Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Day at the Beach + Top 6 +1 Favourite Lipglosses

Hi Ladies!!!

So, im done with my favourite lipsticks, now Im doing my favourite lipglosses. I always want to top my lipstick with a gloss just to give it a sheen and glow. I know some people don't like that feeling. Sorry if all my favourites are from MAC, but they do make good lipglosses and they are pigmented as well. I would love to try out other brands, like Nars, Smashbox, etc. I have a lot of favourites, but i will count this as my top 6 or 7 maybe. I use these on a daily basis. So out with the chit chat and one with what i have to say. Here it goes.

--> MAC Dazzleglass Cream in Perfectly Unordinary (LE) (Far left)

I LOVE this one and if i say love I mean ADORE LOVE! lol. I saw this on Laura's YT Channel and her blog. This is super pretty with subtle giltters on it. It is a pink lipgloss with tiny orane-y undertone to it I must say. It has pretty glitter colours. I wear this alone or on top of a nude lipstick like Creme D Nude or Myth.

--> MAC Creamsheen in Fashion Scoop (Too Fabulous collection )(Far Right)

I was hoping that this will be a pigmented creamsheen because i know a lot of people are raving about this. This is what the girl in the promotion picture of the Too Fab. collection was wearing with the In Sync lipliner. Now, now don't get me wrong because i still like this too tone down bright coloured lipsticks, especially lilacs and pinks. I think people with non-pigmented lips can rock this alone, but I have pigmented lips and I tried wearing this alone and it didn't quite worked well for me.

--> MAC lipglass in Culture Clash (Permanent, but included in the Spring Forecast collection) (below)

I dint include Culture Clash on the first picture above. I just bought this recently because Im a pink lipgloss/lipstick person. I love nudes as well. There are a lot of glitters in it, but its totally wearble. I think every person can rock this colour on top of their favourite lippies. I was debating if i should get Emberglow or this one tho, but I ended up with Culture Clash. I wanted to get Emberglow as well.. so that will be my next purchase if it is still available.

from left-right

--> MAC Plushglass in Amplified (Permanent)

I love MAC's Plushglasses because i love how it has a tingly effect on my lips. I have nothing much to say with this one, but just that it is pink with a tiny beige-y undertone to it. It is not that pigmented so top this off with Myth or any nude lipstick and a little plump on my lips and im a happy girl already.

--> MAC Lipglass in Florabundance (Permanent)

I would say this is on almost everyone's favourite lipgloss list. No doubt this is a wonderful peacy lipgloss. It is very opaque, and MAC is right because they described this as a peachy blossom pink cream. It has a pink undertone to it. This is similar to underage lipglass.

--> MAC Lipglass in English Accent (LE included in the Liberty of London collection)

Many people would disagree with me if I say that Im not a huge fan of the packaging itself, but i do love the colour of this lipglass. I do not hate the packaging as other people would desribe it as being tacky? but its just too childish. Anyways I still bought it just for the pinky colour of it. It has a slight lilac undertone to it that's why i love this lipgloss. I wish i bought the Perennial High Style because peach is a trendy color this season, but ow well. I should save my money for the upcoming MAC collection.

-- MAC Lipglass in Underage (Permanent)

Laura- lollipop26 said that this pigloss makes her lips look bigger, and i agree with her because it really does! It is very opaque and you can def. wear this on its own. This will look nice with any lipstick you own whether it is a nude, pink, coral, peach, etc.



I found this picture on my camera, and decided to share it with you. This photo actually makes me crave for heart-shaped sushi right now!!! It taste sooo good and isn;t it adorable!!!! i took this picture way back when it was the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver. My boyfriend and I went to have dinner in a japanese restaurant in the heart of downtown Vancouver. I forgot the name of the restaurant tho =s anyways... *DROOOL*


It's has been a wonderful week just cuz Mr. sun showed up the whole time. SO thank you Mr. Sun for cooperating with us. YES it didnt rain at all. poor plants =(. Anyways.. I went to the beach last Thursday with my friend and my boyfriend. It was uh...pretty cold-ish? about 20 degrees, but whatever, we still decided to go and enjoy the sun. Just wanted to share my day with you guys.

What I wore on the way to the beach(its super plain, but i wore my bikini at the beach of course)
Shirt- Aritzia
Jeans- Forever 21
Bracelets- Nordstrom
shoes- barefoot, but i wore a havaiana Flipflops
Makeup: Eyes- Mac painterly paint pot
- Black Track fluidline and Kat Von D tattoo Liner in Trooper
Face primer- Korres Vitamins Face Primer
Foundation- Nars Sheer Glow in Ceylon
Bronzer- Nars Laguna
Blush- Mac Instant Chic
Lips- Creme D' Nude Lipstick
- Florabundance Lipglass
Have you guys been to beach? how was it? and tell me what are your favourite lipglosses. comment below
love, kim

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