Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girl Crush- Favourite women celebrities

Do you girls agree with me that every girl has a girl crush on actresses or female singers? Its pretty normal eh? Well I have a lot of girl crushes, I know some poeple would agree with me and some won't, but whatever I like how they dress up casually yet they look polished and elegant. I adore these women because they are well behaved and they don't waste their life by partying every night or by getting caught by the cops because of DUI. I probably have more than 10 girl crushes? but ill show you guys my top 10 girl crushes. I hope my readers enjoys this post.

Tell me who are your girl crushes and why. comment below

-> Lauren Conrad

Who does not love Lauren? I love her clothing line. She now has her own line and a line for Khols. She also wrote two books- LA Candy and Sweet Little Lies. I read both of them, and i just can't put the book down anymore. Once you start reading her book, you won't put them down anymore. It's addicting! I also like how her make-up is super elegant and it is not that heavy. She impresses me because she is so talented. She interned for Teen Vogue and now, look what she has become. I respect LC compared to her other THE HILLS co-star (Heidi). I bet her parents are so proud of her by now because she has come this far. One thing I also like about Lauren is her hair. I love her bohemian hair and her side braids. I think every girl loves her hair and her outfits. She dresses up whithin her comfort zone, but its sophisticated and chic at the same time. Bad thing she's not in The Hills anymore. Now The Hills' rating went down to 30% I believe. Thats what I've read on the web. Who adores Lauren?? I do for sure

-> Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson first appeared on O.C. I used to watch that series all the time. I miss that show. Rachel Bilson is now with hayden Christensen. They make a cute couple do they? Hayden is super tall, and Rachel is petite. lovely! I also like how Rachel Bilson dresses up, its super chic and she pulls up everything. You can see her with almost every outfit out there and she rocks it! She's super cute at the same time. So that's why Rachel Bilson is my numero dos.

-> Audrina Patridge
Audrina Patridge is a rocker chic!! Let's face it she's HOT! Thats all I can say. She and Justin Bobby are over, and she's dating musician, Ryan Cabrera. Ryan Cabrera used to date Ashlee Simpson. Audrina and Ryan are both seen on The Hills. So watch it, and you'll see what im talking about. I heard that Audrina will be doing her own reality show just like former Hills star Whitney Port. hmmmm do you guys think her show after The Hills will be a success?

-> Vanessa Hudgens

The High School Musical star, girlfriend of Zac Efron. What else would Vanessa Hudgens wish for? she has everything. I love her style because of the beachy- bohemian clothes and hair she has. I wish I have Vanessa Hudgens' hair, its super pretty.

-> Kristin Cavallari

OK lets face it, she's the bad girl from The Hills, and she creates drama, or should I say drama follows her wherever she goes? right? But She's gorgeous tho. She has a strong personality which I like because she says what she wants to say and doesn't care what other people will think. She's so elegant and simple when it comes to dressing up. I often see her on magazine pages with just a plain short with shorts, jeans. I really like her, but not her attitude.

Other Girl Crushes in a sentence:

->Megan Fox- Hot with her pretty eyes.

-> Jessica Biel- Nice body, and her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake (love)

-> Katy Perry- Love her songs and her pin-up girl look

-> Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen- Love their clothing line and the way they dress(sometimes)

-> Miley Cyrus- Love the way she dresses up. She is a rocker- bohemian girl. she rocks it

Tell me who are your girl crushes and why. comment below.thanks

love, kim

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  1. My top 10 girl crushes are Megan Fox, yeah she's freakin' HOT! The others are Rachel Weisz, Monica Bellucci, Camilla Belle, Leighton Meester, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian all because of their gorgeous faces!


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