Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monthly Combinations: Lips for October

Well, well... impressive huh? I blogged for two consecutive days, so with that I'll give myself a pat on the back. Good girl Kim, keep it up. :) well there you go, I just praised myself. yikes, but I should keep this habit and blog 4-5 times a week, but to be honest I havn't been buying anything, so I can't post hauls. I will be purchasing maybe two or three products from the MAC A Tartan Tale collection tomorrow. So watch out for that haul.

I've been a good girl lately and have been saving up for a leather jacket that I've been wanting for a year! yes guys, a year. I decided to get it as a birthday present for myself.(well, the Boyfriend will half with me) Yippeeee! Another haul right there. I won't say what brand now, but I will be posting some photos maybe next week.

I've decided that I will put updates on my life at least once a week, so here it is...

- I've been using and buying less makeup this month and I feel great. I have way too many lipsticks/glosses/eyeshadows and it's ridiculous. I'm still thinking on doing a blog sale, but I don't know if you guys are interested. So let me know.

- I will be gcrossing the border on November and I can't wait. We will be going to Seattle and will be staying there for 3 days. Shopping for clothes- plain v-necks to be specific. I bet I will be adding more as time flies.

- My parents decided that we will go on a family vacation in May to..guess where? CALIFORNIA BABY! I've been there couple of times already, but I have a 4 year old sister and we will bring her to Disneyland. Do you guys have any recommended places to go in Cali? Let me know. Im incharge for everything.

- I excercise every morning around 8:30 for about 30 minutes. I need to stay in shape for the holidays because holidays means food. Parties everywhere! I will TRY MY BEST to enroll in a gym for a serious work out maybe this weekend.

- Weather is crappy here, grey-ugly-looking clouds, rain almost everyday, muddy street. YUCK. I hope the sun shines again. I mean I do love rain, but not too much.

- While walking earlier, I saw boys, yes around 15-17 years old walking to school and they were just wearing shirt, jeans and sneakers NO JACKET/SWEATER and they were shivering. I don't think they forgot to wear their jackets because it is freaking 6 degrees here, I think they thought that it is "cool" and "manly" for them not to wear anything to keep them warm. WOW this made me laugh.


Wow i wrote so many things. I didn't even realize it.

Here are the lip combinations I've been wearing for this month- October.

1. Mac Hue and Revlon Nude Lustre

MAC Hue alone
Mac Hue and Nude Lustre on top.

2. MAC Myth and MAC Splashing lipglass
MAC Myth aloneMAC Myth and MAC Splasing lipglass on top

What's going on in your life? Share them with us.
What lip combos are you rocking this month?
Thanks for reading. :)
xo, Kim


  1. Ooooo California is exciting. If you go to L.A, you should tour one of the studios like WB. If you go to San Francisco, you should definitely check out Fisherman's Wharf. Also don't forget that the Sephora's in CA sell Illamasqua which we can't get here in :)

  2. @FunnyFaceBeauty- OHHH yay! thanks! NEED ILLAMASQUA!!! :D

  3. That Myth combo looks amazing on you! From the swatches I've seen of Hue.. it looks so different by comparision from the lipstick to the swatch!

  4. definitely go to the places that you don't have around you (obviously) either when you're in Seattle or California, (like i don't have H&M anywhere near me, so i always have to look at it when i travel) like others have said, sephora or beauty places that might have cheaper things and or carrie items your hometown doesn't.
    San Diego is sooo pretty! I would recommend going there. (not too sure about the extent of the shopping and such, but it really is pleasant being there)

  5. Omg I need Hue in my life. Next time I'm in the mall that's a must have

  6. @Audrey- Love Myth, but I can;t wear it alone because i will look like a dead lady. :( This is when I need my tan back. boo

    @Alexis- Good idea! Thanks. We dont have uhm...A LOT of pretty places to go here! like boutiques here. Def will check those places out. US is cheaper thats for sure. Plus they dont have 13 % tax!!!!! ARGH!!!!

    @Andrea- YES DEFINITELY purchase hue. it will look stunning on you sexy lady :)

  7. Hi kim, I love your l/s combinations. They look like almost milky pink. :)

  8. i really love the first lip combination. I really do. Very natural and pretty. Yay! for you going to california. I would love to go there one day

  9. @mariawritesvanity- thanks! I love it too. I wear that combo almost everytday :)

    @Kellie- YAY to cali! hot weather i love!!!

  10. I like I like. The color combos are so pretty. :) I really like Hue.

  11. @Mara- LOVE HUE. I actually love it more than Myth!

  12. Love the second combo :) Gorgeous :)

    G BLOG :)

  13. @Tugba- Thanks LOVE your blog too! amazing clothes and you can rock almost everything hun :)

  14. I like the Hue and Revlon combo. :D

  15. Hue looks gorgeous with that lipgloss on top! Definitely just added it to my shopping list ;) I hope you had a good time with your bf yesterday, boys are so hard to buy for! xx

  16. @Janinay- me too! :)

    @Glimmer and Glow- Hue is awesome and it is a versatile product! :) Def add those two hun :)

  17. @ohyouprettythings- Thanks <3


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