Thursday, September 30, 2010

Haul: Tiny Teeny MAC Venomous Villain Purchases

I did not like this collection.

So you ask why do I have a haul? well, I bought two items from this collection not because of the packaging, but because they are pretty and I know I will use them a lot. I will immediately depot it! like NOW!

So here's the thing..

I woke up early this morning, as in 9:00 am and went to a near by mall to purchase some new products from MAC. Yes! you guys all know that the MAC Venomous Villain officially launched today- September 30(Thursday). I wasn't able to go the the event earlier(a week ago) because I went to a friend's birthday party.


I went to my MAC store and saw posters of the Disney Villains- Cruella De Vil and Malicent posted on the door. Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to this. The new products were neatly placed in front of the counter, so customers can see them at once(and it can also attract people passing by).

I know there are a lot of people who find the packaging childish and just blah(like me) and I also, know a lot who find it pretty and cute.

I find that the boxes- as in the sketch of the characters outside are prettier than what is inside. I just had a few products on mind and they were- Strange Potion lipglass, Darkly My dear blush, Innocence Beware! lipstick(yes! that exclamation point is included! grrr), Mean and Green nail polish, Fermidable nail polish, and Bite of an Apple Blush.

I know, I know that's a lot, but trust me it isn't because I didn't like majority of those items I listed down and ended up with only 2 items. I technically bought 3 items, but I returned 1 of the 3 right away.

Can I hear a "good job Kim!!" :)

so without further ado, here they are..

MAC Strange Potion lipglass- I just know this lipglass will be a big seller along with Innocence Beware! lipstick.I didn't purchase the lipstick because It is very similar to Hue and Creme D' Nude. Strange Potion lipglass is very similar to Pink Flamingo and Pink Lemonade from their permanent collection. I have both, but I just had to have this one too. Strange potion has more orange tones to it compared to Pink lemonade and Pink Flamingo. It has micro shimmers, but it is very creamy and pigmented.
Darkly My Dear Blush- a muted dirty mauvey-pink. This shade reminds me of Penny lane, but more mauve than pink. This shade will look nice on any skin tones. The blush is pigmented enough, so a light hand is needed when you applying this blush
This is the outside box I'm talking about. I wish they put this design on the pot instead of the character's faces.
Formidable! nail polish- So this is the item I returned. I know this is sold out online, but the shade is not for me. The bottle is stunning because of the multi-dimensional pearl(purple, red, blue, pink) and it is shimmery too. I bought this because the bottle looks gorgeous, but when i got home and swatch this nail varnish on my nails it's FLAT, as in you can't see the holographic effects of it. This is a big disappointment. I actually even went outside(under the sun) to see if it will look nicer with natural light, but unfortunately it wasn't and still look flat!

I returned it immediately after I swatched it!

Maybe you will like this polish, so tell me if you did maybe a little persuasion might work for me and I might just repurchase this again! :)
It looks nice in this photo, but in person it's not! :(

So did you guys purchase anything from the new MA collection that everyone was waiting for? Were you excited for it, or not? share your thoughts and opinions to us :)

Have a lovely day guys :)



  1. You did good! I'm surprised the polish was flat.. What a bummer!

    I really like the other two items.


  2. They looks so gorgeous on you! The nail polish looks out of this world. :)

  3. You did really good. Wish I had stopped at only 3 items. Love the nail polish in the picture. Too bad it doesn't translate in real life

  4. I was really disappointed with the overall collection too. There was so much hype about it and it was kind of a let down. I bought toxic tale lipstick and bite of an apple blush last week at the pre-release party. So far I really like the blush.

  5. Great swatches, in my opinion mean and green nail polish was the best polish and the thing I loved most about this collection.

  6. Darkly My Dear is by far my favorite blush :D

  7. @Savannah- I did eh? clap hands for me :D

    @Vampiressdoll- it is gorgeous, but nor really for me! :)

    @Ansa- haha! I did a pretty amazing job! I only spent 30 bucks! yay!!

  8. @FunnyFaceBeauty- oh! I need to look at that blush again. It was too bright for me I think, but hmm maybe I should give it a try :)

    @Muhsine- Really? aww I saw that one, but it was too sheer for me. A lot of people told me that it is really nice. I should look at it again. Thanks hun :)

    @magandamestiza- really? I want to play around with it already! I can't wait! :)

  9. I got bite of an apple and dsakly my dear.. these are my 1st matte blushes from MAC so I was surprised to see how pigmented they are.

  10. Love the mac Strange Potion lipglass on you!!

    I am wanting to get the Formidable! nail polish so bad!

    xxx Mallory

  11. I gave you an award!

    xxx -Mallory

  12. I was really disappointed with this collection too, I went and got it on tuesday. Yeah I did buy two things though but the nail varnishes were the worst though by far

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  14. Great choices like me I'm not a fan of the collection. I did not get on thing.

  15. i just bought all the things i liked too today! thanks for reminding me it was out! i would've missed out!

  16. I had a huge haul from this collection and I got my favorite makeup artist to do my face for it. So I bought:

    Bite of an Apple blush
    Bad Fairy nail polish
    She Who Dares mineralized eye shadow
    Toxic Tale lipstick
    French Quarter grease paint stick

    I haven't played with all of them, but I can vouch for the grease paint stick and the mineralized eye shadow.

  17. Love the strange potion!! Can't wait to get the stuff I ordered online.


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