Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Most Worn Tops

Hey everyone!

Im going to show you guys my 10 most worn tops. I usually wear oversized tops just because its super comfy and it goes with almost everything. You can dress it up, or dress it down. You can wear it tucked in, or tucked out.Now that its summer, its even better because of the warm weather. As you can see, I have a lot of lacey tops and I love every single one of them I think every girl needs to have at least 2 lacey tops! That's a must! oh and an oversized shirt as well.

Not in order.

Sorry if everythings just hanged, but if you guys like to know how it fits, let me know and I'll do another post wearing them =)

so I'll go straight to my point here. enough with the talking. Camis- I always wear a cami underneath a shirt. I dunno why? I just don't feal comfortable without them underneath my tops. Well it depends what Im wearing tho.
White Lacey top from Nordtrom B.P.- Just got this about a month ago, and Im absolutely loving this top! I wear them with high waisted skirt, or a high waisted short, or just leggings. I dont really wear any necklace with this, just because the neckline is high.

Oversized stripes with pocket- I wear this one with leggings or shorts. I specifically like this because of the stripes and huge pocket on the side. I have a thing with tops that has a pocket on the side. haha. It has a silk material too. So thats a plus

Oversized tee- I have 3 colours of the same kind. Theres white, black, and this lilac. I can't say anything about this top, but its super COMFORTABLE.

Lacey Fitted Tank- This is a fitted lacey tank. I bought it because I lve the colour. The store sells variety of colours, such as; blue, white, black, lilac, you name it! I wear this one tucked it in shorts or skirt, or tucked out with leggings. Pair this one with blazer as well it will look gorgeous.

Large Armhole Tank- This is just a basic loose tank. I wear this with almost anything i have in my wardrobe, jeans, shorts, skirts. I have a blue, light green, white, black, and this coral one. That's how I like it!
Asymmetrical Top- It is oversized, but the one on the left is longer than the one on the right. It fits perfectly. The sleeves are rolled up that's why I like it. The material, on the other hand, uhm I can't describe it, but it has a texture on it. Blah Im really bad with describing the fabric of this top. Sorry guys.

Lacey Tank- This is different than the one above. The only difference is that this is not fitted. I pair this one up with Shorts, or high waisted skirts and jeans, or even leggings. Top it of with a blazer. TADA!

Boyfriend Shortsleeves polo- Love the fit on this one because it's long, but not to long. I wear this buttoned up, or buttoned down with a cami or tank underneath. I really like the pocket and rolled up sleeves on this one.

Ruffled Top- Everyone needs to own a ruffled top as well because its cute and chic. You can dress this one up, or dress it down with jeans, or leggings and just wear flats or flip flops. Enough said. =)
What are your summer tops must haves? comment below =)
xoxo, kim


  1. i just got your comment on my blog :)
    i really do think the Barry M nail polishes are good
    and for £2.95 they are a bargain!

  2. i got your comment again :)
    i've been wanting to do another international swap for a while
    but i want to get all of my revision & exams out of the way first
    but if you are interested in doing one in about a month or so let me know :)

  3. The colors are yummy dear, thnx for the comment, PS you have great taste in tops, I'd wear each and every one of these :)

  4. I also wear camis under my tops. I love those loose tops you have. I prefer loose tops during let my skin breathe. xoxo

  5. @ Inked- thanks!!

    @LEah- Yes i know how you feel. They are super comfy!!


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