Saturday, May 29, 2010

When I reach 150 followers...(Edited)

I'm going to have a contest soon.

Just 8 more to go. So follow guys

Don't forget to come back.

My contest is going to be a simple one.

and...the best thing are the prizes, of course right? there will be 1 winner and it will be chosen randomly

-for the winner: 1 OPI polish(any color you want) + 5 MAC lipglass ( Utterly Discrete(LE), Light That Fire(LE), Dreamy, Steal My heart(Discontinued), Enchantress) + Superdupernatural Mineralized Blush

NOTE: The Lipglosses and the Mineralized Blush are not in their box anymore because I took them out already. I bought them about a month ago. Never been used. Is that okay for you guys? I mean if it's not then I should go and think of something elseto giveaway. Hope it's okay =)

- photos will be posted if I reach 150 followers.

So..follow follow follow.


  1. Great idea for prizes!
    I'm going to enter if you do your contest.
    You will have 150 followers so soon!

  2. Im definiatly going to enter this !
    Now you have 145 !
    Be sure to enter my giveaway:
    alice h

  3. @The Stalling- Thanks so much. Im really excited for the contest

    @ godessunseen101- Thanks!!

  4. HI I stumble by your blog..Its a great idea that you are having a giveaway...anyway I am holding one might be interested to join..;)

  5. thanks for inviting me to your network :) have you seen my webshop? I'm a designer


  6. thank you very much for your comment! I follow you!


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