Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Junk. (Not Beauty Related)

This is not a beauty related post.

i want to switch things up a bit today :)

I want to share what "junk" I've been munching on lately

I've been addicted to these junk foods for couple of weeks now and I know it is BAD. I don't finish one bag of chips and a bottle of pop in 1 day, but me and my boyfriend can finish these in a week. No, I don't live with my boyfriend, but we see each other 4-5 times a week, so we much on Fritos while watching TV(Glee, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl,Teen Mom, One Tree Hill, 90210, and Jersey Shore). He hates 90210 tho, but whatever I give him car magazines to read on while I watch 90210 every Monday :)

here is my weekly schedule:

- Monday: School, work til 7:30pm, watch 90210 and Gossip Girl, do homework
- Tuesday: School, NO WORK, watch One tree Hill, Glee and Teen Mom, do homework
- Wednesday: School, NO WORK, watch ANTM, do homework
- Thursday: School, Work till 7:30, watch Vampire Diaries and Jersey Shore, do homework
- Friday, Saturday and Sunday: NO SCHOOL, Work 9am- 5:30pm, go to the gym, go out with friends! YAY for the weekend!

do you guys watch any TV series that I don't? What are they? I want to watch them too. True Blood? I heard its REALLY good.

so you can see I do my homework after I watch TV :D I try to finish my homework before i go to bed. I usually sleep around 1am and wake up around 7am.

ok..Im going out of topic here, let me go back to my point.

as I was saying, Me and my boyfriend much on these junk every night and WE KNOW WE SHOULD STOP. On the other hand, I work out every Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours, so I guess all is good. :)
Fritos Hoops- I LOVE THIS!!! I recommend you to try this! Fave chips ever!
A&W Root Beer(Ready to deposit) I've been tweeting about this. That's how Im addicted to root beer :)
Coke- simple, yet yummy!
saving the best for last- Tropicana Paradise Blend- This isn't junk right? I mean it is full of sugar, but it's juice NOT pop! haha I know Im not excuse, but EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THIS I always buy 2 juice boxes for CAD$7.50
So for the carbs...Cobs Bread in Large Cape Seed Loaf(whole wheat)

My boyfriend hates this, but I love it.
I can munch on 4 slices of this in 1 day! That's insane because I don't usually eat whole wheat bread, but Im addicted to this. Canadians should try this!
So to all my Canadian readers/followers you guys should try this.
Yum yum yum!!! Love Sesame Seeds :)

So you know my weekly schedule(I blog two-three times a week) and you know what junk I much on :)

so it's your turn, What are your "junk" addictions? Share them with us :)

the weekend is near :)

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xo, Kim


  1. That was a fun post! I have to look out for Cob's bread - never heard of it, but I only eat wholegrain bread now - so I should try this!

    What type of work do you do (you don't have to be specific LOL - just curious).

    What I junk on: Mcflurries (love them - but have them 1-2 times a month only), Crunchies chocolate bar, Wasabi peas, tamarind candy and Iced coffee.

  2. @Ella Pretty: Oh I just work Part time in a retail shope at a mall :) Nothing biggie :) Thanks for asking tho! OMGOSH Mcflurry! I just ate that last night :)

  3. Oh i just love hot chocolate, and doritos (thinking about doritos..makes me crave for them so much!
    I am Gossip girl addicted. It's amazing :)
    I even dedicated a post to it!
    should I say ?

  4. It's good to change topics from time to time to keep reader interested.
    I love potato chips and orange juice. I also like almonds and eat lots of them when watching T.V.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love root beer and coke too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. I love root beer! Wow, you have a whole schedule with all the great shoes. I watch The Office, Jersey Shore, Smallville, and Hawaii Five- O. :)

  7. Oooh yummy! That breads looks so tasty!

  8. LOL oh yummies...I love to munch but I know it's not good :P Me and my bf would do it too but usually I am the one whos munching :P hes too strict on his diet to do it...
    Am not a big fan of root beer :D but I love me some chips!!

    I have been following True Blood, I guess its good :D If you like vampires but I am LOVING Supernatural!!! You should watch XD if you like ghost and ghoul, as suggested Supernatural :P hehe


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