Friday, September 24, 2010's a Saturday...

and it's raining like a mother(excuse the language, but it's a little too depressing) here in Vancouver

Im about to leave the house- shopping with my best friend. Both our boyfriends are working until the afternoon. So, there's nothing better to do on a Friday morning than to be with your girlfriend.
but..wait before I leave this house of mine..

I need to do another OOTD and NOTD :)

I opted for a more casual look- slouchy casual outfit but still perfect for fall..ish? well not the shoes, but hey! a girl can wear heels during rainy days.


So the NOTD

OPI Lucerne-tainely look Marvelous (Blackened burgundy violet)- LOVE this shade! A must have for fall.
Sally Hansen Gunmetal on my ring finger
And the OOTD
What I Wore:

Tank- Forever 21
Denim Longsleeves- Banana Republic
Black Jeggings- J Brand Jeans

Key Necklace- from a random vintage store
Rosary Necklace- Aldo Accessories
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelet- Disney Couture

Shoes- Steve Madden
Bag- Balenciaga Giant City Bag

Happy weekend :)


  1. I love the color of the Lucerne polish!! cute outfit too!! those shoes are to die for!! freakin gorgeous!!!

  2. Dark nail polishes look gorgeous on you!!!
    And so pretty outfit!Love the shoes!

  3. LOVE the outfit!
    Just wondering if you knew what model watch your Michael Kors one is? I'm about to buy one and I just love yours!xx

  4. gorgeous outfit especially the denim :) btw i love the notd

  5. Your outfits lovely :)

    Love the ring too!


  6. Great NOTD! I love how you used Sally Hansen Gunmetal only on your ring finger. I liek to do this, too (=

    Amazing shoes =D

  7. I absolutely love the OPI polish and you look super cute! xx

  8. Loving this outfit! The OPI polish is amazing too :) x

  9. @anette- Thanks <3 LOVE the OPI too and the shoes are really comfy :)

    @Blushingloves- I go with a comfy outfit. i usually wear these kind of clothes. A tank/shirt and jeans/leggings with flats or heels :)

    @Imogen- Hey hun! I commented on your page-the contest one :) It's the gold with mother of pearl one :)

  10. @Nadine Natalin- Thanks I bought these J brand jeans on sale. It was 190 something, but I bought it for 50 off :)

    @Fashion Insanity- LOVE connector ringss. <3

    @Nichola- thank you dear :)

  11. @Gaby-I always do that. I usually put a dark shade on my other nails and a lighter/glittery shade on my ring finger :)

    @Ansa-Lovin the OPI TOOO. and thanks <3

    @SparklesandLipgloss- The OPI is from the Swiss collection. You should check the new collection out. Fab shades-some cream some shimmery :)

  12. This outfit is hot. Love the shoes

  13. i looove your outfit kim <3<3<3

  14. @Andrea- Thanks dear!!!!! <3

    @CJ- Tank you thank you 100x thnak you CJ :)

    @Alexia-Thank you Alexis. I think I just said the same things to you guys..but thank you once again for commenting :)

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  16. WOW! definitely a good buy ;) btw followed you

  17. Such a fab outfit, and your hands are perfect! Such a lovely nail polish too..

    I am in love with your bag and watch- envyyy ;)

  18. @Nadine Natalin- Thanks for the follow <3

    @Sweetcheeks- Thanks hun! I really love the gold watch :)

  19. Love the Sally Hansen polish...and the shoes!

  20. LOVE everything about this outfit!! Especially the purse. You've got me drooling


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