Wednesday, March 9, 2011

USA Haul Part 2-Sephora: NARS Illuminator

They are finally out! The NARS Illuminators are OUT! I've been waiting for them and I finally have ONE and only one I shall have.

They retail for $29.00 in Sephora and NARS website(good thing they are way way cheaper than the multiples). NARS came out with four familiar shades- Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Laguna, and Copacabana.
> Orgasm- similar to its blush counterpart, it is peachy pink with gold reflects.
> Super Orgasm- similar to Orgasm, but chunkier gold reflects
> Laguna- similar to Laguna bronzer. Perfect for that all over sun kissed glow for summer.
> Copacabana- similar to the Copacabana multiple. The perfect highlighter with a pearly shine

What are these Illuminators for?
> This is what NARS say: "NARS Illuminators light the skin from whithin. A collection of light-reflecting liquids that glide on to refresh and enhance the complexion to create a shimmering incandescence. "
> You can either use these illuminators as highlighters or mix it in with your foundation.


Guess what I got..well it's Copacabana of course! I was thinking if I should get two, but I had to control myself and only choose one. There was only ONE Copacabana left and it had to be mine. Orgasm and Laguna are a hit too because there were only two to three tubes left.

hand swatch of NARS Copacabana- WARNING: You ONLY NEED HALF OF A PEA SIZE. The product is SUPER pigmented!
Yeap! Thats too much product on my hand's Copacabana blended...Shimmery in a good way.
I can't review this product yet because I just bought it, but I will try them on maybe next week and post an in depth review. I bet you will find video reviews on Youtube or try googling "NARS Illuminators Review".

Did you purchase any NARS Illuminator? What is your shade of choice?

Thanks for reading and have an awesome Wednesday!



  1. What a pretty shade! I have the one in Orgasm and it is pretty too! :)

  2. I think this one or Laguna would be my picks, looking forward to your review :)

  3. I'm so excited about these! I definitely want to try this and Laguna!


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