sorry.Get Cherries in the snow!

  6. @Dyna- Thanks and I'm sorry to hear that, but you have Barry M's right? I need Barry M in Canada :)

  7. No no Barry M in Malta haha xD I wish. But we can get them online, I'm thinking about ordering actually. I just bought a barry m lippie from a blog sale, I'll see how that goes and if I like it, I'll grab a couple more shades xD

  8. i love Revlon so much.
    I bought a bunch of their lipsticks recently too. I use wet n wild nail polish, occasionally. You know another cheaper brand is NYC which is pretty great, nail polish, mascara

  9. @Dyna- oh thats good. Shipping here in Canada is INSANE!!! haha

  10. @Alexis- I love NYC too, but we have limited se;ection if NYC products here. :)

  11. =/ That's a shame
    Barry M though charges a bit too much for shipping. I have to pay £10 to order something. Which is too much for cosmetics, but I'll definitely try to find a cheaper alternative if I can. But I am probably going to give in to temptation, or find someone else in Malta who'd love to order and share the shipping fees. I don't know. We'll see haha :D
    Thank you for your response, you're so sweet xx

  12. @Dyna- Thats a great idea :) Np, thanks for reading my post :)

  13. Im so tempted to buy a new lipstick shade now! =)

  14. haha its always so hard to not spend when you are on a trip.... :) nice finds! great colour choice as always :)
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  15. @miyoko01- haha :D you should :D

    @Locke- thanks x

  16. @Miss krimson- Thanks maricela Im very happy with my purchases and you're right..it is VERY hard to control myself

  17. Wow! Those lippies are amazing...I so want them!

    Style Fashion Etc

  18. The WnW lipsticks look great I especially like 909D and what a great price you paid for them.


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