Saturday, May 15, 2010

Forever Young, I Wanna Be Forever Young - Cartoons

Yes, yes, yes Forever Young is Jay Z's song and its an awesome song especially the duet with Beyonce, but let's not talk about him right now because he is already popular with his pretty and talented wife, Beyonce. Don't get me wrong I love Jay Z!

This is not your average beauty post, but I will take a risk right here to post something different this time. Everyone of us misses something during our childhood years, specifically cartoons. Isn't it fun to mesmerize our childhood memories and think about what we did when we where young? I'm now 20 turning 21 this October. I feel pretty old =(

I have 2 younger sister's one who is 18 and the youngest is 4 years old. BIG age gap huh? anyways, I was watching Little Mermaid with her and while I was watching, I thought about my blog and what will interest you guys, my readers. I thought about posting my favourite cartoons . I dunno if that would interest you guys, but i hope it will =)

I'm tagging everyone to post their favourite cartoons on their blog. Let everyone know who you are. Have fun guys!!

1. Barney and Friends

I LOVE Barney when i was about 4 years old until about 12??? lol. am I too old back then to love Barney? I would watch it every single day. My dream when i was a kid was to audition for Barney. I would memorize all the songs that they sing there and dance to it as well. I have almost every VHS of Barney. My parents brought me and my sister to New York to see Barney live! That was the best day of my life back then sheez! I love BJ and Baby Bop , I forgot the name of the orange dinosaur because during my time he wasn't there yet. I have dolls of the both of them. I would pretend that I have the "Barney Bag" and would do what crafts they're doing on TV. I would always tell my parents to let me audition and be famous because Im on Barney, but hey Selina Gomez and Demi Lovato was first seen on Barney! hah! do you guys used to love Barney and would always wish that you could get in and perform infront of millions of people? =)

2. The Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls isn't showing that much anymore is it? It used to be super popular with Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup in it. I love this show so much because they're superhereos!!! Who doesn't want to be a superhereo when they were young anyways? I would play Powerpuff girls and I would be buttercup because she is the toughest of the three right? Blossom is the leader of the gang and bubbles...ehhhh shes cute and everything, but she always cries does she? lol. I miss this show. I hope they could still play this on TV and sell Powerpuff Girls toys, but they don;t anymore. Thats sad. Do you guys want The Powerpuff Girls back? I sure do

3. The Rugrats

One word to tell you guys what I think about this show, MISS. I MISS THIS SHOW soo bad guys. I love their theme song. I would literally wait infront of the TV just to see this show every single day when i was a kid. I would still watch this tho right now, if they play it on TV, but they don't anymore do they? I think they still show this on Tv with in other countries around the world, but they don't show it here in Canada, well in Vancouver at least. I just miss Tommy, Angelika, Chuckie, uhm i forgot the name of the twins. I know both of them start with letter L?? Do you guys remember the names of the twins in Rugrats? tell me! I love how Tommy is the youngest, yet she is the leader of this pack of babies! I miss this show can they bring it back and let kids in this generation see it because its pretty awesome. Who is your favourite character in Rugrats? mine is Tommy. hah!

What is your favourite show? tell me! i would love to hear from you guys! Let your inner child come out!

Love, Kim

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  1. ha ha, might do this on my blog! And i miss powerpuff girls too, i watch it online occasionally lol


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