Sunday, March 27, 2011

Products of the Week (All MAC)

Sorry, but all my "Products of the week" products are all from MAC. I actually just realized that right now while typing. I'm going for that fresh spring-ready look.

I won't be using a black liquid liner, but opted for a brown eyeliner pencil for my upper lashline(Stubborn Brown) to give me that soft and subtle look. Black liner will give me a heavier and more dramatic look, which is okay, but I think I need to give my black liners some rest this season. I just love looking super fresh and clean-no heavy makeup for me in April.

I will do a FOTD using these products maybe tomorrow or on Tuesday when I get ready for school or work.
MAC eyeshadows in a quad palette:
> Sable- for my outer V
> Tempting- for crease
> Brule- for highlight and inner corner
> All That Glitters- for all over lid color

* I'm really loving the MAC quad palette because I can just put 4 eye shadows in and carry them with me anywhere. I put a crease color, lid color, highlight, and outer V eyeshadow. I really suggest getting at least 2 quad palettes from MAC or any brand actually because I swear they make your life so much easier.
MAC Rubenesque paint pot- Golden peach with gold pearl
MAC Stubborn Brown- Brown! Yes, that's it :)
MAC TLC in petting pink- sheer lipbalmm, but it does have a slight pink tint.
MAC Speed Dial lipstick- slightly blue- based pink with a golden sheen. Great for an everyday lip color because it has that cool- tone vibe to it, but its not too bright. Should I say this lipstick is absolutely perfect for spring.Hand swatch
Lip swatch
Next up, monthly favorite products!

So, are you going for a soft look this spring?

Hope you guys have a lovely week and thanks for reading!

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  1. Speed dial looks awesome one you, don't know why I've overlooked this colour for so long.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree on the quads. They make life much easier. Nice colors.

  3. Speed dial looks gorgeous! I can't wait to get a job so I can finally pay the MAC counter a visit :(

  4. @Jadegrrrl- I love the soft pink look of Speed Dial. It does have a blue undertone but def. more wearable than snob or St Germain

  5. @Chester- I need them whenever I travel and they are always inside my makeup bag. I just mix and match the colors and im ready to go.

  6. #Chrissy- If you do visit a MAC counter check out speed dial and angel. I really recommend those two

  7. wow, speed dial is really nice, I might check it out next time I'm in town! :) I love mac cosmetics! :) xxx

    please check out my blog -

  8. Wow that lipstick is the perfect colour for you!!

  9. @Hannah- I will gibe your site a visit thank you :) and you should check speed dial!!

  10. @Cherry Pullinger- I really like it too and it is a nice color combination for those starting out with makeup. You just need these four shadows and you are good to go.

  11. @Tracy D- it looks a little bit brighter in personal, but not too overpowering :)


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