Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Less Coat The Better- Swatches (Edited)

Hey ladies,

Its finally the weekend. Summer is here! too bad there's no sun here in Vancouver, Canada =(

As iI said on my previous post that i will be doing Elf nail polish swatches. Here it is now! Hope you guys enjoy this post.

Please excuse my ugly fingers. =) I need some pampering ASAP!

Elf polishes from L-R: Mint Cream, Bubblegum Pink, Lilac.

I wish Elf would give them fun names. Maybe like, Give Me Mint , Oh Pink Me Please!, Lilac My Toes.

LAME?!?! hahaha! just a thought. Sorry for the dent on my pointer, I was trying to remove my press ons and I used a knife to scrape it of. lol! yeap thats what happens if you use a knife to scrape off the excess glue on your nails! lol

oh and these are not a dupe for the elf polishes, I just made a comaprison.

Nail polish comaprison: (L-R): OPI Strawberry Margarita, Elf Bubblegum Pink, Sally Hansen I Pink I Can.

As you guys can see, Elf Bubblegum Pink is cooler tones compared to SH I pink I can. I think I still like SH tho. oh OPI Starwberry Margarita is still the best pink I own. for now =D

From( L-R): OPI Rumples Wiggin', ELF Lilac, OPI A Grape Fit

I applied 4 coats on the ELF one! 4 coats!! wow!! , but its pretty!, Its defenitely darker than OPI Rumples Wiggin.

From (L-R): China Glaze For Aubrey, Elf Mint Cream, Revlon Minted
I also applied 4 coats for this one!! not good! It is a nice dupe for Revlon Minted tho as you guys can see. Revlon Minted has more green undertoned tho compared to Elf Mint Cream.
EDIT-My Thoughts:
I didn't expect a lot from Elf polishes, but I was pretty impressed. I mean for a dollar? where would you find such?? I needed 4 coats to apply these three babies, which is not a good thing. The lids of these polishes are quite awkward because when you close the polish, the lid seems to be weird. What I mean is that when you close the polish, air can still come in, because the lid is kind off blah! you know what I mean? Air coming in is a no no especially with nail polishes because it will dry up quickly! not good
all in all, I like the products, but the lid bothers me and 4 coats???
I'll give this a 7/10

Random: This is my NOTD- OPI lincoln Park at Midnight. Just sharing
Are you guys enjoying your summer vacation? time for some shopping and pampering!!
xoxo, kim


  1. Wow, those polishes are super pretty! I have Revlon in Minted and it requires 3 coats, it sucks -_- But it's quite similar to th eone from ELF.

    Don't you think shipping fees are insanely high for us Canadians? I won a $25 gift card some times ago but I gave it away because I didn't want to pay $16 in shipping -_-

    I'm following =D

  2. all of these colours are soo pretty!

  3. @ gaby- Yes I know! My subtotal is 20 dollars, and the shippng fee is 16 dollars! i mean whyyyy!!!???? hahaha

    @AbbieAndBrian- Thanks so much!

  4. Haha, I love your name suggestions for ELF nail polish!!

    stop by my blogs!

  5. Great post!
    I'm lovin the spring colors

    very nice blog
    lovee to have u as a follower:

  6. Oooh, I love Mint Cream. All the Spring colors are so fun.


  7. I'm a big OPI and Essie fan, but that mint shade is really cute!

  8. Cute blog! I'm not a polish gal, but I like the deep colors, Str Margarita, Grape, and China Glaze. Good luck with your ELF and thanks for visiting my blog :)

  9. Amazing colors!
    I love the mint colors..
    Check my blog if you can..
    I would be glad if you become my follower!


  10. @Tea Sea- Im a follower now! =)

    @Valerie- I know, I love the mint polish too! im still in a hunt for the perfect one.

    @Purple Nepenthe- Thanks so much

    @Chara- Thanks, Im following you already! =)

  11. Love the mint colour! I want it!:)
    Great blog btw, please check out mine on:

  12. this was a great read for me. i just got elf mint cream and elf lilac yesterday for free! i haven't tried them yet, so thank you for the advance notice on 4 coats! that is so much. but they do look pretty.

  13. I haven't tried any of the ELF nail polishes, but I've heard good things about them. The colors you picked out are probably the same colors I would've picked out. lol I can't believe you put 4 coats on of that Lilac color! hahah The colors looks pretty nice though. I should probably pick up some next time. =] I have been looking everywhere for that China Glaze For Audrey nail polish. Can't find it anywhere. The color is soooo pretty.

  14. i am soo happy that you posted this! i was thinking about getting some things from elf and wasn't sure on what to try first. i LOVE that lilac color. it's the shade i've been looking for, i don't even care if it takes four coats! :) thanks so much!

  15. The colour combinations, I LOVE ^^


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