Saturday, May 22, 2010

My MAC Eyeshadows and Blush Palettes

Hey everyone,

Another post for the day.

This post might be boring, but oh well..=D

Hope you guys still enjoy this.

I do not have that much makeup compared to some people, but I want to expand my makeup collection. I do not buy colors that I won't use because that will be a watse of money won't it? Im a neutral person, I love nude lips, and neutral eyes, brozer, nice flush of colour on my cheeks, and tada!! im good to go. I usually put on foundation if there's an occassion or something like that.

what's your makeup routine? Tell me because I want to learn how to shorten my makeup time, but still look polished!Does it take you 20-30 minutes to get ready?

so enough with the talking, heres my MAC Palettes.

This is my first MAC eyeshadow palette. These are my non- neutral e/s

First row: Da Bling, Suchi Flower, Silver Ring, Woodwinked, Brule

Second row: Swish, Expensive Pink, Love Lace(LE), Sable, Amber Lights

Third Row: Paradisco, Star Violet, Forgor the name from Love Lace collection(LE), Satin Taupe,


My Neutrals!!
1st row: Chamomile(LE), Gleam, Kid, Trax, Sorcery(LE)

2nd row: Ricepaper, Jest, Patina, Prep For Glamour(LE), Hey(LE)

3rd row: Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Shale, Tempting, White Frost.


First Row: Dame, Well Dressed, Pink Swoon
2nd Row: Instant Chic(LE)

Favs: Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Tempting, Gleam, Hey, Sable, Satin Taupe, Jest, Ricepaper. Yeap NEUTRALSSS!! haha =D
I have Shroom in the pot still. Lonely shroom

Are you guys ready for the new MAC To The Beach collection? What are you guys planning to get?

What Neutral Eyeshadows would you guys recommend? Even if it's not from MAC.



  1. I definitely can't wait for the to the beach collection to come out! the packaging is gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous palettes! I only have a few Mac eyeshdows but my favourite is Honey Lust - it's sucha pretty colour. Maybe I'll treat myself to a new eyeshadow from the To The Beach Collection...x

  3. Hey Kim! I absolutely love MAC make-up =) especially the blush colours you've got there.

    I'm following your blog! I'd love it if you followed mine too =) xx

  4. I love MAC! Great colelction you have here. So much MAC eyeshadows! I would like to get naked lunch and all that glitters next time.

    I cant wait for the beach collection. Im planning on getting both brushes, marine life(ofcourse) and maybe the lazy dya lipstick.

    What ar eyou planing on getting?

    BTW thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment, im following u back also :]

  5. nice blog I'm following you!!

  6. Wowee you have a lot of Mac Colours! You're very veyr lucky! Lovely blog xxxxxxxxx

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment! I hope to hear more fom you in the future!
    Love your blog, I'm follower as well! :)


  8. I love your make-up, simple and beautiful :)

    I'm your follower too


  9. you're pallettes are so organized. :) mine don't look nearly as nice.

  10. i'mm working on a new beauty regime too. i don't think it takes longer than 15 minutes, but i'd have to actually time it to see. i use foundation, concealer, primer, etc.

    cool mac palettes!

  11. Hi, thanks for your comment! I'm following you but you forgot to follow me! ;)

  12. I love seeing people's palettes, I have just finished filling my first one! I think you already have most of my favourite neutrals, Naked Lunch and All That Glitters are my most used!

  13. Very nice makeup collection! I wanted to get the naked lunch eyeshadow color so that is on my list of what to buy next. lol Are there any MAC blushes that you like the best?

  14. @Leenda- I think Instant Chic is so far my fav. Its from the Prep a papier collection, if you mised that out, Hipness from the To The Beach collection is a dupe. Thats what Ive heard.

    @Ellie- Yes they are my favs!!


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