Friday, September 17, 2010

Bloody Hell!! (Red Lips)

After 4 days of not blogging....

I'm here to talk about two lipsticks by MAC.

Say hello to MAC Lady Bug and On Hold.

Lady Bug has a Lustre finish while On Hold has a Cremesheen finish
Top: Lady Bug- Lustre.
Bottom: On Hold- Cremesheen.
How come I never heard anyone raved about these lipsticks before? They are a must have.

I have been buying bold lipstick for the past couple of weeks.I know, it isn't practical to have more than 5 red lipsticks, but I need them in my life.

As much as I adore lip gloss, during the windy fall and winter weather, I tend to opt for lipstick. Lip gloss can be sticky sometime, or not sometimes..always! If you do not want your hair to stick on your lips, then you need to be vigilant and tie your hair back. Lipstick is huge this fall and it seems that each time the chilly season is upon us, darker lips come back into fashion.

I love lips that make a statement, but I won't ever wear dark plum/black shades because I just can't pull those colors off. Lips too dark can look scary and they can also make a young, lively woman look years older if the tone does not flatter her natural coloring. One last thing, make sure your lips are not chapped, so before putting lipstick on, apply lip balm.

First off- MAC Lady Bug(Lustre)

Mac described this shade as yellow tomato. They are indeed right! I LOVE how pigmented this red lipstick is knowing that it is a lustre finish. One of my favorite red lipstick ever.I really enjoy this product; the consistency, application, and colour are beautiful. To me, its the perfect basic red. The lustre finish imparts a nice sheen that's not too drying.

If you are are debating whether red lips suit you or not, I recommend trying MAC's Lustre/Glaze finishes first. Try to find a red that you are comfortable in.

Here is On Hold(Cremesheen)

Mac described this as a mid-tone yellow Raspberry with micro gold reflects. On my pigmented lips, it shows up like what MAC described it as, but with more pink tones. It is the kind of shade that everyone can wear. This lipstick can be worn in school, work, or an everyday lip color. If you are not brave enough to show yourself with a red lip, try applying a nude base like Myth or Creme D' Nude.

What's on my face:

YSL Touche Eclat
MAC Face and Body foundation- C3
NARS bronzer- Casino
NARS blush- Madly
MAC MSF- Stereo Rose over Madly

MAC Paintpot- Painterly
(Yep! no eyeshadow on the lid)
MAC eyeshdow- Shroom for highlight on brow bone and cheek bones.
MAC Superslick Liquid Liner - On the Hunt
MAC Technakohl- Graphblack
YSL Mascara- Faux Cils mascara

MAC Lipstick- Lady Bug
MAC Lipstick- On Hold

Are you brave enough to slap on a red lipstick for fall/winter? If yes, what will it be? share the love. I need red lipstick recommendations.

Hows' the weather in your country so far? feels like fall already?

XoXo, Kim


  1. @The Stalling- hey! I missed you. Where have you been ? :( Thanks btw! :)

  2. Wow red really suits you, i love on hold the most. I have a lot of reds but can't remember the names, i will do a post soon on my red lippys.
    Clinique do some fab reds, i think most of my reds are clinique actually x

  3. Oh those both are lovely and suit you very well. I just bought Russian Red I'm still a little scared wear it. Lady bug looks gorgeous though that might be my next red. I also agree with you about dark/plum lips.

  4. okay, i love both of them! i gotta have 'em.


  5. I came to your page as suggested by Glossy Glamour's Blog. Congratulations on your Sunshine Award.Love your blog. Hope we'll become fashionable friends. And follow each other. And please check and enter my Fendi Giveaway on the following link

  6. those a such nice colours! i especially like the "On Hold" lipstick. I need to get me a red lipstick. thanks for the review :)

  7. @Nicoletta- I love On Hold too! I will look out for that red lipstick post of yours. :)

    @Andrea- Hey hun! Hmmm I do not know if I have the guts to pull off russian red. Haha. I bet it will really looks nice on you. Try it and post it on your blog. I wanna see. :D

    @Carrie- me tooooo!

  8. @Dolls Factory- Thanks, I saw your blog. its lovely! Thank you for the wonderful comment. :)

    @Beauty Style Addict- You should get at least 2 red lippies hun! :)

  9. This look suits you! :D

    I love the color of the lipstick, so gorgeous :)

  10. They are both beautiful!I prefer Lady Bug though:)) Your makeup is very very nice!

  11. @bourbon fatal- Thanks, LOVE them too.

    @pelininstyle- aww thanks. I prefer Lady Bug too :)

  12. So tempted to try 'on hold' now - it looks like the perfect red, polised yet slightly demure. Would you say it's suitable for daytime? x

  13. @Misssjw- Def! I wore this during daytime. Got loads of complimets :)

  14. BLOODY HELL you are gorgeous!! hehe
    Are you British now? hehehe. My family is British and they always use that line "bloody hell" haha.
    But you look so good!!

  15. @Miss*Kimmy- No Im not. HAHAHA I wish! Love the accent ho :D. Thanks for the comment hun

  16. love love red on your lips!! it looks amazing :) I'm a little shy to try bold red but maybe i'll give it a try! oh btw, good to see a Canadian beauty blogger!!

  17. You're skin looks really moisturized as your foundation has blended in well with it. Can i ask what moisturiser you used and is there a big difference between the foundation shades C3 and N3?
    Would you say N3 is more neutral or pinkier? cheers :)


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