Monday, September 13, 2010

A Bright Lip Well..ish

Fall=bold lips


Come on! pucker up those luscious lips with bright lipsticks for fall.

Don't be scared, besides it's "in" for this season

I'm so excited to put on bright lipsticks for fall/winter because I can just go out with a simple eye make-up and bold bright lips.

I really think that every make-up junkie should own at least THREE red lipsticks. One with blue tones, pink tones, and well..I call it a neutral red. There are a lot of nice red lipsticks, but I just had to go to MAC and find a perfect red shade for me.

So, without further ado..

Everyone, meet Lustering and Cockney. They are both in the lustre family.

YES! I went with lustre finish because I can't pull off an amplified or matte red. Those finishes will just be so "in your face" when I wear them.

Hey, I stick to where I'm comfortable with okay?

here are the lipsticks I'm talking about.

Photo below- Lustering and Cockney
Swatches below: Left-Cockney and right: Lustering
First up, MAC Cockney(Lustre)

I don't know where they got the name, but it's indeed a beautiful shade.

I can only describe Cockney as a true red with blue undertones. The texture is nice and glides on your lips smoothly. It also has a small bit of shine. I consider this to be a great starter shade for red beginners or for someone looking for a really subdued color.
Forgive the childish pose..
and then there's MAC Lustering..

I first heard this from Laura(lollipop26) love her so much, obviously that's why I bought this. Anyways, Laura was right, it is a sheer watermelon shade. This shade did not really show up nicely on my lips, but I can totally layer it with something else. I still love this shade and It is work appropriate too.

here's a lip swatch of MAC Lustering

And..the same post :)
so..are you guys diggin' these bright-ish lipsticks? I'am!! :)

enjoy the week:)

xo, Kim


  1. Me too!:D

    Loving the swatches, both look great on you!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I have lustering and now I need cockney (thanks to your pictures)!

  3. Love these! I have both of them.They look fabulous on you!

  4. Cockney is an english term. It's what we call people who are from east london. I am guessing the red post boxes, phone boxes, and double decker buses in london inspired this shade.

  5. @Marie- Thanks :)

    @tara- I love Cockney!!! :)

    @FUnnyfacebeauty- oh man, you need to get cockney now! it's pretty!!

    @Michelle-Thank you dear :)

    @Amy- Thanks for the information. I actually just researched about what Cickney means on Google half an hour ago. :) That's very interesting

  6. lustering is soo pretty :)
    red lipsticks i'm eyeing are russian red and ruby woo. both matte and almost the same colour. lol.

  7. you should get some plum lipstick in your next lip haul! whether it's MAC or a cheaper brand (for the test try) it seems like a trend/hot color :)

  8. <3 bright lips! Lustering has been on my list now, but I haven't actually had a chance to swatch it in-stores!

  9. I haven't got the courage yet to sport a red lippie! But I am totally digging Lustering~! But it looks more pink than red in the picture..hehe..
    anyway, thanks for the swatches~! =)

  10. Those are both gorgeous. Bright but not too attention-grabbing for day time. x

  11. both colors are pretty! look so nice on you! ^.^

  12. @CJ- I dont think I can pull those reds! I wanna try them tho. :)

    @Alexis- hmmm I think I should. :)

    @wuguimei- Lustering is pretty!!!!

  13. @aisyah de Cullen- You will love it! :)

    @Lilylipstick- They are! I love Cockney more :)

    @Sue- Lustering is more pink than red. It looks pretty!

    @My Socks Never Match- Love your name hun! Thanks :)

  14. I'm definitely digging these lipsticks! esepcially the lustering! It's not only great for fall but will also create a wonderful Snow White look in winter :)

  15. Love cockney!!such a pretty shade!
    I gave you a sunshine award,check it out here...


  16. why do every lippy looks good on you! :)


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