Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Life Essentials Nail Polish Remover Dip

I was skeptical at first because I've never used a nail polish remover dip ever before, but everytime I go and purchase a bottle of Sally Hansen's nail polish remover I spot these guys sitting there staring at me and saying that I should try them out.

and of course, I gave in and I will review it for you.

Introducing Life Essentials Nail Polish Remover Dip

If anyone isn't familiar with what this is, it is basically a giant sponge dipped and soaked with nail polish remover.

They also have scented nail polish dips, but I chose the one without, but I heard the scented ones are better.

Let me say this first...

I change my nail polish every 2-3 days, so that means I constantly use nail polish remover and which results to... DRY and BRITTLE nails and hands. I spend about 10 minutes to remove my polish, as in nothing left. I'm sick and tired of spending so much time removing my nail polish, so I went to Shoppers Drugmart(Canada only) and found this. I saw some makeup gurus rave/rant about nail polish remover dips. There were mixed reviews, so I went ahead and purchase this so I can try it myself.

What I think about this Life nail polish remover dip:

Available everywhere-
I'm not pretty sure if this specific brand is available in the U.S and UK, but I'm pretty sure Sally hansen makes one too.

> Removes nail polish QUICKER!- Directions: Dip fingers and twist it inside for about 10 seconds, remove, then dip it again for another 10 seconds and the polish should be gone. Don't forget to WASH YOUR HANDS afterwards.
> Not expensive at all- $4.99
> You will save cotton balls- I use about 5-8 cotton balls everytime I remove my nail polish. What a waste!
> Acetone-free- means more gentle and less drying

> The smell is too strong- more concentrated smell compared to a bottle of nail polish remover
> The sponge will get dirty(*obviously) after about 5 uses, but don't worry it still works great!

I took some photos of the sponge after about 4-5 uses

Well..will you look at that.

Conclusion: Im converted! I recommend trying this dippies out if you are interested. I will be purchasing this again, but I think I will go with the scented ones this time.

Will you guys try this? or will you stick with a bottle of nail polish remover?

How's the first day of March? I hope you guys are well and have a happy day!



  1. I've used these in the past, and i have to agree they do get messy after a few uses..... this brand is only available in canada.
    I would probably stick to a bottle over these
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  2. i loooove these, so much more convenient & neater than liquid remover and cotton balls lol!

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  3. I use the same one, but scented! I find it only takes like 5 minutes to have both hands completely done, including sparkle finishes. The only downfall about these, the sponge rips apart fast. I use mine every 3 days, and in a month they are toast.


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