Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Rant About A Holy Grail Product

This is so contradicting isn't it?

Well, it's because of a product called Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Yes, I dedicated a post about this a few months ago and I use this every single time I do my nails because it...

1. Gives a shine
2. Hardens the polish
3. Helps my polish not to chip for about 5 days
4. It is inexpensive.
5. You can get this product anywhere and everywhere (drugstores, salons, etc.)
6. People raves about this product and it never ends.

I have a love-hate relationship with Seche Vite. I STILL do love it and I will repurchase this product over and over again until I find a better one, but I have reasons why I don't.

1. Sometimes, I'm a lazy girl who can't grab a base coat and what I will do is apply Seche Vite on bare nails, which leads to polish chipping off after a day. I know Seche Vite is not a base coat and I have learned my lesson.

2. Drugstore here in Canada sells them for $11-$15. So to my fellow Canadians, sorry, but that's how it works. *sigh*

3. I NEVER finish one bottle! NEVER. Why? well just see for yourself.
it becomes murky. I know it is normal for a clear polish to look like this...but wait...

look at these photos

I had this for about three months or so

Can you guys see the wand? It's nasty

sticky, goopy and really hard to work with because it gets REALLY THICK.

Eventhough I'm ranting about Seche Vite right now, I still recommend you to get this top coat. You may need the Seche Restore- I do not have this product, but I will purchase this soon when I head down to America. I heard this helps the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat or any other polish not to be goopy and thick. have you heard about this? if you have it, is it true and is it worth the money?
I will still keep this bottle because I want to try if the Seche Restore really works, but I can't use this for now. I have a back-up tho, so don't worry. :)
Thanks for reading.


  1. I really like Poshe super fast drying top coat better than Seche Vite. You can get it at drugstores and it costs the same exact price, but it doesn't (at least for me) get thick and gross like seche vite does.

    here's a link

  2. @Katie- why thanks hun! I will look for that! :)

  3. I, too, have a love-hate relationship with this product! I love how fast it dries polish...and the shine...but, I hate the "shrinkage" that it causes from the super fast drying (especially noticable with darker polishes)!

  4. Thanks for the review!I think I need this one!!!!

  5. Hi, Kim. I agree with you on this. If you use nail polish thinner it should help and is just like the restore. I work in a salon and that's what we use to make it less goopy. Plus, it's so much cheaper. ;) Hope that helps.

  6. @Pammy- I know! argh!!!! I still love it tho

    @Blushingloves- you do, but make sure you get the Seche Restore :)

  7. @Mara- thanks mara. it does and I will get the nail polish thinner in the US thanks again :)

  8. That really sucks. I had heard a lot of good things about it but who wants to waist product when it gets all thick. i know its not a topcoat but have you tried the OPI quick dry drops? I really like those

  9. Don't ya hate when stuff like that happens? I'm not sure there are ever perfect products *HuPH!*

  10. @FunnyfaceBeauty- Yes i tried the OPI quick dry drops, it does worl well, but I prefer Seche Vite. The OPI one gets greasy in my opinion, but it does help your polish to dry fast!

    @Miss Kimmy- I know...that sucks! I wish theyd make A perfect top coat! Someone..please? :)

  11. Head over your local Winners they sell it for bout 7 bucks.

    Cute blog, thx for the subscription, ill do the same.

  12. I have the seche vite polish thinner and it really works to extend the life of the bottle.

  13. I'll deff have to try this out, thanks!

  14. lol mine does that same thing, you get like halfway through and it's garbage. I got mine in canada at sallys too with the sally's card it was like $9-10 don't remember. This stuff makes my nails shine like nothing else.

  15. Oh I LOVE my Seche Vite...right now! Hopefully mine doesn't do that soon! By the way, I got mine at WINNERS for $5! Check it out next time your near one, I see it all the time! Along with the basecoat, Seche Restore! :)

  16. I've heard it's great, so I'll propably get it in the future! :)

  17. I couldn't tell you how many bottles I've been through of these. That's the one thing that gets on my nerves though and it's a waste, but I love it so much and couldn't live without it, I still buy it. x

  18. I Love the Sally Hanson Mega Shine extended wear top coat. It gets a bit thick in the summer (or that could just be because my room is pretty much deathly hot in the summer) but in the fall and winter, it's perfectly fine!

  19. @Elise- HAHAHAHA I laughed witht what you said, hun. Seche Vite seems like a living thing in your room! :))

  20. Ive been meaning to purchase this for a while now, been using sally hansen. xxx

  21. @Kayta Hawkins- i should really try the Sally Hansen. Thanks hun :)

  22. I'm not much of a polish wearer but I love seeing people wear it :D I do have the sally hansen base coat, or was it top coat. It works for me :D



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