Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's in My Purse

HI there again!

I thought I would do a whats in my purse post. I enjoy reading and watching videos and blogs about this. So I would love to share mine as well.

I hope you guys enjoy this. =)

My purse is a Balenciaga Giant City with Giant Rosegold Hardware in Canard

Sorry my lil sis wants to be in the photo as well. lol
I try to carry less things in my purse.

From Top-botton

My make-up bag- consists of my Creme D' Nude lipstick, Florabundance and Underage Lipglass, My Petty Pink Lip conditioner, Blistex Lipbalm, Mirror, and my Sugar Lipbalm. Oh i forgot, my perfume spray in Viva La Juicy.

My Contacts and glasses in the blue zipper thingy? haha

The Bay- VIP book- I get 10 dollars off every month with 50 dollars purchase WHOO

My Orange Guess wallet

Body Shop Brush

My old Ipod Nano with a Roxy Earphones

My Memo notebook- where I write things i need to do and thing i need to buy.
Obviously my phone- i dunno where it was at the moment haha

do you guys carry your whole room in your purse? I wanted to, its really hard to bring few things haha

xoxo, kim

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